Slow Sunday Stitching – VERY SLOW!

Welcome to South Texas where it is just to hot and humid to be outside! One day I will realize that I am not 50 and cannot take a lot of this hot humid weather! (Not sure when that will be…).

I am recouperating from a marathon cleaning of the Studio Rooms. I may be worn out, but it was so worth it. From the cleaned out bookcase and getting fabrics back in the right place in Room 1 to cleaning out 37 Elfa drawers, miscellaneous binders, downloaded patterns that were printed out and never will be made, to preparing a gift box for Susan in Room 2! She will have a field day on reading her new books and enjoy making something pretty with the fabrics that I am passing on to her.

It always feels so good to share with others. Lisa stopped by yesterday and I loaded her down with beginning books for her. She will also have plenty to read and stay busy learning all about our quilting world.

The last 2 years I tended to just put things here and there in different drawers, not really remembering what I had purchased and when. I now know where everything is and so ready to start on a new quilt, BUT, alas, I have 7 quilts to quilt on the long arm and hoping to have them done by the end of August – quilted and binding hand sewn. I also found my copy of A Quilter’s Dream pattern!!! YUP, I had attended a workshop class with NB Guild in mid-2000. It was a walk down memory lane for sure!

Yesterday I finished making the labels for 8 quilts and 2 table runners. For some reason I decided to make them larger than I usually do, but these are older projects and some had a history behind them.

I ordered 2 more Horn Sewing chairs like the one I purchased for the Z44 in the Den. The 2 chairs in the Studio were getting to the point where I had to used extra cushions (back issue) to sit on them. Susan is going to take the other 2 chairs so I am very pleased that she can use them they still have a lot of life in them.

So for my Slow Sunday Stitching I am going to try to start tacking them down to the quilts. Heaven only knows where they quilts will be stored – I think I have some room in a closet!

I have almost finished 9 more of the Dresden Plates – just 4 more to tack down and it will be on to Number 64 – getting closer to 105! Then the circles (UGH)!

Today I am going to load Raggedy Ann and Andy on the long arm and work on selecting the stencils for marking A Dreamer’s Quilt which will be loaded on the Z44! As you an tell, I am a week behind my goal of having them loaded last week. But loving my clean and organized Studio!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!

Hugs, Nanette

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9 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching – VERY SLOW!”

  1. My son surprised me yesterday by bringing me a used longarm and setting it up while I was having some very stressful medical testing done. I never in a million years would have dreamed to have a longarm. Now I have to learn how to use it. It came with a few pantographs, but yours look like fun. I would love to add them to my collection.


  2. Congrats on the cleaning! Nothing refreshes my sewjo like cleaning the sewing room. I loved reading your labels. How neat it would be if I could have been smart enough to ask my Granny the story behind her quilts. So glad you found that gorgeous Quilter’s Dream pattern! Take care Nanette. 🙂


  3. So glad you are done with that big job. It always feels good to get a part all clean and organized. I should do mine one of these days. A bit of a nest. You go girl.


  4. Question on your labels, which are fabulous. How are they done? Is the printing on paper? By machine? Would you email me some details on how you do them? Thank you


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