To-Do-Tuesday – 11 May 2021

Good morning!!! We are enjoying being home and Clay has been working on installing the outside Cameras. It is neat to have them and of course he is doing a wonderful job in mounting them. No electrical cords visible – he is just so talented when it comes to electronics, electrical things, and building. This home is over secured, but if any illegals tempt to come onto our property or break in our home…..they will have issues.

Here was my CRAZY list from last week: (What was I thinking?)

  • Maintain a Positive Attitude and get the quilting mojo back! Done
  • Prepare 6 blocks for applique for A Bountiful Life  Done!
  • Work on Dresden Plates  Done!
  • Applique Block 10 for A Bountiful Life  Started
  • Work on Stonefields  No Progress
  • Start Sewialites – Goal would be 2 blocks. No Progress – may be shifted to June
  • Straighten fabric stash – No Progress
  • Work with Clay and clean out the garage! Will start when the Security System is done.
  • Help with the new Security System. Yes

A Bountiful Life progress:

Four Completed -Ready for Fabric Selection
Cutting this one out this morning!
I am changing this block to be a bowl full of 2 oranges and apples
This block has been sitting around awhile just ‘waiting’

Dresden Plates:

Just need circles and 9 will be complete (out of 105)

Goals for 10 through 17 May:

  • Select Fabrics for A Bountiful Life
  • Straighten up Fabric
  • Load Autumn Jubilee on the Long Arm
  • Work on Stonefields (decision time)
  • Increase time spent in the evenings on ABL and Dresdens.

I had a few bad days this week – due to diet and finding out that Senokot changed their formula and now has Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) in the inactive ingredients – no wonder I got sick. They need to take that poison off the market! Today I am getting back to normal, but my Tinnitus is off the charts and I do not know why. But I am 90% better than yesterday so that is a great improvement and I am happy. I missed 2 days of my walking, but back on the road this morning. Felt great! I have reduced my goals – maybe I will be able to achieve them all or excel and finish more! LOL

Hopefully, the next 7 days will be much better. I keep saying that each Tuesday, but somehow either I mess it up or interruptions get me. Anyway, still staying positive and enjoying living.

Have a great week and happy stitching.

Hugs, Nanette

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19 Replies to “To-Do-Tuesday – 11 May 2021”

  1. Hi Nanette! I’m so sorry to hear that your tinnitus is bothering you. Do you feel dizzy when it is heightened as well or just the ringing? Not to diminish the ringing – that’s awful. Yes, what were you thinking with that list for one week?! And yet, you got a good start on so many of those items. Yay you. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Well, this week, the tinnitus was horrible and the right ear was stopped up. I get Vertigo, fullness in the ear (pressure) loss of hearing, and Tinnitus and then it is called Meniere’s. The PEG has really caused me to have flare ups of all. Doctor agrees. It will take another week to get all back to normal, but I am pushing to get there sooner. I am HEADED to select fabrics for the blocks! You take care and love those babies – in a way wish I had babies but not in the cards for this old lady! Hugs

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    1. The Dresdens are about 3 1/2″. TINY. Made then about 3 years ago, maybe 4, fun pattern. This is why I do blocks of background fabric and draw a grid – so much easier. Need to do the circles (UGH). Hugs


  2. You sound like you got a lot of progress done. As much as I like to have check marks for my to do list, there really isn’t any reason to not slow down and enjoy other things in life. Or, wait to work on things until you feel better. Hope you continue on a road to feeling so much better.

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    1. Hi Bonnie. I spoke with my buddy in Mount Vernon and she said that your weather was great this week. Enjoy We are getting ready for more rain – and we need it! It will take another week to get all the PEG out of my system, I will get better but the Meniere’s is going to be the thing that really stops me, the rest I can live with. I get worried about losing the hearing in my ears. Hope I can skip that one. Hugs


    1. You are correct on that one! It seems that this week had a lot of interruptions, but maybe MAYBE the next 7 days will be better! I do have a great new housekeeper and that is real happiness as it keeps me from having back problems. Hugs.


    1. I hope that you are doing well. I am beginning to come out of the PEG but have another week or so. Visited with my Doctor and she really is so supportive of me when I am under a lot of stress, or like this time around – PEG POISEN! Have a great week-end and take care. Hugs. Thx for doing TDT.


  3. Sorry to hear about your tinnitus……you might watch your salt intake, that helps me. My ENT doc years ago suggested this for me and I find that when i eat out and away from home, my tinnitus is much worse because I can’t control the salt intake.

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    1. I cannot eat out and if Clay wants to we go but I cannot do it. Also sugar is a killer for Meniere’s. They are watching me this time to see if I have to increase the fluid pill, but I do not want to do that as I take a very small dose and quit eating salt when I was 19. A lot of it is preservatives in food and medicines. This has been a bad year for me due to all the stress from 2019-2021 (non Chinese virus issues). Have a great day and reading labels has been my fun and games since 1992 when they started genetically modifying our foods. That has really limited my list of “I can eat!” But Mother always told me ‘eat to live’ not ‘live to eat’. That has helped! Hugs


  4. I think you have been a busy bee Nanette! I have been slow this week, counting down to vacation time. We just had our (hopefully) last frosty night here, so I’m going to start hardening off the tomatoes today. I will haul up a couple of trays today as well as any brassicas that are left downstairs. I need to plant some more salad greens and maybe some turnips or rutebegas. We’ll see if ai get that done today!

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    1. A little late in responding…… Who am I anyway? Not near as productive as you, but the camera system is just about finished (1 more to go), my part is done. Talked to my Doctor she things another week and the PEG will be out of my system so I am praying she is right and I can return to being Nanette 100%! At least I am doing my 1.5 miles in the AM! Hot but then it is fun to take 2 baths a day! LOL. Catch you on Saturday at 2!

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    1. Thank you so much – The plates would go a lot faster as soon as I get my attitude adjustment (LOL). My ‘issues’ (call them that because they won’t kill me – just slow me down if they become active) are getting better but more time to get the PEG out of my system. Have a wonderful week-end and come back and visit – I will get more produced! Hugs


  5. Wow, that applique is really beautiful!!! Glad to hear you got your diet rearranged better. That is so great you’re married to such a handy guy!!! I loved reading about your 2 moms (a post back).💝

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    1. Thank you on the applique! I really did not want to just give up and go with 9 blocks – I am working on the one, and now getting the other 6 with fabric selected. Then I will be working on Stonefields. Decision time on that one.

      Oh Nancy did I ever screw myself up! That PEG is a killer for me. Doctor said another week and should be out of my system. I am beginning to feel better and things around here are slowing down (we are installing cameras all around the house – want to welcome the Illegals who are being dropped off in our area! Watch out because they are headed North!

      My Mother was so intelligent and so talented a Pianist, but her personality was rather cold, not a Susie Homemaker. Mary Etta was intelligent and a lot of common sense, and a great Susie Homemaker, and oh could she make you feel loved! I miss both, but really miss the love that Mary Etta gave me!


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