To Do Tuesday – 16 November 2021

GOOD MORNING! I have not been quilting all week it is called ”VEGGING OUT AND DE-STRESSING” ! This is the best way to accomplish my week!

The Long Long LONG Pier at Fulton Beach
Swim Anyone?
The Cooks 16 November 2021 Fulton Beach Tx

It is always windy here . but that problem is resolved IT IS CALLED A CAP!

Moin Over Aransas Bay

i did get my walk in today! yea for me!

Doing this on an iPhone is nuts

Hugs Nanette

12 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 16 November 2021”

  1. Oh I’m so glad you got away! We used to love to go to Rockport back when our kids were younger. Charlotte Plummer’s was our go-to restaurant – I assume it’s still there. LOVE the pic of the two of you!
    Do you guys have plans for Thanksgiving? Our kids are coming, so I’m going to make and freeze some stuff this week. 😉


  2. I save your posts till have a bit of time to really read them, Nannette. Love this photo of you and Hubby. He has such a kind face. Happy Belated Birthday from me! I now ask for plants for my birthday instead of bouquets so I can have the fun of trying to grow them which lasts longer than blooms. Anyway, hope you are still destressing, walking, and enjoying your 77 year very much.


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