Happy Slow Sunday Stitching!

Happy Sunday to all. I am very happy as I have completed the package for BCBS Insurance on the BAMC reimbursement! We received a letter yesterday from Clay’s secondary and this morning I finished up a cover letter and a few other things and the 250 page package is in the Priority Box and going to be mailed in the morning. I have now quit my billing job! Life has been back to normal in the last month and now looking forward to our trip this month.

I have been experiencing more Meniere’s attacks lately (having one today) with the weather and Barometric Pressure going bonkers! Oh well, nothing compared to being BAMC’s billing agent! LOL.

This week I have completed 2 quilts – OMIGOSH and Sweet Stitches! Great week of sewing and so peaceful and quiet! I love the way Clay fixed a way for me to hang my finished quilt tops to take my pictures, but even hanging the quilt does not do them justice in the pictures as they seem to flare on the bottom. Knowing Clay, he will devise a way to correct that issue! The borders are not wavy, they just appear to be on OMIGOSH. This quilt is heavy!!!

Sweet Stitches was a BOM from Kathy Schmitz which included fabric in each monthly block. The project was originally designed to make 12 individual blocks to change out each month, but I wanted to make a quilt from the blocks. I selected a black fabric for the setting blocks that has green, blue, yellow and red dots. (Does not show in the picture) I wanted to add some color to the quilt and am very pleased with the outcome!

I hope that everyone has a great week, I am looking forward to my RF back treatment on Thursday and getting some extra energy! But I know that I am back in the groove of quilting and that makes me happy! Now if Mr Meniere’s would go pester someone else it would really make me happy!

Hugs, Nanette

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27 Replies to “Happy Slow Sunday Stitching!”

    1. I am so happy to have the tops finished – this week there may not be much time to work on anything until Friday! I will be doing hand work until after my RF treatment for the back! Hugs


    1. Well, thank you and yes -husbands are great when we need another set of eyes. We retired in 1999 at age of 55. (Lucky after working 38 years (both of us)). We had a hard year last year and I had to do the Medicare Part B billing for treatment he received from a Military Treatment Facility – they are not Medicare Part B providers – it has been a nightmare – but I sent the last package that I had to develop to our 3rd insurance – so my joke is I am re-retiring! LOL. Have a great week. Hugs


    1. Thank you so much. I wish the black could show up more – it really does make the quilt. I thought about doing the border a little different but it would have ruined the quilt blocks! Have a great week. I asked Clay what he thought about the border and he immediately wanted the same fabric of the blocks which is Crackle – I had enough to make the border and it came out great! Hugs


    1. The little extras in each block came with the BOM patterns. They are fused on and I need to go around them now with button hole stitching. Thank you – I found the fabric in my stash and it had the 4 colors (dots) and I thought – hey this would be something different. Hope you are doing well. Hugs


    1. YUP – 2 finishes in a week! Of course the next 3 days will not be quilting days – Starting Friday I will pick it up again. House cleaning tomorrow (have to sit inside and do hand work) Wed – eye doc and Thurs Back treatment! Hope you do not get selected on Jury duty! Hugs and package is on the way – will send you the tracking number. Hugs

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    1. Thank you Bonnie – it works great! He took 2 hooks and screwed them in the ceiling in the Studio and ran an electrical pipe through them, then he ordered the clips and adjusted them. It is great! I have 9 fluorescent lights that are 8′ long in my other room in the Studio. In this room where I have my computer I have 6 lights. So I am heavily SPOILED with a great husband who can do anything! Hugs


  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been suffering healthwise, Nanette. That makes your quilting accomplishments all the more amazing. Your OMIGOSH is simply breathtaking! I hope your Meniere’s calms down and you have a better week this week than last.

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    1. Well, today after 3 weeks from taking that stupid generic fluid pill I have not had any headaches or ear problems. Of course the oak pollen was at 40,500 count – has been 26 years since it was that high. Thursday I will get the RF treatment and the back has been doing well the last 3 weeks, but need to kill those nerves for awhile. LOL. Today was a great day! So I am thinking that the reaction that triggered the Menieres is over with. I am concerned about the people taking the vaccine who get those horrible aches and pains and then those horrific headaches – I wonder if they will all end up with Migraines and Fibro in later years. I will not take it nor will Clay. I think it is the propylene glycol that is in the binding phase of the vaccine. I was told that it is an ingredient in the shot. Hugs and thank you on the sweet comment on OMIGOSH!


    1. Thank you Sherrie. I enjoyed making both of them. Took me way too long to complete them to the quilt top stage, but they are done and I can add 2 more to be quilted to the 30……… Hugs


  2. Congratulations on two wonderful finishes! I really like the setting you used for Sweet Stitches. Hope your back is better!


  3. Glad you’ve been able to “retire” from your billing position and now have time to sew lots. Both quilts turned out beautifully! OMIGOSH is well named. That’s a lot of stitching time!


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