Shock and Awe – I am on time for To Do Tuesday Nov 23

A Happy Thanksgiving week to all! We will be enjoying more peace and quiet at home and being thankful for all the blessings that God has bestowed on Clay and I. Sometimes we do not understand why bad things happen in our lives, but eventually the reason comes out why.

I thank God mostly this week for Kyle Rittenhouse and the Jury he picked at random, who found him NOT Guilty. Just maybe the American public are beginning to wake up and realize that the USA has lost is moral compass and it needs to be corrected. This is just the beginning to push back on our freedoms that have been taken away by the Radicals. I pray that Kyle continues dealing with his Anxiety and PTSD and becomes a successful adult in his life. I watched the interview last evening on Tucker Carlson and Kyle is matured way beyond his 18 years. I pray for his safety and a free life.

But now to regular life in the country where the news will be shut off for awhile. Back to The Rifleman, Leave it to Beaver, and Lucy! It is peaceful and I am back to my walking routine after a 6 days of fun in the sun!

I have made some small accomplishments in the last month. My routine of appliquéing in the evening is getting better, I have worked on Minnie Mouse, and finished one dishcloth and starting on another, and have the Boo’s and Bat’s ready for borders or whatever. .

Slowly but Surely and the spaces are where the flowers will go!

I am going to make Honeycomb. I tried it once and had issues, so I went on to another pattern. But now I wanted a challenge – and this it! Just trying to improve my knitting for bigger things.

New Dishcloth

I am pleased that after 4 starts I have finished Minnie Mouse, with the exception of outlining her face. I messed it up and will re-do it. All in all, I am looking forward to making more cross stitch patterns. It is so relaxing once I understood what I was doing!

Little Minnie Mouse

Now for Boo’s and Bat’s. I changed the pumpkins – I just could not deal with the one in the pattern. I still have the fabric that I purchased for this project in which I cannot handle the fabric. Let me know if you are interested. I love the way I used the Spider Web for the corner patches and the bat’s head and tail are fabric that are little bats. How cool. Next is to do a border to stop them from flying out of their corners, and then add some more borders. I enjoyed making it thus far.

Boo’s and Bat’s (a work in progress)

Of course, we love our new door mat that tells the story in a nutshell!

Our new door mat!

Clay has been busy adding acrylic plastic to the 4 front windows. Here is a picture of the last window he finished Saturday and will paint the silver trim brown to match the existing window. This acrylic will serve as double pane windows and hopefully stop the sweating inside the windows during the winter.

Clay is such the genius on fixing things and when he does something it is perfect or it doesn’t get done. I believe he has made me more of a perfectionist than I have been all my life because he challenges me when I quilt or work on other hobbies. He thinks out of the box so many times when either making something better, or fixing something that has broken! Lucky me!

Front Windows
Waiting for Caulking and Brown Paint

As you can see – I was not born with a green thumb! No bushes, flowers, or gardens in my life! But then we live in the country and it has become drought country the last 10 years so it is good that I am not a plant/garden person. Just the bookkeeper and quilter!

I am doing much better, with no additional panic/anxiety attacks. But since I am 77 I will go and see Clay’s Cardiologist on 1 December – I think everyone should have access to one at our age. Probably the majority of the people have already been to one, but not me. I am very thankful that I have always maintained an exercise program and tried to keep my weight under control. I have lost half of the pounds I gained the last 10 months and want to lose 7 more! Wish me luck. Since I quit bananas in September I am sure that my A1C will be down to 6.1 again! I will get it checked in December!

Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving Day with your families or friends, and do not count the calories you intake Turkey Day – they are freebies!

Hugs, Nanette

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5 Replies to “Shock and Awe – I am on time for To Do Tuesday Nov 23”

  1. We are with you on that verdict! As soon as my husband read it he started telling me and I could not believe it. We saw the interview too, and I was so impressed with that young man. He is going places. Love your welcome mat! 😀
    Boos and Bats is so pretty! Wow on the windows – how pretty they look! We had some “landscaping” when we lived on the acreage, but it was scavenged from my SIL’s house. She wanted to rip up every last plant around her place, so I dug them up and transplanted them. Mostly bulbs and old roses. Now that the new people own the place, everything got ripped out anyway! They sent us some photos of our old place and we hardly recognize it. But that’s OK, we don’t miss it!
    Hope you had a lovely, quiet, peaceful Thanksgiving. Thanks for linking to To Do Tuesday!


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