PHD – July 2021

Greetings from now rain soaked South Texas and on 2 August 2021! I do believe the drought is over with. Now to just have a wonderful Fall and a cold Winter and a vote to do away with Daylight Savings Time for Texas! That would be a Big Whoopie!

I have been busy catching up on quilting 33 quilt tops that have been “hanging” around for quite a few years. I have now been blessed to find Sarabeth who is a local long arm quilter.

On the quilting backlog, I have scheduled 8 quilts for Sarabeth. It will be a few months before she will start on my quilts, which is fine with me. I have moved the 8 quilts to the back of the rack! I started with 34 quilts to quilt and now the remaining 28 will be done as follows:

  • 8 quilts to Sarabeth
  • 10 quilts that will be hand quilted (applique or embroidered)
  • 2 quilts that will be done by hand with the Long Stitch
  • 8 quilts for me to quilt on my HQ Sixteen

Bottom line I have 20 quilts to complete! Finding Sarabeth has really relieved a lot pressure off me by agreeing to quilt them. I am having her quilt the quilts that are complex quilts and Quilt Show prospects and my free motion meandering would absolutely ruin them. So another Happy 🕺 Dance going on here.

Now you may ask where are the other 6 quilts? Glad you asked – I have completed them and here they are! I finished 4 this month and 2 in June.

Autumn Jubilee (June)
Red White and Blue Log Cabins
Autumn Leaves
Aspen Gold Pattern in Greens
Indian Summer
Thru Grandmothers Window
Sashiko Wall Hanging

Click here to see the background on these quilt tops.

For August, I will be working on the 8 remaining quilts that I will quilt on my HQ16. Domestic sewing machine is not my bag as you an see on the Sashiko and the border on Indian summer, but they are finished and that is the goal.

So for 2021, I have completed 9 UFO quilt tops! I am hoping to complete the remaining 8 in August. I will be loading A Quilter’s Dream quilt on my Z44 for hand quilting and Raggity Ann and Andy on the HQ16. This quilt measures 72 x 92! We shall see if my month goes as well as I intend it to.

A Quilter’s Dream
Raggity Ann and Andy – 2001

Have a blessed month and enjoy quilting those PHD 2021 in August!

Hugs Nanette

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4 Replies to “PHD – July 2021”

  1. You’re going to town on those quilts, Nanette! Best wishes!!! I can’t wait to see Quilter’s Dream all hand quilted up! BTW, we’re still in a drought here in Minnesota.


  2. Goodness you have so much in the works 🙂 Love it! No rain all July here in “wet washington’ with 2 days coming this Fri & Sat just when I have family coming in since COVID – of course… PHD ? I was expecting your HQAL 🙂 but the 10 quilts to be hand quilted count 🙂 Nanette – your your own quilting queen with this posting


  3. Oh wonderful,lovely post! Love ,love the Autumn leaves ,then Raggdy Ann and Andy come along…down memory lane I went. There was an elderly lady that was a friend of moms ,that had made me one. I was so delighted with that Raggdy Ann doll.


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