Oh Happy Day!!!!!

Good Monday morning! The weather has been more like winter for the week-end, overcast, rain and cold. Now we will have summer again for a week or so. Looks like a cooler New Year’s Eve. We will be playing in the sun and warm weather for awhile soon. Looking forward to it. We have had only had approximately 6 days of sunshine since we arrived home last month from the coast. I am certainly looking forward to getting my nice tan back. It looks like it might be more cloudy than sun shine at home this winter and we are in a roller coaster ride as far as cool, cold, hot, and hotter. Oh well, maybe next year.

I reached a milestone and goal last night!!!! Of the 2 UFOs left over from previous years (Dresden Heaven and A Bountiful Life) I completed A Bountiful Life was last night. Thank goodness for football! Lesson learned the hard way. Because there was not a pattern for my border I got the brainy idea to put the border on, trace the vine, and then add the leaves and flowers. I do NOT recommend doing appliqued borders this way to anyone. But all I wanted was to get this one done, and it is. It would have gone much faster if I had just done the applique on 4 sections of the border, then joined the vines, etc. But I love to learn lessons the hard way! LOL. I started this project in 2015 or 2016, did not make the 20 blocks and very glad that I did not. I call it DONE!

A Bountiful Life 2021

I finished Dresden Plates a couple of months ago, but had another brainy idea to do buttons instead of the tiny circles – Lazy and another big mistake. The quilt is completed, but now in order to reach all the blocks to add the buttons it will require me taking a couple of rows apart to reach the blocks……DUH. One thing I hope for 2022 is that I lose the stupid ideas and really get back on track on working on my new projects. We shall see!

I am adding Counted Cross Stitch to my hobby list. I ordered all the supplies and patterns that I need to start. I signed up for the Fat Quarter Shop Cross Stitch Newsletter which led me to a free pattern and their YouTube classes on cross stitching. Great site! I find that the hand work is so relaxing for me at this time. I will be taking cross stitch, knitting, and sashiko projects to work on while we sit on the our balcony and listen to the water rush to shore. No need for books!

I will also take some time while we are enjoying the peacefulness of the area to really think about and decide on how I will divide my time working on my hobbies in 2022. I really have too many things I want to accomplish and I must prioritize them in a workable schedule (not binding of course) I want to establish ”wish goals” for my projects, no more hard and fast deadlines for the quilts I need to quilt either. I have been in touch with the longarm quilter who will take care of 8 or 9 of my quilt tops and that leaves me with the smaller projects that I know I can get completed. I just need to be in the mood. I have finished all my UFOs from previous years with the exception of getting the quilt tops quilted. So even though it took me longer to reach the goal I had set, I am happy that I stuck to my goal.

In January, I think I will go back and post all that I have accomplished this year – that always makes a quilter happy!

Again, I wish all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be happy and hang in there only 3 more years of you know who!

Hugs to all,


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18 Replies to “Oh Happy Day!!!!!”

  1. Two absolutely beautiful finishes! Yes to the therapy that cross stitching can provide! I whole heartedly agree. I have learned from Floss Tube to plan to work on a project for a week, then pick up another one; maybe an autumn piece in the autumn only, etc. Instead of being all over the place, I mean. Oh dear, not making myself clear here. Anyway, yes to enjoying sun and peacefulness. Hugs to youl


  2. You might try putting the Dresden Plates top in a quilting hoop and then sew on the buttons one at a time doing a poke stitch up and down and securing the stitching from the backside. End off and move to the next Dresden needing a button. At least you would not have to remove seam stitches and then have to resew them.


  3. Congrats Nanette! What an upbeat post! I love the Dresden quilt…so happy looking…it just makes me smile!
    I am also thinking about what I’d like to accomplish in 2022, and not all of it is quilting. I do have a big positive change in lifestyle coming up! 🙂
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


  4. Beautiful bountiful. Congrats to you. Good way to end this year and welcome the new year for sure. Hope to get my CWB out of the frame in Jan. You did good.


  5. Congratulations and WOW on Bountiful Life! Yes this Texas weather is crazy. We have a forecast record “heat” on Christmas Day – ick. Yes, maybe next year. Oh that cross stitching and hand work while listening to the water sounds wonderful. Enjoy your Christmas my Friend!
    Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday. 🙂


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