Happy Slow Stitching Someday!

Greetings!  I have missed my life the past month!  Sometimes I wonder if all of the difficult work I have done the last 13 months with BAMC, Medicare, and now SAFD will be worth it in the end.  I have lost precious time in my life to make all the quilts that I want to.  But in the end, is that what I have been put here on this earth to do all the time?  I have always felt that my purpose in life has always been to help others,  be a problem solver, and fight for what is right!    Only time will tell if I have either missed my calling, or hit it on the mark!  LOL!  I know that I am so very very blessed to have Clay with me in my life he has helped me through this mess, sometimes just having him sit there with me was enough to get me through the day.  The paperwork has taken me away from him and from my love of quilting, but God gave me the ability to do the work so I did it.  Clay was my biggest supporter and helped me when the brain was fried.  Best of all he is a great proof reader and helps me if I become to “wordy”.  We will have been together 25 years this summer!  Time has flown, but I would not trade a minute that we have been together!  I love my guy!

I have nothing new to show for the past week, and really for the past month but the following:

This is what I started with – a massive mess of paperwork to go through and set up files.  It is all the paperwork that I have had to do in order to file our reimbursement claim from BAMC last year to Medicare, Clay’s Secondary, and HOPEFULLY BCBS.   I did 3 Spreadsheets that contains all the information from all the BAMC invoices, all the information from the Medicare MSNs, and then I TRIED to make sense of the mess that Clay’s Secondary Insurance has made of their EOBs.  It did not take long to realize that I would have to submit an Appeal due to all of the mistakes they made.  This means another 30 day delay before I can file with BCBS (the 3rd and last of the filings).  So far his insurance will end of costing us 5 months delay before I can file to BCBS.

Now let’s add the last of the stack.  After 5 days, I arrived at this one.

The appeal letter took some time.  A lot of copying, a lot of shredding, and about 40 hours of sitting at the computer and the table going through everything and writing the Appeal Letter and one to Senator Cruz.   But it is all finshed now and as soon as we get the last EOB, the Appeal letter will be in the mail – Return Receipt Requested!  I am hoping it comes tomorrow so I can check it out and get to the Post Office ASAP.

Besides that, I filed a Congressional Inquiry to Senator Ted Cruz on all the problems and work I have had to deal with from February last year until now just to be reimbursed by 3 insurance companies.   If I were 15 years younger I would start a Consulting Business and make a million a year helping people get through the maize of Government Bureaucracies.  But my time has past at the age of 76!  I am so blessed to still have the ability to do what I can do for Clay and I.

Now for the pretty stuff!  Yes those are the White House Easter Eggs signed by President Trump!  OH – the folders?  That is the outcome of my 5 days as an Insurance Claim Processor!   See the stack closest to the chair on the left?  That is a 250 page submission waiting to be sent to BCBS.  I had to prepare 3 of those puppies.

 Tomorrow I will receive a file tub to file this master project in and hopefully I will not have to ever see it again.  I am curious though if Senator Cruz is really interested in all the problems that BAMC deals with each day with Civilian Trauma Patients.  I feel for those people who do not understand how to do what I have done.  The Military Trauma Facilities billing procedures are broken and needs to be fixed, but not until at least 2024 can that happen.

I leave you with this:

Have a wonderful week.  Tomorrow I will be able to start my life again.  Tuesday my new house cleaner will come and all I have to do is sit and quilt or applique – Ah looking forward to that.

Hugs, Nanette

Enjoy the world of Quilting everyday you can!

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15 Replies to “Happy Slow Stitching Someday!”

  1. I am totally gobsmacked by the amount of work you have had to do to get all parties involved with insurances, etc. sorted out. On the up side, your brain is still working fantastically! No flies on you! I do hope you have happy resolutions to all these matters and they can be filed away for good! So you can get back to your wonderful hobbies.

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    1. Thank you Jocelyn. Today I am mailing the appeal to his secondary and whatever comes of that I will immediately send to BCBS and I am called DONE with that 13 month long project. I bet I could have raked in the $$$ by doing the Billing job for BAMC. I am hoping that Senator Cruz picks up on my experience (doubtful) and do something about their billing system!

      Today my new cleaning lady comes and I will be sitting in my comfy chair in the Den hand quilting! YEA! Have a wonderful day Hugs


    1. Thank you! No no one cares and it takes constant phone calls and letting them know how frustrated they are making one. It takes a fight just to get people to do their jobs and they let the COVID (hate that word) be an excuse for not doing their jobs.

      Today is going to be a hand quilting day! New Cleaning lady – will save the back and hoping that she sticks around. Hugs have a great day!


        1. I feel like I am in another world – no pressures – just enjoy doing what comes next – Of course the walk and breakfast are number one – after that sewing unless Clay needs help like yesterday and today replacing the bad siding where the stupid termites were! I believe the rest of the year will be great! Back to our normal pace!


  2. Wow! Just wow! Looking at all those files is enough to start giving one a headache… I really like the picture of you quilting while the sweeper is pushed by someone else.👏

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    1. Headache wasn’t the word here – it was screaming fits to people who could not do their jobs! Yes, this will save my back – hope that she stays with me – it is hard to find a good house cleaner that will stay with the job.

      At least my back is better – the RF treatment will really help me have more fun in the quilting room – especially getting all the quilt tops done on the long arm!

      Have a great day! Hugs

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  3. Oh my goodness, the insurance companies should pay you for doing their job. I love doing spreadsheets, but I would balk at spending all that time on them. You definitely have a gift. Good luck with Senator Cruz; I think he is a good man and hope he actually sees the letter.

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    1. I could make a mint but too old to do that one now. Yes I did BAMCs billing and it was hell. I did paperwork (contracts, budgets, program manager) for the Fed’s for 33 years – so I guess it comes natural. BUT we had $7,000 invested in this and pay out a lot for our stupid Medicare and my BCBS – so I was on a mission. I learned some things about Medicare, BAMC, and Clay’s insurance company that I did not know and it was not good! I had been told by BAMC that he is really interested in the problems there.

      Have a great day – looking for ward for the cool down this evening or in the morning. Hoping for rain! Hugs


  4. Great job sticking with it, Nanette. Hopefully you can get back to some creative quilting projects now. I love that blue ocean and the sentiment that accompanies it, Jesus is our ultimate friend.


  5. What a pile of paperwork! With My Guy’s heart surgery, we only had to deal with one insurance provider, but two hospitals. Somewhere along the way one hospital decided we didn’t have insurance and that was the biggest mess to clean up. But nothing like your pile of papers. Enjoy your stitching time!

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    1. Good ole’ Medicare started the problems, but I was shocked on the Secondary. We have decided if we recoup anymore that will be great. At least I have caused them all misery with my appeals! LOL. Have a great day today!


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