To-Do Tuesday – Happy Day 6 April 2021

Greetings! April is turning out to be a great positive month for us! Things are really getting back to normal. Weather is acceptable and we have a trip planned for this month! Finally something to look forward to for fun!

Yesterday I took time to evaluate my weekly and monthly check out my thought process for my UFO goals. Taking the time to do this has encouraged me that by June I just may be caught up!

  • Applique Jacobean Lights – Work on the 3 large blocks by Goal by 20 April or forget it
  • Sweet Stitches Borders and into a finished top – Goal 12 April
  • A Bountiful Life Border – Goal 12 April
  • Dresden Heaven – prepare fabric background grid – Goal 12 April
  • Stars Around the Garden – Begin working on Setting – 12 April
  • Stonefields – Either finish the last 4 sections or forget them – May
  • Celebrating Brown – prepare 2 blocks for applique -May
  • Antique Blue and White Quilt – New Project – May
  • Kaye England’s Mystery Medallion – New Project – May
  • Quilt Autumn Jubilee

If I do not complete the 3 remaining blocks for the Jacobean Lights then they will be put in the “never never’ drawer and I will put the other blocks together for a top. The other 3 goals will be doable in the next week and it will be great if I can achieve that goal. As far as quilting tops, my RF has been delayed until the 15th of April. I should be able to quilt at least 1 top this month. The trip will prevent me from accomplishing other things, but the getaway is worth it! I will come back ready to get on the “Catch up” quilting train!

Now for the finishes! I am thrilled that I am completely finished with OMIGOSH!

This quilt was my challenge quilt and so glad I did it! I will say that I have never seen so many strings and raveling of fabric in my 20 years of quilting. This quilt will be quilted soon as possible because anytime you touch it there are more strings on the floor!

I love being able to hang my quilts when taking pictures, but have not figured out how to get the bottom from appearing wavy. The quilt is square even if it looks wavy! I forgot to measure it and will not until it is complete finished but it is close to 60″ x 70″.

Next goal completed! I have finished hand quilting the main part of Indian Summer. I have decided to put it away for awhile to let my fingers rest. I also need time to study the borders and decide the best way to quilt them. The quilting will be 1/4″ to prevent flaring, so I need to allow myself the time to do it correctly. The last last time I hand quilted a quilt was in July 2013, so I have really enjoyed the hand quilting and moving this one into the finished column by June. I remember when and where I purchased this fabric in 2002, and I never thought I would ever complete it but I am close to the finish line!

Indian Summer

Have a wonderful day and today is hair cut day for me – long time in coming!

Hugs, Nanette

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32 Replies to “To-Do Tuesday – Happy Day 6 April 2021”

    1. Thank you Gretchen. I thought that I would never get it done. I just quit working on any other projects until I finished it.

      I had no idea that the Bella Solids would fray so much.

      Your SAG quilting is just perfect.

      Have a wonderful day. Thx for the sweet comment.


  1. Love the OmyGosh quilt. Have a great vacation. I am finally going to fly to Ark. to visit my daughter. Will leave on Mother’s Day. Then to visit my brother that is very ill. I hope to get going on quilting again on my return. They have some great quilt shops there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nancy! How are you both doing? Enjoy the visit – think there will be a lot of travelers this summer! Sorry about your brother. Quilt shopping is so much fun just to go and look and feel the fabric and what is new. Hugs


    1. Thank you Nancy! OH thank you for that great comment on my hand quilting! I did the lines mostly free motion drawing – just to see what the effect would be. I like it – makes it look like the sand is moving! Hugs. Have a great day! We are blessed !


    1. Thank you Chris. I do not do scrappy quilts, so by using the different fat quarters and a beige background, it did not get too busy. Sue Garmen called for shirting, but that would have been too busy for me. Thx for hosting To Do Tuesdays! Hugs


    1. Thank you Deb. It is funny – I can do free motion on my long arm, but forget doing it on a Domestic machine – Brain did not engage on that one! LOL. I have to be in the mood to hand quilt and I got a bug to get this one done. I will have to ponder on how to do those borders – I know they have to be stitched 1/4″ or the quilt will flare! Darn! Hugs


  2. Check, check! Enjoy crossing these off your todo list my dear. I probably can’t talk on Thursday this week, I have to be at the courthouse at 7:45 for a jury selection. If I don’t get picked I will call you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thx Linda – hope you are feeling good today on those crutches! We will be zooming by your area. We usually go to 20 East and up 69 to Durant. Think you are on the West side of Dallas/Ft Worth. We like to leave on Sunday morning early to miss some of the craziness in Dallas, then leave early to come home on Friday and get out of the area. But now even with the toll road one has to be on that before 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon or you hit Austin traffic – that area was rally growing up the last time we used the toll road – it will be a lot different from Aug 2019! More populated!


  3. Oh you are so sweet. Thank you so much. I tend to go for 2 to 3 color quilts, not a scrappy quilter. They get too busy for me. Appreciate your comments – come back again – this year is better than 2020! LOL.


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