How is Life Treating You These Days?

First I must say, please click on the link below and realize what is going on in this Country. Lori sent me this clip and I felt it needs to be seen. I am also adding some background information that Lori commented on below. “The woman in the video works (or worked) for the CDC. The CDC had also published (and has since taken down) that only 6% of deaths were actually from Covid (as the cause). They also stated that the PCR test that is used canot tell the difference ebtween Covid and the flu. So, what is one to beleive?” Interesting isn’t it!

WELL if this doesn’t make you think, then listen to what has happened to me because of our Government that is not working well. As most of you down for the last year I have been in a paper battle with Medicare, WEB-TBA and waiting on BCBS to process our reimbursement claim when Clay was an Outpatient for his 2nd hand surgery after the trauma event.

I prepared 3 THREE EACH 250 page submissions to 3 THREE Insurance Companies. There was hell to pay trying to get our money back. I filed 3 THREE Congressional Inquiries with our Senators and House Representative to no avail.

This morning, I found out that BAMC IN JULY 2020 moved the Outpatient Surgery Bill ($5,240.00) to be filed under Part A of Medicare instead of Part B AND DID NOT ADVISE ME. Therefore because BAMC told us to pay the bills as they came in or it would be turned over to US Treasury within 60 days, we paid all bills totaling $6, 782.00 through the end of June 2020. IT HAS TAKEN ONE YEAR TO FINALY GET IT THROUGH ALL 3 INSURANCES, only to find out that BAMC will have to refund our $5,240.00, and then ALL 3 insurance companies (including Medicare) will come back to us and ask for a refund for whatever they have paid us. Sounds great HUH?

Well, I am asking for prayers for me so that I will not worry about the year that I have spent doing all the work I did unnecessarily, all the Stressful Days, and all the stress it put on my body.

I have requested that BAMC refund us $5,240.00 immediately since they are filing the claim under Part A of Medicare (and we have no responsibility for any of this bill). Now for those who do not understand the Government IMMEDIATELY will mean within 6 weeks if the Deputy of the Unified Billing Office at BAMC can achieve that level of expediting, otherwise it would take 9 months for the Government.

I will say that I have the most respect FOR ALL PERSONNEL AT BAMC. They were acting on what their internal procedures were and the were so supportive with me when I realized how massive the paperwork had been put on me.

So I leave you with this saying, “this too shall pass”. I will get over the shock, the loss of a year for naught, and that with some supporting prayers, I will rise up and become a solid quilter again.

My life will be much better. My health is doing great, just need to relax, lose 10 pounds (BAMC caused this, LOL) and watch my Potassium and my Vitamin D levels. I am grateful for good health because these 3 things are under my control.

I no longer trust my Government as they are liars, incompetent employees, and do not care about this Country nor do they care about you! Remember, I worked for them and respected them for the 33 years that I worked for them! NO MORE!

We will cancel our September vacation as we do not wish to get the Chinese Virus and all the Variants that the Illegal Aliens are bringing in to this country. Maybe Thanksgiving or Christmas will find us near the water. But for now, I will get over this shock that was just given to me because God has blessed Clay and I and our health is great.

NOW ON TO QUILTING! Have a great week-end, stay cool if it is hot in your hometown, and put on a coat if you are cold! (just let me know where the cold is – LOL)

Thanking you in advance for Prayer Support – I will recoup from this quickly because I know God will take care of it all.

Hugs, Nanette

15 Replies to “How is Life Treating You These Days?”

  1. The woman in the video works (or worked) for the CDC. The CDC had also published (and has since taken down) that only 6% of deaths were actually from Covid (as the cause). They also stated that the PCR test that is used canot tell the difference ebtween Covid and the flu. So, what is one to beleive?


    1. I am doing better, just do not go there, will wait for the phone call from the Deputy UBO Major this week! And the saga goes on. I do believe that when the first 2 insurances want their money back (if this is what happens) they may have a long wait! Just like we have waited for this mess to end.


  2. It is amazing what you have been through and what is ahead. Someone really put a bolt in the works. So sorry this had to happen. Hope it gets righted soon. As to the video really awful what has happened to America and what is still happening. I did get the vaccine and at times wonder why. We are where we are and who knows what the future holds for all of us. What bothers me the most are all of the illegals coming in and spreading all over the states unchecked and spreading this and the varients too. So much to worry about.

