Santa Fe Trail SAL and Other Projects

Greetings – from South Texas where we had 6 inches of rain in the last week – YIPEE! Now we can quit worrying about having to cut down a few more trees (hopefully more rain this month!)

I am participating in the Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail SAL with Melva. I have completed the 2 blocks and now on to other things (waiting for the next block).

I have also decided (for certain) to increase the blocks for A Bountiful Life quilt to 16 blocks rather than the 9 blocks I had decided to do previously and then add a border.

A Bountiful Life

I have one of the blocks ready for applique and today I will start preparing the other 6 blocks to complete the quilt. Then there will be a border with vines and leaves – no flowers as I do not want to take away from the blocks. I have all 4 of the different versions of the pattern, including the original one by Patricia Cox entitled Folk Art City for Jean) that were sold for this quilt, but I really liked A Beautiful Life pattern the best.

Next I am contemplating whether to continue on with Stonefields, or just put the blocks I have completed together and go forward. The pattern was the most expensive I have ever purchased ($200.00) and will just hate myself for not making the entire quilt, so I will make that decision after I have the remaining 6 blocks for A Beautiful Life blocks ready for applique! I will change the border like Jaydee did on her Stonefields, as I am not in the mood to do all the hexagon flowers, but everyone knows by now that I tend to change my mind often.

Original Stonefields by Susan Smith

I am working on Dresden Plates and finishing the button hole stitching on Sweet Stitches! Hopefully (HOPEFULLY) I can finish the Sweet Stitches this evening (just a little bit of stitching) and get back to the Dresden Plates and now A Bountiful Life!

Dresden Plates – 105 to do!
Sweet Stitches – 6 more pieces to Button Hole Stitch

We are in the process of adding security cameras to our current system and adding a new front fence in the front of our property. We estimated the footage to be about 370 feet! Now we just need someone to take down the existing fence and putting up the new one. I have been enjoying doing whatever comes along each day and not in a big hurry, although I do wish I were 10 years younger – thing I might finish more quilts.

Let me mention the long arm situation. I have to set a date and just get a quilt loaded and do it! Here it is May and I have missed 2 months in PHD2021. This has to stop as it does not take that long to get them quilted! (I do not do custom only free hand since my is not computer driven!)

I do believe if I stayed away from the computer I would have more time! But, alas, sometimes we just have other things to do that take us away from playing!

Hugs and have a wonderful week!


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14 Replies to “Santa Fe Trail SAL and Other Projects”

  1. Hi Nanette! I’m so glad to see you are sewing along with Melva. Both blocks look great and she shares great information about the series, doesn’t she?! Good luck finding someone to take care of your fence! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. My!… you put a lot of “ want to do “ on your plate.😄 I do hope you can get to them as you really do appliqué so beautiful. The blocks are perfect for the Santa Fe trail .. cold then very warm .. I have a feeling that is just how it was.

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    1. I always have a want to do list – but that is so long now…. LOL. It is fun to stop and make a big block – you know I love the small ones just to drive me nuts! But I am trudging along with getting the UFO’s out of here! Hugs

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  3. Enjoy Melva’s sew along, she does such a nice job. I may see about joining later. Stonefields does look amazing. I’ll ask you about it next time we chat. By then you will have Sweet Stitches finished up!

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    1. Melva does do a great job. Wonderful stories. Sweet is finished and on a hanger – I have 9 pinwheels done – starting a new section tonight. Now to get to preparing more of the 6 blocks for A Bountiful Life! Hope you have had some extra rest! Hugs

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  4. Oh wow, your page is so beautiful today. We just had a new fence put up to replace the one a tree fell on back in 2017, hope you find someone reliable and their waiting list isn’t long. Good luck on the new sew along with Melva and thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.


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