HQAL – 5 December 2021

Great morning to all. I am enjoying life again because it is so nice to not have any deadlines, etc., to greet me each day. My walking goal has been reached and unless I can turn 51 again, I must be happy with my 1.5 miles, 30 minute walk each morning. I will say that I am very upset with Mother Nature, who it appears is not happy with me. It feels like a hot humid July morning when walking the last 6 days. Today we will have a cool front and tomorrow it will be about 45 when I walk. Different from the 70 and 99% humidity the last few days! I am grateful that at my age I can do this daily exercise for the body and my brain.

Speaking of the body – I visited my new Cardiologist (I guess everyone by age 77 should meet and greet one) and he said I have a beautiful EKG, sees no problems, but I will have an Echocardiogram on the 15th of December. He indicated that he guaranteed that 99% it would be perfect! The low heart rate drop last month was attributed to the Fentanyl that the idiot gave me during my RF Procedure. I have now fired the Doctor and will either stop those treatments altogether or find another Doctor if I need one.

So I am ending my 2021 year heathy, wealthy (except when we go to the grocery store or gas for the vehicles) and definitely more wiser! I am realizing that I cannot solve the problems of the world and cannot fix other’s problems. I leave those things to God as I have a life to live and enjoy.

Now on to the things at hand – hand work. I have been working a on the 2 hand projects that I am trying to finish before the end of the year. I have reached the half-way point with leaves on A Bountiful Life. The blank spaces will be where the flowers go and you can see I am not flooding the border with leaves as I do not want to detract from the 9 blocks. My goal is to have this one done by the 20th of December.

A Bountiful Life Border

The other hand work was a dish cloth. This is the pattern, Honeycomb, that I had tried before but not successful in able to really do it without mistakes. This one is coming along great. Last month I finished my green one and this one should be done in the next week. We need to watch more football!

Honeycomb Pattern

As far as hand work goes, this is all I have accomplished. I am working on another project during the day in the Studio that I am thoroughly enjoying and that will be in my next post!

Have a great week and have a good laugh on this little short video.


Hugs, Nanette

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piercers to share and motivate one another.  We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.  

KathyMargaret, Deb, Sharon, Sherrie,  Karrin, Daisey, Connie

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6 Replies to “HQAL – 5 December 2021”

  1. Your Bountiful Life project is coming along beautifully. I don’t seem to do well setting specific deadlines, so I’ve pretty much stopped. It’s been a while since I knitted any dishcloths, I like your pattern.


  2. Thank you Mary. I quit doing the specific deadlines, but I really need to finish those leaves. They are not hard and then add some flowers. Even if it is after New Years, it won’t stay around too long in January! LOL! Have a great day. I am almost finished with it. I think in 2022 I may do some socks!


  3. I love the simplicity of the leaf border Nanette but truly nothing could take away from the beauty of this quilt. Like that your making dish rags and loved the great health report too. Sounds like your doing a great job all around 🙂


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