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    1. Yes Jaydee, it was a nightmare. But what is happening to our country from Biden is so incompetent along with the idiot fool Harris, we are doomed. The only salvation will be that there are no Dems left in Washington after the 2022 mid term elections. It will be the only way to stop the fools! Get rid of the “Squad” of idiot women and Nasty Pelosi and all the RINOs. Dems are going to have a hard time for re-election next year!

      On the vaccine – I have a feeling that it is only good for 6 to 8 months and that is why they are talking boosters! Herd Immunity would have been better, and the fact that they did not have a test for the Flu versus Chinese Virus and the information in the video along with recommending to not take the virus if you are allergic to any of the ingredients (i.e., polyethylene glycol) DO NOT TAKE THE SHOT! I am so I am will never take any of their damn vaccines.

      Hugs – oops on my soap box today!


  3. I have experienced some of that problem, but not near the amount you have gone through. It is so sad. I’m glad you are on the finishing line (if 9 months can be called the finishing line) and can move on to quilting…

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    1. Well it has been a year since I started the paperwork and submitted it to Medicare. BAMC did not tell me they found out they should have bill the surgery under Medicare Part A. That would have saved me a lot of horrible stressful days. They also said that they have other accounts that have to be corrected. What a Government mess! Typical though. I feel for the great people who work in the UBO. They were great except for that one big thing about Part A, and it was another Department that found that one out. Hugs Hope you are better.


  4. I had read early in the pandemic that if you were in a major motorcycle crash at the begining of all of this and died in the hospital which was not staffed properly, it was considered a covid death. I was horrified they were cooking the books over this. When I had covid I was not sick, however everyone in my family came down with it and were sick. I paid to take the test twice. Both times it said I had covid and not the flu. My father nearly died from covid. There are many half truths. The best thing to do is either take some prozac for your anxiety or quit reading the news or listening. Fear controls many right now. That is what is desired. If we are not scared, we are fed up. We outnumber them. They are truly scared because we are fed up. (((hugs)))

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    1. The Government is not telling us the truth about anything since 20 Jan 2021! They are all baffoons! We turned off the News on 21 Jan 2021!, I will keep up with Epoch Times, Mark Levin (who hates all of the idiots and does not mince one word as to naming them). Bill O’Reilly is OK, but he contributed to the mess in the Election by saying for 6 months that if COVID was not under control President Trump will lose – I detested him for saying that. John Solomon is good along with Clay and the other guy on Rush’s EIB network! That is how I get the news. Not from people who are nuts and call themselves Reporters.

      We were so busy with Clay’s trauma event and then the Aorta Valve Replacement and the 9 months of fighting with Insurance Companies, we never went anywhere except doctors. No family, and we are not socializers, and live on 5 acres away from people. So far so good and we pray we stay this way. Neither of us can take the Vaccine.

      Cancelled 2 trips to the Coast. It is the ILLEGAL ALIENS that BIDEN is letting in this country – He and Cuomo need to just go away. One is but the other cannot find his way in the White House without Jill pulling him along! Spousal Abuse by Jill Biden – they just want the $$$$$. But Karma will come to them. Wait and see.

      Hugs (Darn – need to get off this soap box and go quilt!) Have a great day!


  5. Oh Nanette, you are so diligent and thorough and intent on doing the right thing and getting your due, it is just ridiculous what you’ve been put through. You always have my prayers dear one.
    Thanks for the video. I don’t trust our current administration AT ALL, and we feel they just want to keep us under their thumb so they can “help” us. Sleepy Joe and Kamala-lala have to be the most useless, unqualified people that have ever inhabited the White House. And don’t get me started on Nancy. And thank you for a place to rant. 😀


  6. I had started another blog for politics, but if I go back I may have to deal with total buffoons who think Communism is a wonderful way to live!

    I am not finished with BAMC yet. Just wait until the insurance companies want their money back – they may have a wait. We appeared 3 times to Medicare to review this mess and they would not approve things. Did you know that you can appeal to 5 levels? They can go to blazes.

    Everyone who gets the Chinese Virus now should sue Mr Biden since he has opened the flood gates. He is just another Cuomo – Karma has hit the Democrats 3 times lately – Trumka died suddenly (labor union problem there for them) Kathy Griffin has lung cancer (the one who had an image of President Trump beheaded) and now Cuomo! Waiting for the next batch of Karma to hit them.

    Chinese Virus keeps everyone from seeing what the AH’s are doing to our country but people have become wiser and are fighting back! Have a great Sunday!


  7. Prayers for you!🙏🏻 Don’t let all this unrest get to your health… Jesus has final say in all this mess… thankful I can lay my fears in his hands!!


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