In Memoriamum – Darryl Scott Cook

Today is 6 years that we lost Darryl to Cancer. He was a very unique guy! I remember the time I first met Darryl Scott Cook! Clay had contacted me on the 3rd of June 1996 thinking he had found a ‘pen pal’ from Harlandale High School in San Antonio, Texas. (Clay and I grew up together and graduated at the same time but never dated.). Around the end of June 1996 Clay flew to Sterling Virginia for a visit. Before he left, he introduced me to Darryl on a phone call! That was my first memory of Darryl! He was so funny and so very easy to talk with, just like his Father. He spoke about the change in Clay since he had connected with me in early June and how intelligent his Father was.

Through the years Darryl provided us with so many laughs with his antics, as he was just a fun person to be around because you never knew what he would say or do next.

Clay told me that he was really something as a child – he loved to get into something that he was not supposed to and then blame it on his Sister. I bet watching Darryl in action was something else.

He had a kind heart (like his Father) and also had the Irish/Choctaw blood in him. Ready to fight, but never did. He passed at the age of 51 – way too young because he really loved life! You just could not be angry with Darryl for anything he said or did because of his personality!

We were blessed to have spent the last 14 months with Darryl before he passed. Clay and Darryl were able to bond together as Father and Son before he left this earth. He is with God and has been these past 6 years.

We both miss Darryl’s infectious laughter and funny ways! He was a blessing to all. He would want us to be at peace today and remember all the fun times.

Clay and Darryl Matching Shirt Jackets
Darryl and Nanette
Fun Times in the Studio (Clay was recuperating from Neck Surgery)
Nanette and Clay in the 3rd Grade – Still together after 25 years!

Have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Nanette

10 Replies to “In Memoriamum – Darryl Scott Cook”

  1. Absolutely loved your Darryl tribute post. The story is a wonderful one to share about love. The picture of Darryl and Clay put a smile on my face. The class picture of you and Clay is priceless. Cathy


    1. Thank you Cathy. We think of him often. We were both together in the 3rd thru 5th grades because our last names were Chopin and Cook! too funny! Hope all is well with you!


  2. What sweet memories and words. I love the 3rd grade picture, and the ones of Darryl look just a *little* mischievous!


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