Cleaning The Studio on our 25th Wedding Anniversary!

Happy 25th Anniversary to my wonderful sweet husband who puts up with me and still loves me like he did in 1996! What more could I ever want in life?

The cleaning started yesterday when I was looking for a pattern called A Quilter’s Dream. I had made the quilt in or around 2008 but could not find the pattern. I picked up some binders and realized that the dust was getting pretty thick and started cleaning the area where I have 4 sets of Elfa cabinets. What a mess!!! So I moved on to another area where there were some more binders. Another inch of dust.

I do believe that it has been over a year or more since I have done a detailed cleaning. I was wondering what was giving my sinuses fits after spending the days in the Studio. So I made a commitment to put off anymore quilting until I had my 2 rooms cleaned. I started with my book case and nearly fell over Rolling Dust!!!! I know that has not been touched in a long time. It was also time to weed out the books that I would never use and donate them to the Library. I also wanted my Quiltmania Books in the bookcase. Clay built it for me in 2009. It looks so nice and neat and CLEAN now, but that took about 5 hours to go through each book to either keep or give away! Now I need to quit adding anymore books! I have them separated by Applique, Designers, Embroidery, Reproductions and Miscellaneous.

This stack will be for Lisa to go through and pick and chose what she wants and the remaining will then go to the Library for others to either take home of just enjoy.

Now here is what will be giveaways.

Here are some that I want to sell. If you are interested in any of these books email me at

Hard Cover Books – Never been used

If you are a paper piecer or want to learn, I have 7 books from Carol Doak. I tried paper piecing one time and that was enough. It is not my forte’

Carol Doak Paper Piecing

How about some Bonnie Hunter books – too scrappy for me.

Bonnie Hunter Books

Here are 5 of Rosemary Youngs books. The Civil War Love Letter Quilt was purchased as a used book. The others are new and never been used.

How about a Ricky Tims or Kaffe Fassett book? Kaffe is just too loud for me!

Tims and Fassett Books

These are the last of them. I purchased the books and will never make a quilt from them. Fruitful Hands has some embroidery and lots and lots of recipes for dishes that I cannot not eat. The 101 Log Cabin book is paper piecing.

Well, I must get back to my dusting as I have the bigger room to clean and what a dust bowl. I will be back in a few days after I figure out how to load my Z44 and get Raggity Ann and Andy loaded. The pressure is on. Clay did help clean the top shelves above our little kitchen area – he is such a wonderful husband and today is our 25th Wedding Anniversary – we were married in the house then. On 1 September 1996 (seems like yesterday) we were married in the Church!

Have a wonderful week,

Hugs Nanette

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14 Replies to “Cleaning The Studio on our 25th Wedding Anniversary!”

  1. I’d would enjoy your fig tree book it has the houses on the cover
    She is a local artist to me and I really like the fabrics she designs
    Before she was a big time designer she worked at a quilt shop and I like her a truly nice person


    1. I had no choice. When I saw the dust behind those books I almost passed out! We quilters cause a lot of it, especially the long arm. So after I finish the next round of quilts another heavy dusting will be in order and then I plan on starting on my quilting projects. Hugs


    1. Thank you Linda. Clay has basically built the majority of the buildings on the property (not the garage or RV Shed) and our Studio (of course I helped a lot until the 4th back surgery and I retired!). I really needed to do this dusting. I was not in the mood for the last year. Now my room smells fresh – on to the 2nd one.


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