To Do Tuesday – 25 August 2021 – A Day Late!

GREETINGS! I am so happy, our lives are becoming so boring and we love it. No drama for the last 5 days – almost to my goal of having 7 days of no DRAMA and NO PROBLEMS. Our 7 years of hard and stressful years must be coming to an end and life is settling back to normal for Clay and I. We are healthy and are enjoying getting back to enjoying our home and freedom from stress. A new phase of our life! We are truly blessed. I have the greatest housekeeper who is great and always shows up on time and never cancels. I really appreciate her dedication to her work.

I am keeping my goals daily. Walk once to the gate, so when the weather cools down I can be ready to do my 30 minute walk again. Then each morning I do my 30 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes with my Sun Lamp, and finally 15 minutes in the sun for more Vitamin D. Baby bananas are back in the diet for potassium, so all in all, I am happy to be able to do my “must do list” for health and then work on my UFOs.

The following UFOs are remaining from 2020 and beyond.

  • Dresden Plates – Continue stitching plates to background grid
  • Stonefields – Sections 7-10 – will limit blocks to 100.
  • A Bountiful Life – 7 blocks to finish (16 total) plus a border

The following quilting projects are in work.

  • A Quilter’s Dream – Trace quilting patterns and load in Z44
  • Continue quilting Raggedy Ann and Andy (Row 1 completed) I would like to finish this one by next week for PHD 2021 – we shall see.

Completions for the week of 16-22 August 2021

I have completed 72 of the 105 Dresden Plates so I have only 33 to sew to the background grids. Feeling good about this.

Dresden Heaven

On Sunday I finished sewing 10 labels to the quilts I had quilted and 2 table runners. This felt good. They now reside on the quilt rack in the Library and Den.

Quilt Labels
Seven Quilts Completed from June – July 2021

I have slowly plodded along in getting caught up, but believe me when I say that I am ready to make more quilt tops, Cross Stitch, Lap Hoop work, Knitting, etc. The only project that I am not sure of how many more hours to put into is A Bountiful Life. I vacillate back and forth as whether to just do a border with 9 blocks or continue on with 16 blocks. I am afraid that I am just tired of that quilt and just want it done – no matter what it looks like. (But of course, that is today’s feelings – things change so maybe I will feel better when I finish Dresden Heaven). I just miss creating something new.

Have a wonderful week of stitching, or maybe just enjoy each and every day!

Hugs, Nanette

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12 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 25 August 2021 – A Day Late!”

  1. You are making steady progress on those little Dresdens! I hope to sew today…I need to work on the bedroom and living room first…trying to do the big cleaning before lessons start on September 1. Extra motivation….my sis and BIL arrive tomorrow, so want those chores done before they get here! Will need to postpone our chat until Saturday.

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  2. Thank you Kathy – hope to be finished this week-end so I can maybe finish RA and Andy before the 1st of September. Saturday will be great – just let me know the time that is good for you! Life is quiet here but news to update you on that is interesting (a tease). LOL. Hugs


  3. Your Dresdens look pretty all lined up and ready to go. I was reading in a 2019 (I think) post of yours about Bountiful Life and you had decided to do 9 blocks? Whatever you do it is beautiful.
    I’m so glad you’re feeling better and I know how happy it makes one to stick to goals. We have both gained weight and need to walk, but our excuse is this awful heat. We have free gym membership through our insurance but do we use it? Umm, no. How far is your gate from your house? I keep thinking if we would just walk 15-20 minutes a day we’d be ready to do more when the weather finally breaks.
    Take care!

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    1. Our gate is 600 feet from the road (including the circular drive way in front of the house. I always feel so much better when I walk. As soon as it cools off I am on the walking road again! The exercise bike is really helping. Although I lose more weight when I walk! Hugs


    1. Thank you so much Mia. We need the peace and quiet and no drama for a long time to come. We both stay active, now if the weather would cool down I can do my 30 minute walk instead of 5 minutes and 30 minutes on the exercise bike!
      Walking or even the indoor exercise bike or treadmill is so good for everyone to maintain better health. Hugs


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