To-Do Tuesday! OK – Thursday!

Good afternoon!   To-Do Tuesday has come and gone but I am going to do this one anyway!   Today I am FREE!  I have quit my Insurance Billing Position with BAMC (turned over to Senator Cruz), Medicare (last appeal) and the Secondary Insurance (first and last appeal)!  Now I will sit back and see what they all do with the 2 Final Appeals and the request for assistance from the Senator on all the problems that I have experienced.  Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) will get whatever comes out of my hard work trying to get our problems resolved correctly (doubtful).  After BCBS it will be over with 100%, as I no longer in the business!  If we take a financial hit – so be it.  I have everything in order and filed now – just waiting to send BCBS their package.

The thick folder in front is the last package that will go to BCBS.  I am DONE!

I will say that I have hit the jackpot on my house cleaner!  What a jewel.  Hope it stays this way for a long time.  She did an excellent job – the best that I have ever hired.

My goals for next Tuesday are to finish OMIGOSH and work on Indian summer (hand quilting project).  I have not had time for a month to even think about where I was in mid-February, much less look at the next list of things to do with quilting.  But today has been a fantastic day!  I have been working on OMIGOSH and really getting things done.  I had cut out the 16 remaining blocks I believe in late January or early February.  I did finish 8 of the 16 and now I am making the 4 patches, 9 patches, and HSTs for the next 8.  To challenge myself and break up the monotony I am sewing all 4 and 9 patches for the blocks, then do the Square in a Square blocks and THEN put all 8 blocks together at the same time.  GOAL:  To have them completed by Tuesday!

This is the status for the end of today:

And I am all set to sew the 9 patches for this group tomorrow:

I have made some small progress on Indian summer.

I have been studying the orange, blues, and beige as to how to quilt them.  I tried doing some cross hatching like the middle border, but it just did not go well.  So I will continue on with following the curve lines 1/4″ apart and maybe I can make headway quicker.  Not sure on the borders, I will wait until I get there!

I signed up for Kaye England Medallion Master and had planned to start in February!  That did not happen but I have downloaded the pattern and will have access to Kaye for a Year!

Piecing the Past Quilts has a new BOM coming called Redwork Baskets. Baskets were on my to do list somewhere in space.  This setting really caught my attention.

Well, it is time to shut down the Studio and enjoy my relaxing evening that is ahead.  I will say that I detest DST, but you know – we can shut the blinds and pretend we are still on Standard Time.   I am hoping Texas is successful in removing it from our Constitution and also approving Casino’s in Texas.

Today I did a great walk and just have to brag!  I am trying to lose the 8 pounds from this last year so I have to increase the speed in which I walk.  Today I really hit a great goal.  Hope I can repeat it tomorrow.   I was walking a 20 minute mile, this one was done has exceeded my 20 minute mile!

Hoping every is having a great week, I am just getting a slow start.  I had a great Face Time with Kathy today – so much fun to be able to sit and sew and chat for an hour or so!

Hugs, Nanette

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17 Replies to “To-Do Tuesday! OK – Thursday!”

    1. We are hoping, but whatever happens I guess it is meant to be. I am praying more that all the things I have gone through and elevated will be fixed for the next person. I am going to be on time next week..but you know every time I think that – The gremlins wake up! LOL


  1. Your quilting is beautiful! Glad your cleaner is a good one, honest working people are a treasure. Wishing you the best on those insurance claims.


  2. Hi Deb! Thank you on the nice comment. Yes it is very hard to find a good one. We bonded with her when she came for an interview. I think I was one of her first customers – so maybe she will always stick around. We may not get all back, but if the all I went through (well documented) and they can change things or clean things up it will help others! I know that I will not do anymore work on their problems. So important when on Medicare to only go to Medicare providers. This was a Trauma event that we had no choice but to go to BAMC. Have a great week-end. I will be walking and stitching (not at the same time – LOL)


  3. I know you feel like a weight has been lifted from you shoulders now that the insurance work is finished. It is maddening when you have to do the work for insurance companies. The bureaucracy just wears you down. Indian Summer is so very pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I just feel like I am finished fighting all the bureaucracy. Just hope all that I have done will help someone else later down the road. Thank you on Indian summer – it has been hanging around for at least 10 years! Time to get it done! The weather has been so great here hasn’t it?


  5. Hello Nanette and thank you for your kindness of showing what crazy stuff I have been working on during this COVID mess. The CWB top is almost complete just some applique and embroidery on the mitered corners and then into the frame to be quilted. I figure that is about a year of lots of quilting to get done. The other pieces are things that have been half done for a while and I finally put borders on them and they will get quilted. The last picture of the four flowers are some of my designs that I did for the applique society years ago for the newsletter. Just wild flowers. You have got a lot done in this last year when you go back to summer you really have been doing a lot even though you think you haven’t. We all are like that. I always think I could get so much more done if. Ha ha. I love my family of quilters and appliqueres. Have a great day.


    1. Anytime Ms Jaydee! Maybe it will help get over the slumps! Now you have a means to show off your work and you can work harder! LOL – just like me and my unforeseen 18 months of interruptions. But we will survive through our quilting! Hugs and love ya. I love your borders and that is your design!


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