To-Do Tuesday – 6 July 2021

Greetings. I have nothing to show from last week. Just too many interruptions, too much time spent on the Computer in the morning, and worst of all just giving in to being overwhelmed with things I would rather do than UFOs by doing nothing.

I feel like every day is Ground Hog Day – same thing but a different day! It is time for me to reorganize my time and get out of the rut I have put myself in. I remember Clay telling me how he would just lay in his room at the Firehouse just waiting for the next Alarm to go off while the other Firemen slept like babies and just jumped when necessary. I could not relate to that story until the last 2 years. Now I think I am just waiting for the next shoe to drop rather than focusing on what I really want to do and do it!

I must re-evaluate what I will do with my life at the age of 76 now that health issues are under control OR- wait for the NEXT Alarm TO GO OFF to find my passion again.

This means that I am going to take a much needed Blogger Vacation, along with limited Computer time. A time to clear my muddled mind which has been stressed to the max.

I had been working on challenging quilts up until Clay was hurt and now I find myself only working on 3 things, 2 of which are what is know as Grunt Work of Quilting and one block that I hate! Thank you Kathy for giving me a name for it. One day I am wanting to finish A Bountiful Life and Dresden Plates and thinking about Stonefields then the next day “I could care less”. I have just resolved the One Block Problem and here is how I did it!

From this:

To This:

Bye Bye

I already feel better. I hated this block. Especially the fabric I had picked out for those leaves. If I was excited about it I would have finished it 3 months ago

I know I just cannot be the only one with this issue, but for me I refuse to continue on with this mindset. I do not want to continue on accomplishing nothing, so the only way to dig out of this situation is to just STOP and go back to my previous life of making quilts that bring out my creativity and passion!.

During the time I am on my blogging vacation I will only post when I have produced something of value. I will still look at posts of others as I have time, but may not be commenting. I just have to get out of this mindset I am in. My routine has to change or I will become a Recliner Potato! Handwork for me is a nighttime activity. Piecing or quilting on the backlog of quilt tops is for the daytime!

I like this saying:

I have to include the fact that political garbage is also upsetting but as of now I can do nothing but continue to NOT watch the idiots on the News. We keep up with Epoch and I love Mark Levin and John Solomon podcasts. They keep me informed with only the important things.

Have a great week and keep on creating those beautiful quilts

Hugs Nanette.

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20 Replies to “To-Do Tuesday – 6 July 2021”

  1. I feel the same way about the news, etc. Why are people so DUMB-on the way they v0te. I have been doing some UFO,slowly. The interest isn’t there. Stay rested.

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    1. AMEN! I bet there are a lot of people who voted against his personality (of which I love) that have buyer’s remorse. Adjusting to the new schedule today – the walk did me worlds of good!


  2. I relate! Waiting for the shoe to drop is very familiar. I really felt that way before we moved last October. We lived next to my SIL, and she drove me crazy, constantly in our faces, doing stuff to our jointly owned land that pi**ed me off (like having trees cut down for no reason other than she didn’t want to mow around them), either calling or coming over every day. I love her dearly, but now I’m so glad to be 160 miles from her. 😀
    When you feel you need a vacay from the blog, it’s smart to do it. It happens to me at least once a year. And I have some “blocks I hate” too, so I’m applauding your solution – lol!
    Take care dear one.

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    1. Horrible feeling! I could not live with something like that! We love our 5 acres with no one around! Happy that you made the change.

      I started in 2014 and have not really taken a vacation. Now to get used to the new normal. I am keeping up with you and a few others that I follow, but new ones or ones that are working on things that do not interest me will be left out for awhile. Just like “jack the ripper” who can be our friend, my trash can is always there waiting for me to feed him.

      Hugs Hope grandson is getting better.

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  3. sometimes you just need to step back and take care of you! I am trying to fight a lack of mojo for blogging myself. I have really cut back on the blogs I follow and even commenting seems to be beyond me right now. All the best, come back strong when you are ready.


  4. I can relate to what you are walking through. The last couple of years have been very over-whelming for me, and I simply burned out with social media… deleting most of my accounts. Reflecting on the important things of life and family, and reconnecting with my passion in sewing…. I am taking things slowly, and changing gears in what I allow in and people the tend to have an over-cast of darkness. In trouble times, we need to be able to see the sun as it sheds brightness in our path.
    Thank you for your post, and hope to see you again along the way.


  5. I am a very strong Type A, but I will say that the last 7 years and our election has burned me out! Social Media has gone off the deep end. It is important that we surround ourselves with positive minds and souls.

    It has been 4 days since I made my decision on blogging only when I have something to show and already things are getting better. I also started walking in the heat rather than doing the indoor bike. I love the 30 minutes – and the 1.5 mile walk and all the positive endorphins that are released!

    Take care and I won’t be gone too long! Just long enough to change my routine to where it was in 2014. Hugs and you take care!


    1. I guess I thought I liked the colors with the yellow mixed in, but could not stand it as I worked on it! I like greens but seems to be a foggy brain today – cannot remember the name of the green I like~.LOL LOL LOL! Hugs


  6. Good for you, Nanette — for parting ways with that block that you hated instead of forcing yourself to work on it, and for your great attitude about “throwing away” the TV news that can be so upsetting. I swear they get us all worked up on purpose, just to keep us watching and boost their ratings so they can sell more commercial slots to the advertisers!


  7. It was a relief to not have that block around the house even hid in the “never never” drawer. LOL. I agree with you on the News this time in our lives – I believe that if they try to come to our door to talk about their crummy vaccine they will see a NO TRESPASSING SIGN IN LARGE LETTERS~. Oops, think I got up on the wrong side of the bed today – Texans won’t stand for that one! EVER! PS and I dislike and resent a lot of the commercials that are on today so it is muted or we watch of recorded programs! Anything without their dumb commercials.

    OK – back to bed for an hour to see if I can find the right side of the bed! Hugs and forgive!


  8. Elmo me to the overwhelmed club. It is a familiar place. It is hard to find that time to be creative and satisfy the passion that runs through our veins. I am to the point of savoring the few moments daily that I find. Women have a hard time find the time for creativity and men are given the time for theirs. So find your time my dear friend and enjoy. The news is maddening that’s for sure. I try to listen to little and let music fill the hearing space.


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