How to De-Stress from Stress and Anxiety!

Well, we can begin to kiss November 2021 goodby, and almost ready to leave the entire year! Weather here in South Texas is crazy – up and down – This morning’s walk was a summer hot and sweaty walk and that was at 7:00AM. But as usual, it will change this afternoon, a cool front to blow out the humidity! My walking is paying off as I have lost 7 pounds since I started walking again in September with 7 more to go. My goal now is to not take a day off from my routine and definitely won’t be doing any indoor exercise biking next summer. I will just have to love the humidity and heat!

About 2 weeks ago I had a critical Panic Anxiety attack – like the severe one I had while living in Sterling Virginia in 1995. I did get checked out and I am OK, but it made me realize we had to get away and relax from our last few years of stress and have a change of pace. So off we went for a week at the coast which is about a 2 and 1/2 hour trip from home – Rockport Fulton Beach, Texas. It was just what we needed – Six days on the water!

It was a wonderful trip. We stayed at The Lighthouse on Fulton Beach. We spent a lot of time on the pier and on our balcony watching the fishing boats leaving early in the morning and returning in the late afternoon with the great hauls of oysters (it is the season this month). Naps and rests were in store and it was absolutely perfect. There were over 50 boats that left out in the early morning (4:00-5:00 AM) and returning about 4:00 in the afternoon.

Here are some great pictures that I hope you will enjoy.

The Lighthouse
The view from the Restaurant – overlooking the Bay
Sunrise over Aransas Bay
My Favorite – an almost Full Moon view from our Balcony
Sunrise on Thursday morning when the cool front arrived
I could have stayed another week looking at the bay at night with the full moon!
Loved watching the Pelicans dipping for the Fish
Coming in from a successful Oyster Run
We loved watching the boats
The new Fulton Beach Pier – about a mile round trip walking from land to the pier and back!
This is what you call a windblown look – the wind was really blowing Wednesday!

We will be leaving for another trip soon to Durant OK to visit my favorite – the Casino!!! We are hoping to return to Rockport for a Christmas on the Bay – we shall see if we are still needing more nights and morning on the Balcony.

Have a great day and Thanksgiving week! Enjoy your family gatherings.

Hugs, Nanette

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18 Replies to “How to De-Stress from Stress and Anxiety!”

  1. Your pictures are lovely. There is indeed something healing about being on close to the water. I hope your geography therapy brought healing and peace to your life! Blessings to you! 🙂


        1. How about that! We live 30 miles east of San Antonio – peaceful 5 acres, but no water! LOL. Have you visited the quilt shop there? Darleen is a jewel. very nice shop. There is another one closer to Taft in the country but did not go there. The Waitress at The Lighthouse (Diane) is an avid quilter. I wish we had gone there when we had the RV. But the mountain air in Sierra Vista was such the break from the hot Texas weather! Have a great visit.


          1. Haven’t been since Darleen bought it. Used to go when it was right in Rockport. We always stay at LaQuinta as we take our girls with us. Two standard poodles


  2. Oh my, I’m envious here as we are turning into winter folks. That vacation is my ideal. I’ve gone to Pompano Beach, Fl, twice and could sit on the balcony and watch the boats cruise up and down. Very relaxing. You two should get away as often as you want. You’ve been through a lot in recent months. We are watching The Sopranos and the lead, Tony, is suffering from panic/anxiety attacks. Not good. One of my colleagues had two ambulance rides because of them…each time thinking it was a heart attack. It must be a scary feeling. Take care!


  3. I also suffer from anxiety and for a while I have been preening for natural pearls made with the essence of griffonia and valerian. They are an all natural supplement and it relieves a lot of stress and makes me feel more serene. I live in Italy, I am Italian. Try to find out if there is a similar supplement in your city pharmacy. Natural herbs are very effective and have fewer side effects. 😉


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