Slow Sunday Stitching – 5 September 2021

Happy Labor Day and can anyone tell me where August has gone? I guess it went by just as fast like the other 7 months of 2021. I am concerned that our September will be the old August – HOT HUMID AND MUGGY! I would be happy to see 65 in the mornings with lower humidity rather than 78-80 and 90-95% humidity, but then I am dreaming again. I have increased my daily exercise to 10 minutes walking outside and 30 minutes on the bike. Personally I think I am nuts, but the exercise keeps me healthy, wealthy and wise! LOL

I have finished the Mini-Dresden plates and they are waiting for me to add the buttons. I had a couple of burn out days from working on them everyday for 2 weeks and did not accomplish a lot with the buttons. A quick preview of how the blocks will look with the buttons and a picture of 105 – 5″ blocks waiting for buttons!

105 Mini Dresdens waiting for Buttons
Mini Dresdens with Buttons for the Center

I have 16 Large 9″ Dresden Plates to sew to the background fabrics and have 4 finished. I will be working on them in the evening!

After finishing the Dresden Mini’s I knew I was at the point where I had to have a SERIOUS talk with myself about making final decisions on my remaining 2 UFOs. I have been vacillating too long on decisions on what to do with them and it was time to stop that! We have had 2 wonderful weeks of peace and quiet and this has allowed me to make the best decisions on A Bountiful Life and Stonefields. They are now on the road to completion.

A Bountiful Life will only be 9 blocks and I have already selected the border and will be cutting the fabric, marking it for stems and leaves, along a few flowers thrown in! I think she will finish at close to 60″ x 60″. I am pleased with the decision to proceed to completion.

A Bountiful Life

Now Stonefields is another issue. I have 70 blocks completed, but have now weeded out 5 blocks that I did not like (you can see the small stack on the left hand side of the cutting table). I selected the 35 remaining blocks that I will need to make to complete the quilt. I am going to make a total of 100 blocks (original calls for 121!).

Yesterday I started the process of setting the blocks on the design wall. Jaydee reminded me how to do that when you are working with a quilt like this. Thank you Jaydee – you always guide me to where I need to go with a quilt when I need a Mentor.


I do have one issue and am hoping to clear it up. I had the brilliant idea to use the same background fabric for this quilt but one is a little lighter than the other. I now will have to make sure that I make the remaining block with the lighter fabric in order to be able to alternate light/dark setting. Otherwise, I am in trouble. My nice clean and neat room has now turned into chaos! But not for long. I will get organized and things will smooth out.

Today will be to prepare the border for A Bountiful Life and work on Stonefields. I am taking the day off from exercise – feels good and will give me more time to work on my UFOs. I can see more hand work in my future.

The long arm is calling for me to finish Raggity Ann and Andy, but quilting tops will wait until I have finished all the prepping work on the ABL and Stonefields before continue on quilting tops that have hung around a long time.

For the first time in my life, I am taking each day as it comes – no deadlines – no stress! I am realizing that setting a lot of “self imposed” deadlines on finishing my UFOs only causes me more stress and I have had enough stress for awhile. I will enjoy the process as I go along and when I finish something, I will feel productive. We shall see how long this mind set lasts! LOL

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and enjoy Sunday and Monday (holiday) slow stitching!



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11 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching – 5 September 2021”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about trying to remove stress over UFO’s out of our lives. Who really cares…these notions live in our heads if we let them. Meanwhile, I am especially going to love seeing Stonefields again. I think I have the patterns somewhere, eeek. LOL


    1. I think my problem is a hold over from 38 years of working under pressure for deadlines! Today is now going to be fun to cut out some small blocks (which are my favorite) and sew them, then get the ones ready for applique. I am pleased so far with the blocks I have. This time I am going to do a grid background for any of the applique blocks.

      When working with 6.5″ unfinished backgrounds and trying to applique small pieces the grid technique works great.

      Hugs – Love those Labs


  2. Beautiful projects, and you are making excellent progress. I too am ready for some cooler weather. This heat is just getting to be too much. It has been ongoing since May. Thankfully, most of the time we do not have humidity. Hope you have a great week! You would have a heart attack at the amount of my UFOs!


  3. Those are the cutest mini Dresden plates I have ever seen and your Bountiful Life quilt is amazing. I agree this year has flown by thus far. I hope you have a blessed September . Happy quilting.


  4. I experienced some of that UFO stress yesterday when I was looking at mine and felt a bit overwhelmed. It’s silly, right? So what did Jaydee say about putting blocks on the design wall? Those large Dresden plates are gorgeous. We are supposed to have mid 60s at night this week -yay! – but back up in the 90s during the day. Hurry up and go away hot weather!


  5. Oh Nanette you are on fire. Love to see all of the progress. The blocks that are the civil war bride blocks are perfect at nine. You are back and on a roll. That is so exciting. You are like a flower blooming. I’m so excited for you.


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