Jacobean Holiday (Lite)

Good morning and hope all are having a great day – if you are interested, check in on Mike Lindell’s new web site for Conservatives! Very interesting! Great guest and for the next 2 days it will be live! After that, it will be a site for Conservatives to voice their opinions without their voice being cancelled!

Now to my happiness on UFO finishes! I started this quilting in February 2010 while in Sierra Vista, Arizona for the winter. I believe this was the first Block I made.

I looked for other blocks that I made during the process and the only other one is this one! Not sure of the date as to when I finished it.

So after 11 years, the quilt is finished! I did remove approximately 7 blocks that I just did not want to do. I am on a mission to complete all UFO quilts this year. I have 2 other UFOs that were started within the last 4 or 5 years that will complete my goal. I believe that I may have them completed by the end of May. So here is my version of Jacobean Holiday by Pat Campbell.

Patricia Campbell’s Jacobean Holiday

I am so happy to have completed the quilt! It is a total different setting for her original pattern and I am pleased with the gold and black borders! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow on To-Do-Tuesday!

Hugs, Nanette

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19 Replies to “Jacobean Holiday (Lite)”

    1. Thank you Frederique! I am so glad that I finished it! It almost was given away a couple of months ago, but I just could not bear to let it go, so removing and not completing the last 4 blocks was a good thing. They might go to a friend to finish if they are in the mood. – could make them a small wall hanging! Hugs

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  1. That looks great, Nanette! Will any of your orphans work for some pillow covers? I have some that zi put over my couch pillows during the holidays, for some quick and easy decorating. Just a thoughts,


    1. thank you Jocelyn. Well thank goodness the UFOs are getting less and less. I am working on then last of the oldest UFOs. A Bountiful Life. Trying to decide to add more blocks (which will take time as they are applique) or stop and add a border. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. Hugs. How is that puppy?


  2. Great finish – and I like that you used only the parts that you liked from the original plan. I am learning to do that too. Thanks for the heads up on the conservative website too. Hugs, Judy

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    1. Thank you Judy! I have been doing that on projects that have been sitting and sitting. I think I get bored with them. Jacobean had 2 very large blocks that I did not want to mess with. We Conservatives need to really take a stand for our Country or we will lose it. We all have a right to our personal opinion and what is happening in this country it is not what the Framers intended to have. The Cancel Culture is unbelievable. I detest that and the “WOKE” whatever that means….. Have a wonderful week-end.


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