To-Do Tuesday – (Oops Friday) 5-18-2021

What can I say! Time just flies by when we are having fun and getting older! We have now been blessed with almost 10 inches of rain during the last 3 weeks! YIPEE! Green grass again – and we are hoping for more during the summer! I have been busy trying to stay as positive as I can about life in general and we shut the world out as long as we are on our 5 acre patch of land! Speaking of land – Texas is booming from all the people moving into our state From all over to get away from their control freaks. Clay and I are now sitting on a gold mine of sand based on the new tax appraisal we received advising us how much our land is valued at. It is amusing and absolutely ridiculous that sand would be so valuable! LOL.

I have my stupid health issues under control now and feeling much better – if only I did not get sick and tired of chicken, potatoes, eggs, and lightly salted potato chips! My problem is when I have had enough of that diet that I tend to want to eat an entire chocolate cake – which of course I cannot do and end of eating something with gluten in it and we know that is a killer for a Celiac. But all in all, I am 100% better! YEA!

Yesterday Clay and I cleaned out the portion of our 3 car garage that was a mess, and now it really looks so neat and in order and to see things that we did not need GONE. He had a big burn pile going and the company who picks up our garbage really earned their money today. I really enjoyed doing the de-cluttering at this time because it was something different to do because it broke the “Groundhog Day” effect. In fact, I do believe it will now be the catalyst that moves me back to my quilting.

Here were my goals from last week: (Looks like I did nothing, but I did a lot, it just took time)

  • Continue with preparing A Bountiful Life Blocks (7)
  • Straighten Fabric Stash – Tomorrow.
  • Load Autumn Jubilee – Tomorrow.
  • Work on Stonefields (decision time) – Next time — maybe.
  • Increase time spent in the evenings on ABL and Dresdens
  • Select Fabrics for A Bountiful Life – Increasing hand work time.

As I worked on preparing the 6 additional blocks for A Bountiful Life, I found 2 of the blocks that I did not like and decided to redraw them. Here is what I came up with.

Original Block

I did not like the birds and butterflies and the fruit looked awful (my opinion). My block is not as busy and I prefer my birds just hanging around! LOL

My Version – A bowl with 2 oranges on the bottom of nice red apples!

This block did nothing for me – I did not like the fruit in their beaks and the topknots and the thing on the upper left that is supposed to be a bird, or the moth!

Original Version

I chose to do the birds a different way and let the leaves be on the tree trunk.

My Version – not quite so busy

I have 2 blocks ready to applique and the remaining 5 are in a holding pattern. I need to take a break from this project (except I will be appliquéing the 2 blocks) before I select the fabrics. I have all the freezer paper pieces cut out and in bags and ready for fabric selection maybe next week. Getting to this point took a lot of sit down time and I want to start piecing on a few projects!

Now I want to share with you a picture of Jaydee’s quilt top. She started this project in or around 2015. I think I started mine around that time or maybe 2016 – who knows. Her quilt is a stunner and I hope that mine will be as striking. She did her quilt in Reproduction fabrics and I am doing mine in darker shades with batiks (which are my favorites).

Hand Appliqued by Jaydee Price ready for Hand quilting!

This is the backing she will be using for her Civil War Bride quilt.

Interesting backing! Blends with the Civil War Era

Last night I was in the mood to do something DIFFERENT!!!! I started working on the little Minnie Mouse Cross Stitch! YEA again for me. I think I understand it much better! Have a spot lite hovering over your head and very strong peep overs to see what in the heck you are doing! LOL ! Here is Minnie Mouse picture!

Minnie Mouse Cross Stitch Pattern

AND here is what I have done so far (her face and lips)(Took awhile to get it right)

Doesn’t look like much, but I know understand how to Cross Stitch!

Today my original plan was to put a new zipper in a pair of pants for my neighbor (good luck on the outcome of that for her), do some grocery shopping at HEB, write this post, make the 3rd block for Melva’s SAL, load Autumn Jubilee, and of course walk my 1.5 miles. Yesterday I did over 11,000 steps! No wonder I was lazy in getting up this morning! I only accomplished the walk, HEB, this post, and had to spend about an hour and a half on getting Clay an appointment with his Cardiologist in July (required me to download some medical reports for the new doctor). So out went the zipper and the block and poor ole’ Autumn Jubilee, BUT alas, it has made it to the long arm, so I am getting there!

Since I am late in my goals, here is where I would love to be by next Tuesday!

  • Continue working on Cross Stitch, Dresdens, and A Bountiful Life blocks (2)
  • Make Melva’s 3rd block
  • Make a definite decision on Stonefields
  • Load Autumn Jubilee quilt and get it quilted!!!!
  • Sew Stars Around the Garden together
  • Decide on a Squirrel project (like I need another quilt to make) Check out the backlog:

If I can finish these goals by Tuesday I will be a happy person! I feel like I am producing nothing while everyone else has completed so much already this year, but life is different for everyone, so sometimes I cannot meet my desired goals with my quilting.

Now it is 4:10 and I have meat to vacuum pack for the freezer. Here are fingers crossed that tomorrow is a quiet day with no other things to do but catch up on my goals.

Have a wonderful week-end. We are going to plan a trip to Rockport Texas for sometime in July so I need to start looking for a place to stay where I can cook and we are not limited to just eating out (where I cannot partake).

Hugs, Nanette

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11 Replies to “To-Do Tuesday – (Oops Friday) 5-18-2021”

  1. My daughter is celiac, and she has found it fairly easy to eat at restaurants, she just asks to speak with the chef about her food aeries, and they have been very good about modifying dishes for her. Good luck, it does get easier,


  2. I’ve never been one for setting goals but I do enjoying looking at what I dod accomplish in a day. Sweet little Minnie mouse project! and Jaydees quilt top gorgeous and love the backing she choose. It will be fun to watch yours come together.


    1. Maybe I should not set goals! LOL, Until I get in a caught up mode it might be better for me! I think if I would really get started on cross stitch I would enjoy it.
      Jaydee does great work and the backing is so neat! Mine will take some time if I do not quit wearing myself out before the evening time. – which is for hand work! Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a delight to have the garage cleaned! Those types of things can be such a drain on one’s creative energy. Dot worry about the big goals, just try to do one step on one thing, and pretty soon they will add up. You have accomplished many small steps this week, so be patient with yourself and in a month you will see some bigger progress!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so right – it took us about 4 hours to do the job and wasn’t that bad, although I was a little stiff and sore….Hum. must be the age!

      I have been doing little daily goals – if I reach them fine, if not fine. All in all, I think I am really enjoying life a little more – some goals set some finished some not. Makes a woman healthy and wise! LOL. Hugs!

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Thank you for the compliments on my CWB top. It is in the frame and the quilting has begun. Love your blog Nanette. You and Clay stay plenty busy. I look forward to your CWB top being done. It will be beautiful. Keep going. Love our exchanges of info.

    Liked by 2 people

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