Starting Over with Minnie and Making Pumpkins!

Good morning! Great weather here in South Texas, nice and cool in the mid-40’s and 60 and 70’s during the day. Even though it will warm up a little this next week, next Friday our next cold front will arrive! We just might have a nice winter! Walking is going well, and I am increasing my steps each day. Life is without drama and I am at peace. We are both looking forward to our get away this month! AND best of all, we get rid of Daylight Savings Time! I will be able to walk in the daylight early in the morning and not in the dark. Just think – we all have an extra hour to sew today! YEA!

I have FINALLY started working on Minnie Mouse Cross Stitch project which is my first cross stitch project. Kathy helped me where I was having issues, such as going from one row to another. I had worked quite a few stitches but it had some problems, so Jack the Ripper came to visit. I started over with Minnie and glad I did because she is beginning to look so much better.

Since part of subject of this post was Making the Pumpkins, I first refer you back to my last post where I discussed Boo’s and Bat’s. I had finished the Bat blocks and started on the Pumpkin block. Right off the ‘bat’ I had problems with the fabric I had purchased for the pumpkins. There is nothing wrong with the fabric, it is the geometric designs that Mr Meniere’s does not like. Once I started sewing the block together, I discovered that I did not like the pattern at all! Once I realized that I had a fabric design problem and then a pattern issue, I stepped back from the project for a few days and to figure out my next step in making the quilt. I loved making the Bat blocks – so much fun but not the pumpkin block. I moved forward with another pumpkin block patten from Autumn Jubilee 2020.

Boo’s and Bat’s Revised

I am not sure what the final quilt will look like when I am finished as it is a work in progress, and I am flying by the seat of my pants! I will be working on the Center Star today. I would like to make a larger center Star and may end up adding more pumpkin and bat blocks to accommodate that change. I want to make the quilt larger so I am considering different borders too. I liked what Laura did with her version. We shall see what I end up with.

Have a great week-end, enjoy what you are doing, and if not, change what you are doing. It makes life so much better when we eliminate the negatives.

Hugs, Nanette

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22 Replies to “Starting Over with Minnie and Making Pumpkins!”

  1. I think you’ve got this cross stitch thing down now and it will come together a bit quicker. Love the pumpkin change and you know how I feel about those other fabrics ❤


  2. Minnie is starting to take shape, your stitching are looking great! Kathy is a good teacher in many ways.she’s a dear person. The pumpkins are so rich in color ,love them.


    1. Hi Nancy! I am enjoying life again. It is a great feeling! I am very happy I changed back to the other pumpkin block. It was a 12.5″ unfinished and I downsized it to a 10.5″ to match the Bats. Walking is getting back to normal!

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  3. I like your “adjustment” to Boos & Bats – it will be fun to see how you finish it up! Good luck with your cross stitch project!


  4. Loving your Boos and Bats version! Minnie looks lovely. 😀 Glad you are enjoying your walking. My husband hates the time change (doesn’t like the long dark evenings), but I welcome it.


    1. Thank you Linda. I have always enjoyed the walking. I think I have figured out that the breathing is contributed to eating too many eggs (sulfa) So I am adjusting the diet a bit. I love regular time. We went to bed about 10:30 and slept until 6:00. So no adjustment here. Walk was great. I think the next 3 or 4 mornings will be night shirt walking as the temps will be in the 60’s. But Friday back to 40’s. YEA. AND I love the long dark nights. Hugs

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  5. The bats and pumpkins are looking good and so is Minnie. Happy stitching this week. it’s going to take me a bit to get used to the time change, for some reason this direction is worse than the other.


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