Slow Sunday Stitching – REALLY?

Hello all! Now that we are halfway into May I have made very little progress with the UFO bin. In fact I have nothing to show for the last couple of weeks other than I am working (LOL) to get to the point where I can complete selecting the fabric for the remaining 5 blocks (YUP got 1 ONE done as of today). In other words I have NOTHING to show for today, my 502nd post! (should be more, but that is life!)

Now I do have some nice pictures to show you. I have two step-sons from another marriage in the 1980’s. George was 13 and Ricky was 15 when I first met them and Clay and I have remained close to both of my step-sons who are great men, wonderful husbands, and Fathers. (Hum maybe I did something good in life in the ’80’s).

George has a set of Maternal Twins and he sent me their High School graduation invitation for next week with pictures. They are really fine looking young men (I guess they are my step-grandchildren although I am not involved in their lives – it happens with divorces). George has done a fantastic job in raising his children (he has a 23 year old daughter, but I do not have any pictures of her at this time).

I give you Alex and Jacob. Both are about 6’3″ and you can tell they are Texas Country Boys!

Alex and Jacob

Another accomplishment finished (after 12 days with other interruptions). A Security Camera System! Come on down Illegal Aliens and you can be in the movies! This was a time consuming job for Clay to do all the camera mounting and I was the technical computer idiot! Together we have a great system set up along with a few other nice Clay developed systems to protect us.

And now for the sweet part of the last 12 days. Clay and I will both reach a wonderful milestone this year. It was 25 years ago on 3 June 1996 that Clay found me when I was living in Sterling, Virginia about 1850 miles from where we live now! What made him decide to get in touch with me was really something! We believe it was something that his Mother told him in 1993 about a chance encounter she and I had that made him think of me shortly after her passing in March 1996. Clay and I grew up living 2 blocks apart on the same street, delivered by the same Doctor, met at the age of 8 and 9 and attended school from the 3rd grade through High School together, and attended the same Church Bible School together during the summer, but we never dated!

We celebrate the 3rd of June, the day he found me, the 2nd of August (married here at home), and 1 September 1996 when we were married in the Church. In mid September I made the move back to Texas and finished the last 2 1/2 years of my career before retiring from Kelly AFB. I retired from the Federal Government and he is retired from the San Antonio Fire Department. We both worked 38 years. I retired in March and he retired in April 1999! As you can see we have been spending all our time together for 22 1/2 years! We were really blessed by a miracle to have such a great marriage. (OK sometimes the French Scorpio (me) and the Irish Choctaw (him) do have ‘discussions’ but we never stay mad and neither has ever left the other!)

Clay had his wedding resized after the accident and while we were at the Jewelry Store we purchased each other a diamond band for our 25th Wedding Anniversay! We have both ‘earned’ them – don’t you think?

I wish everyone could be as blessed as we are – even during the hardest times we have been through, we both know that our being together is the most important thing.

Have a wonderful week, and MAYBE by Tuesday I will have something to post regarding an unfinished UFO.

Hugs, Nanette

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14 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching – REALLY?”

  1. Definitely Texans! Nice looking young men🙂 I’m happy for you and Clay ,may you be blessed with many more year’s together. 🤗 hugs🤗


  2. What nice looking young men!
    Congratulations Nanette. You and Clay were meant to be. What a blessing to find each other like that. I love your love story! Those are beautiful bands.
    That is a nice security system you have! LOL at Technical Computer Idiot!


    1. They are and I hope they have a wonderful life in whatever path they take. I do believe we are soul mates. We were lucky – went in to get his wedding band resized and found a 1/2 price sale! Better on our hands than at the Casino!!!! LOL We like the camera system – do not record much, but nice to be able to just look at the monitor if the alarm goes off! Hugs


  3. A beautiful love story 🙂 It’s so nice you have continued to be included and in touch with George over the years with the children. Handsome Texas boys for sure! Blessed! Rings are beautiful!


  4. Hi Nanette! What a wonderful story. It gives me the chills – you two were meant to be together and all that stuff that happened in the 80s led you to be able to accept him into your life! Your grandsons are handsome – congrats to them. Your new security system looks nifty. Have you had issues? I just can’t call anyone an alien! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thx Rosanne. Here in Texas we have lived with illegal aliens from the Southern Border for over 50 years. Nobody cared about the damage they did until they went North and 911. I have no problem calling them what they are. They are entering this country illegal and they are breaking into homes in San Antonio and all Southern areas of the South. We need the Border fence. And better border security. Hugs.


  5. I’m so glad you’ve reached your 25 together. That’s a beautiful ring combination. The picture of the boys is absolutely a treasure, equally with the ring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heck Susan, I never spent this much time with my parents or anyone else for that matter. Clay is a God send for me. Those boys will have the women chasing them for a long time. Hope they make good decisions in relationships. We are enjoying our new goodies! Hope you have a great day and answers come quickly! Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

  6. A couple of handsome young Texans!!! And congrats to you and Clay on your anniversary! Nice way to commemorate the event. And I’m applauding Clay’s job setting up your security system!


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