To Do Tuesday – On a Wednesday Morning

Good morning all! I do not have any progress on quilting, but my Studio rooms are getting cleaner. On my last post I showed my progress on cleaning out the quilting books that I will never use and have no use for them. I have made room for the books that I know I will be using in the future and plan on not purchasing anymore!!!

I now have all my Quiltmania books (Di Ford books, etc) on the top shelf and the book case is now covered with clear plastic to keep them dust free and protected. You can see what it looked like Monday here when I had pulled the books that I did not want to keep.

NOTICE: Rather than selling the books that I listed for sale, I will be giving some to my Cousin Susan, and other friends, with the remaining being donated to the Wilson County Library in La Vernia. Clay and I are very blessed and I have decided to share with others.

UPDATE on the BAMC Reimbursement from 3 insurances. It has been exactly 1 year that I sent the first reimbursement claim to Medicare, 9 months to the Secondary, and 5 months to BCBS. Yesterday after putting some serious pressure on the BCBS representative, she has been assigned to work my package full time this week to finish it. There was a conference call between BCBS and BAMC and I yesterday which will end this mess for sure.

I am beginning to feel somewhat relieved that I will be closing this chapter of our lives. Now to see if we get $10 or more. Should be nice whatever because I will not have to think about it ever again. Time to burn some paperwork.

Update on my room cleaning. I am about halfway finished with the large room. We have to run to San Antonio this morning, but this afternoon I will finish and tomorrow I will join the quilting world again!!! I have thrown out a lot of paperwork (free patterns downloaded and printed out). It was memory lane all over again. Some I kept some are in the trash. BUT I did find the book where my copy of the pattern for A Quilter’s Dream was…. I now have 2 copies – anyone ever do this?

Yesterday I ordered 2 more Horn Quilting Chairs for the Studio. Mine are both over 10 years old and will be gifted to Susan! I was being good to Nanette yesterday. What more could a Quilter want? A clean Studio and 3 new chairs to be comfortable in.

I am looking forward to the month of August because after today there is NOTHING other than quilting on my calendar! That is a good feeling!

Maybe by next Tuesday I will have Raggity Ann and Andy loaded and quilted, and A Quilter’s Dream loaded and started on the Z44, until then have a great week and thanks for listening.

Have a blessed day and happy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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8 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – On a Wednesday Morning”

  1. Have I ever done a duplicate book? Heck, I have three of Gypsy Wife !!! Just might have to lighten the pile of printed patterns. Keep it up…….


    1. Oh do not tempt me to look up Gypsy Wife.. LOL. I have tons of patterns but am keeping them all – I have 3 of Elly S, books (her latest) 2 signed and one not. but they are staying and will go when I go! LOL. Hugs


    1. I believe I purchased one in either 2008/09 and the other around 2011. They last a long time. They are good study chairs. Better than Koehler (the Bernia Chair)
      Susan will enjoy them so they have a new home starting next week. It was a Big SPLURGE but I was celebrating the end of the BAMC/BCBS saga in our life! Hugs


  2. Glad to read that you are on your way to NORMAL? I live in normal land too ha ha. Your room will be clean of dust and books parsed down and then watch out Nanette is on a roll. Just funning. Glad you are getting pared down it always feels good. Yes get that insurance nightmare behind you.


  3. It’s great you’re going to donate those books. We gave a bunch to Goodwill before we moved, and now I wish I’d thought of the library. Yay on the reimbursement progress – I hope you realize more than $10, but I’m sure you’ll be glad for anything. I have actually purchased the same pattern twice – that is how bad I am! 😀


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