Dresden Plates and Sadness for Our Country

It is a very warm week down here in South Texas. Today I have ZIP, NADDA, for energy. This is what happens when I try to be normal in the eating area. Take Philadephia Cream Cheese and Dill Relish off the menu please. Heck, I do better eating a pizza or 2 flour tacos.

But I guess I needed a day to do nothing that I should be doing besides feeling bad, I am very upset with the Afghanistan debacle. There is always tomorrow to catch up – at least for Americans!

I have finished all of the Mini Dresden Plates as far as appliquéing them to the background squares.

The next step was to cut them into separate blocks.

Then I will sew the buttons to the center rather than the lovely circles. I did 5 of them this morning before I realized that I needed to square each of the lovely 105 blocks to 5″. Of course, since this is a dumb day for me today, so I put buttons on 5 blocks, THEN squared them to the 5″. Made a decision to stop for the day as it was a little difficult to square the block with a button in the center.

A day off is also good because I have stirred up my carpel tunnel with all the hand work and have an issue with my left shoulder. Doing something different will be good – Nothing!

Now to the Disaster for our Country. My heart bleeds for the 13 Fallen Soldiers and their families. To watch the “Heartless Commander-in-Chief” look at his watch after each coffin was taken off the plane at Dover just adds one more of the many reasons that this man should be given the 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution on a silver platter!

,When he spoke with the families of the Fallen he had the gall to just talk about his son who died! The Audacity of the man! The sooner he is gone the better for this Nation even if we are stuck with an equal air head VP as President. At the age of 76 I have never seen anything like this in my life, nor in the 33 years of working for the US Government. I can just image how the 20,000 Service Men and Women who were injured, the 2,600+ who gave their lives, to give the Afghan people a taste of freedom, feel, now that the CIC gave the Country back to the Terrorist that we were killing for 20 years. I do wonder if anyone who voted for this person last November has any regrets? IF NOT THEY SHOULD.

I agree with the Mother of one of the soldiers who was killed – EVERY WORD! Blood on his hands forever. I believe that one of the Sisters of one of the Serviceman killed was heard saying to Biden that, “I hope YOU rot in HELL”! I am sure that there is a place for him there.

You won’t hear this on the Mainstream Media – they are still covering up for the person they put in office!

This disaster and the fallout is not over with. Remember Afghanistan in 2022 Elections!

Hugs and enjoy living in a FREE Nation, or at least until the Democrats screw that up too!


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26 Replies to “Dresden Plates and Sadness for Our Country”

  1. The Dresdens look great!
    I’m dreading the few years my son will be serving under him/this administration. Meanwhile, we pray!


  2. It’s really pathetic that if he goes, we get Kamala and if she fails, Pelosi. GOOD GRIEF!! Not sure how long this country can hang on with the likes of those losers!!

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    1. Not very long. I often wonder what will stop the Devil Worshippers.

      I wish Trump would run for the House, become Speaker , and then we win control of the Senate. Then impeach both idiots and President Trump would take over and clean things up. Great dream isn’t it.

      I am predicting that there won’t be any Dems in the House and 65 Republicans in the Senate.

      Then get rid of McConnell as Majority Leader. Not crazy about McCarthy. Not trust worthy.

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    1. Impeachment should be started based on his 14 July phone call with the Prez from Afganistan……. TALK ABOUT A SICK PRESIDENT – STILL LYING. The word that was told to the Prez of A was “the PERCEPTION needs to be positive about not being able to take care of the country”. Biden still at work doing under handed deals. Just like Hunter


  3. I really like the buttons for the center! Lovely idea. Truly heart breaking how much evil is abounding .. for little babies , police , military and list could go on, but y’all know it. Prayer and Gods word brings comfort to me in these trouble times.

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  4. Love your little Dresden’s. Lots of buttons but fun. Just take it easy for a few days. I feel the way you do as most of us do about the debacle in Afghanistan. So sad about the 13 young lives lost. Should not have happened. His behavior is horrible and he needs to go now. If the former President had done this there would be riots in the streets. OMG it is so sad. With my mothers care and running and my sewing and quilting it gives me the distractions for the moment. Let us keep praying our country stays safe but I think not. I worry so for the Americans and helpers to us get out safely and are not hostages in the future. With all of this the quilting and piecing helps release the stress and pressure.

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    1. I tell you that they need to start Impeachment proceedings NOW! DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE TRANSCRIPT BETWEEN THE AFGANISTAN PREZ (WHO RAN LIKE A CHICKEN WITH OUR $$$) ON 14 JULY? Idiot told him to change the perception…….Go figure. Hugs Hang in there with your Mom.


  5. AMEN! We have the very same thoughts here at our house. The other day I was looking at Twitter comments as Sleepy Joe was speaking live. Most of them were people that “get it”, but there were a few that said things like “I think Biden is explaining things very well and is doing a good job.” OMG, hello? All he does is blame Trump, the poor Afghan soldiers, and is now even blaming the people that he “warned” for not leaving. And then he side-steps and says “I ended this 20-year war” like we should give him a medal. Sheesh.
    Anyway, I am assuming Chris’s duties and visiting the linkups this week. I wanted to thank you for linking up with To-Do Tuesday and remind you to join the linkup at my blog next Tuesday. 🙂

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    1. Well, the breaking news by the Daily Caller last night about the transcript of the phone call between Gandi and Idiot Brain tells the whole story and that information is IMPEACHABLE! After all they impeached our President Trump on a phone call that was asking for help – not telling someone to change the narrative about the fact that Afghanistan would fall within days!


  6. I love the little dredens with the buttons! I knew the end days would be tough, but I didn’t know how tough. May God still bless us for the good people in our country and bring us His peace one day.

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  7. I am so glad the war is over. I have no regrets with my voting decisions. We abandoned our allies in Syria. At least we tried to save all we could in Afghanistan. Your dresdens are pretty. I like the button in the center.


  8. As the wife of a retired Air Force officer and the mother of a retired Air Force officer and the mother of an Army vet, I can’t tell you how disgusted I am with what happened in Afghanistan–all unnecessary! Who would have thought that what we fought for for 20 years could be undone in hours? Even our youngest grandson would know to remove all civilians from harms way before you pull the military out. Our son’s interpreter is over there trying to get his mother and sister out…he became an American citizen by serving in the Army. Those interpreters risked their lives every day by helping us!


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