HQAL – 30 May 2021

I want to thank all the Veterans (including Clay) for their service to this country. It must be a very difficult to be an active duty military at this time in our country, so my hat is off to them for serving a Nation that has some serious issues facing us for the next 3 1/2 years. Thank you many times over!

Now to HQAL. Well, I do not have much to show this time. I did work on a few leaves for A Bountiful Life, but not enough to show much progress. I tried Minnie Mouse (Cross Stitch) and have decided she will go away! I was working on the “white” thread, but the holes were so small and background white, I lost the thread count and could not see what I was doing. Time for another pattern and maybe different cloth!

I worked on another grid panel for Dresden Heaven and finished 5 of the 9. Slow going here.

The month flew by and very little quilting. This is mostly due to the fact that I had changed the diet (when will I ever learn?) and that impacted me a lot. Especially when I walk. I am a heavy sweater and I lost Potassium again. This time I avoided a ride in the meat wagon, but have now switched to the indoor exercise bike and eat my potatoes! It will have to do until we get to Fall. I never realized the things that low Potassium can do to a person. I was aware that if it falls below 2.2 that is meat wagon time and if it gets above 5.8 it is meat wagon time but when it falls below 3.6 you will become very tired and that is what happened to me! So I opted to be a good 76 year old idiot and stay out of the heat!

Here’s hoping that all are having a wonderful holiday weekend with your families and MASKs OFF! Enjoy!

Hugs, Nanette

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piercers to share and motivate one another.  We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.  

KathyMargaret, Deb, Sharon, Sherrie,  Karrin, Daisey, Connie

12 Replies to “HQAL – 30 May 2021”

  1. Those Dresden plates are lovely. Cross stitching white on white is almost impossible. Good try Nanette. If you wanted to finish it you might just leave the white x’s blank. It will be hard to impossible to tell from a distance 🙂 Glad your feeling a bit better too 🙂

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  2. You just keep knocking off those plates Nanette, how many have you done now? I know there’s a ton of them, but you’ve done quite a few already. Fractional stitches in cross stitch are tricky on Aida. We need to try this with something that you can stitch over two threads, then there will be a hole for everything! Sharon has a great idea though. forget the white and stitch the rest of Minnie.

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  3. Your Dresdens are beautiful. Wow on the potassium! How quickly we can go from healthy to not-so-healthy. And yay on no masks! We are finding more and more stores are allowing us to go mask-free, but of course the doctors’ offices and (of all things) the T-Mobile stores are still in the dark ages. No one has proved to me yet that wearing a mask does anything except let us breathe our own germs. Ugh.

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    1. Thank you Linda! Hoping to really get with the focus program on Dresdens and get it finished!!! It was nice going to see the hearing aid people – no masks! Felt like a normal person again! The only thing the mask ever protected me from was the Flu Season – the 2 times I got it was when I did not wear a mask and the 1st was when we stayed at an RV Park in Tucson AZ for the winter in 2004 and went to socialize. The flu was going around and it got everyone – including Clay and I!
      I am now just covering my mouth – I see more and more people doing that one!

      With all the Cyber attacks this country and all of us will go broke just trying to get food supply! What next!


  4. Slow is okay, and everything looks fine to me. I’m not a cross stitcher, but I’d make an ornament or something out of Minnie. =) Thanks to Clay for his service. I’m grateful there are always enough people to stand up and defend our country against foreign and domestic violence.


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