To-Do Tuesday – 1 February 2022!

Today is the first day of 2022 for me – for sure. I did my 30 minute walk today. Yup could feel the heaviness of the 99% humidity in the air and the stupid bronchitis cough is back every now and then, but I must keep up the walk to get my lungs working better. I lost too many days of walking in January! Not sure how many more I will get done after tomorrow, as we are headed to get the Canadian Cold front and I predict it will be a whopper! I am thinking the weather people keep telling everyone it won’t be as bad as last years Texas Snow, but I believe we could have ice! Hummmm time will tell!

Today I washed my blue fabrics that I MIGHT use in Alaska – debating on this one – it may end up as a batik quilt in blues. There were a lot of blue fat quarters in this group and if you want to see the how to ruin a quilt if a quilter does not pre-wash fabrics, check these pictures out. PS – I always pre-wash my fabrics because one time I did not in my early days of quilting and to see red dye bleed on a quilt was not nice!

I decided to wash the fat quarters by hand and what a shocker! Look at the sink full of blue dye!

Water from soaking the Mary Koval fabrics

Then I thought I would rinse them in the sink – No Thank You and off to the washing machine to run them through 2 more rinses!

I started to rinse them in the sink

Next was to dry them and remove strings and raw edges from the lovely washing machine and dryer. Look at the wasted fabric from this group of 24 fat quarters. I know better than to get these fat quarters unless I am willing to wash time by hand and hang them to dry! Oh Well.

Fat Quarters are nice, but wasteful

Here are my finishes that I am so happy about! I am not sure what I will try to accomplish by next Tuesday – 7 Feb 2022 – but I know that I will have my list ready to go and start quilting again. Of course I always need to get the long arm going, but not yet. I am excited to be taking 3 quilts to the Long Arm quilter on the 14th of February.

Here are my finished for January 2022!

Dresden Heaven
Bountiful Life (maybe this was December)
Block 1 of the Holiday SAL by Moda
Block 2 of the Holiday SAL by Moda

For Holiday SAL there are 14 blocks. I have one that I am working on and have 2 more traced. I am working towards having the remainder of them traced this week.

So now I am into 2022 projects having finished all UFOs. I need to establish priorities for Stars Around the Garden, the Primitive Quilt 2 color quilt, and many more and additionally for my Holiday SAL and my “Love” Cross Stitch project. But I need to really make some realistic goals. Here’s hoping that by next Tuesday I will be more organized.

Have a wonderful week and stay warm and quilt!

Hugs, Nanette

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20 Replies to “To-Do Tuesday – 1 February 2022!”

    1. Thank you so much Gretchen. Dresden is questionable – it may end up with a backing and that will be it. A Duevet? ABL will be hand quilted someday. I am going to really try to clear out the tops – 9 going to a long arm quilter starting this month and then as I get over the crud I am really going to push to do my 9 or 10 quilts that I can get done. Hugs


    1. AH. My wordpress is working this morning. Yes it is a lot of dye. I washed a piece of batik that was graduated blue – unbelievable – thank goodness for Color Catchers. Hugs and walking is going to have to wait until I get rid of the cough. Hopefully Cedar will be gone next week. Hugs

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    1. FINALLY wordpress comment section is working. Yup, I will be washing all of the fabrics that are not washed done in the machine with color catchers. They are really dying these fabrics. Good way to have a mess. Hugs – I am going to have to put the walking off until next week. Cold air makes the coughing come back.

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    1. Not sure why. I have had problems with wordpress on me leaving a comment. I had to clear all my cache and history on devices to get it cleared up. Try just going to ‘’ on your browser and see if that clears it up. Thx for letting me know. Hugs


  1. Those holiday sewalong blocks look great. Wow it is a good thing that you prewashed those fabrics. I rarely prewash – living on the edge I guess. I just cut some fabric for a new quilt and now I am regretting not washing them first.


    1. Well, wrote a nice reply but it went to never never land. Best to pre wash or at least use color catchers (like a bounce sheet) in the wash. It is amazing how they catch all the dye. Hugs Hope this one works.


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