Stonefields is on the Design Board!

Greetings! It was 68 this morning with lower humidity and a nice breeze. I am back to my walking, albeit a little out of shape (lung wise). That will be easily fixed by doing some breathing lessons and walking every day. It has been about 2 months or more since I had to ride the indoor bike which does not require near the energy that my walking does. But I digress from the subject matter!

Last week I made a decision to finish the last 3 UFOs. Dresden Heaven is “close” to being ready to hit the design board, but I have taken a break from it at this time. I then decided that it was time to just ‘FINISH’ the other two. So the second one is Stonefields, one of the most expensive patterns that I have ever purchased and will not do that again! This is a pattern that is not for a beginner, it is a pattern for a Master Quilter who loves math and enjoys a challenge! There are 121 blocks (6 1/2″) in this pattern. I made it to 81! First of all, I became frustrated and tired of the pattern when I quit it for awhile a couple of years ago. I had forgotten why it remained a UFO, but when I picked it up and started making more blocks, I remembered why it had become a UFO! There are absolutely no directions, no measurements, only copies of graph paper with the design hand drawn with this $200 pattern. Colored pictures of the blocks were sent through the internet and Susan Smith is definitely not a proficient hand Appliquer. The quilt is unique and very popular, but as I previously stated, it is not for a beginner quilter. Here is my version of the 81 blocks on my design wall. You will note the Center with 5 Eight Pointed Stars, Cameo pictures, and the cutest Bunny Rabbit. This was my design choice.


I changed many of the blocks in this quilt. Some of the blocks were not my favorites, so I made the quilt for me to enjoy! I will not be doing the border that is on the original quilt as I want to get this one done and out of the way. It will be hand quilted with long stitches.

The next and last UFO will be A Bountiful Life (ABL). I am also sticking to my latest decision to not make any more blocks as 9 blocks will be great as this quilt just needs to be FINISHED! I have selected the pattern for the border which will be vines with leaves and some flowers. As soon as I finish Stonefields ABL will be next.

I have a lot of choice words for the idiot who is turning our country into a Marxism country but will keep them to myself. BUT I will say that this country just may not survive him, Susan Rice, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama and all the idiot Democrats who voted this idiot into office! I just keep on praying that God will intervene and help this Nation return to a Democracy. Yesterday was the most threatening speech to the American public given by a President of the United States that I have ever witnessed. I am only glad that I am retired now and they have no control over me other than to tax us to the poor house.

Have a great week-end and enjoy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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20 Replies to “Stonefields is on the Design Board!”

    1. Thank you Lori – I am going to finish it today (Sunday). I put all the rows together yesterday and it is really looking good! I guess it is all in God’s plan because the good people’s hands are tied! Hugs


    1. Certainly this is not God’s plan, but you know he gives us free will, guess the Devil is taking his turn at FREE WILL! I would like to know how many of the people in hospitals with Chinese Virus are citizens are illegal aliens that the idiot let in? And now more from Afghanistan. Thank you on Stonefields and hoping you are doing well. Hugs


  1. I do understand your thoughts on your UFO’s. They are challenges for sure. I do like the arrangement of the 81. Keep going. Your 9 large blocks on the other will make a lovely quilt too. The borders will make both sing.
    Amen on your comments about what is going on with our government are mine exactly. What a mess they are and we are caught in the soup of it. May God bless us.

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    1. After today only 2 more to finish!!!!! YEA. I am going back to starting a quilt and finishing it before I start a new one. Faster that way! LOL.

      Not sure how much more idiotic things this Nation can take! Hugs


    1. You know Sharon, I thought about 4 months before I bought it. I had no idea what a crummy pattern it was. But it was while Darryl was dying from Cancer and I think I had a depressed time that buying things helped me make it through that experience. Would I do it today? Probably not! I thought the challenge would help. Hugs.


    1. Thank you Kathy! There were 40 more blocks to make the large quilt, but I just stopped at the 81 because some of her blocks were horrible to make and if I am going to spend that much time it will be on a Baltimore Quilt. Hugs

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  2. Wow on the $200 pattern! Well you have made it just beautiful, and I can’t wait to see your finish. Good luck with your finishing goals. It was 64 here this morning (Sunday), and I just cannot wait for more of those mornings!
    I agree, that was the worst speech ever made by a President. His “anger” and targeting folks like me that aren’t vaxed is just pure ignorance. And to make it the day before 9/11? What an idiot! But he had to divert attention from the mess he has made in Afghanistan.

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    1. I bet I could not even give it away. Thinking about getting it on Ebay or else just putting it up for sale on a post. But I would want people to know that it is not a beginners pattern.

      64??? We hit 68 and I am back to my walking, but boy that bike did me no favors – the 3 months really put me back on being able to do the mile in 20 minutes. By next week I should be able to get the 1.5 miles in each day. I did it yesterday, but today I just did a mile, mopped the floors and vacuumed.

      While I am answering my comments we had a crazy shower! Now for more from the Gulf this week. It may calm down the allergies and cool us off.

      Remember Benghazi? Remember Susan Rice and her lies? Well, she is sitting in where Ms Valeri Jerrett was in the Obama Administration running the country. Rice is the writing all of his statements and probably doing all the speech writing. This guy is so wasted, ruining our Nation, pitting either Whites against Hispanics and Blacks and now he is pitting the Vaccinated versus the Unvaccinated. Well, just how many of those people are illegal aliens and Afghanistans?

      I am praying that someone in the WH stands up and leaks the truth to the American public! We need a great whistleblower with some guts!

      The Devil is running the country now, hoping that God’s people will prevail and we can hang on long enough to get back to normal.

      I see where the NY Teachers Union won against those who cannot take the Vaccine will not be fired or put on unpaid leave. Just wait until next week. The Lawyers will be the richer ones now.

      He will have a hard time with Civil Servants. The rules are very strict on firing or laying off people. Takes a lot of documentation to get rid of a bad egg in the Government. So I look for a lot of them to do a Class Action Suit against the idiot!

      OK – now back to sewing and watching Leave it to Beaver, Maybe some football. We are trying to decide. I did record the Dallas game yesterday on the NFL channel, but not sure if we want to watch any of the games. I detest Roger Gadell.(sp). He has destroyed a great organization and entertainment that we all loved. OH, off my box –

      Have a great day and week- Hugs

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