To-Do Tuesday – On Wednesday!

WOW!  What a roller coaster I have been on since the last time I posted for a To-Do Tuesday!  February was going just to well for me!  I do believe I have not posted anything since 9 February OUCH!  I really was on a great roll!  Since then we did the Snow event, Insurance Work (again) and I hurt my back (a real ouch!).

Life is beginning to look up today as I hired a Lady to clean the house for me AND  will I have my Radio Frequency treatment (cauterizes the nerves from the T12 disc down) on 1 April.   This way I will be able to get back to my 20 minute mile without pain along with no pain sitting, standing, etc!  It will last for 6 months to a year.   Then the little nerves grow back!

Monday the nerve pain has become better so I have been able to walk Tuesday and this morning.   I was on a 77 day roll with my walking until 13 February and after that on 2 days until Tuesday!  YUK!  Even with some pain it is great to get the exercise going again!  Good for weight and Diabetes!

Here are my projects that remain open from February and still hanging around.

  • Applique Projects:
        • Jacobean Holidays – 4 Bloocks remaining √ 1 down 3 to go 
        •  Mary Brown – Prepare a block for the month – X  Poor Mary
      • Cross Stitch:   Minnie Mouse project – X – Poor Minnie
      • Longarm Quilting:
      • Sewing:  Continue on with OMIGOSH blocks – √  Working on 8 remaining  
      • Knitting:  Continue on Dish Cloth – X Waiting for the Knitter
      • Hand Quilt :
        • Indian summer – X No Progress
        • Kay’s Wall Hanging Quilt – X No Progress
        • Radiant Feathered Star Wall Hanging – X No Progress

I have completed 8 blocks for OMIGOSH: (The mistake in the circle has been fixed) I have 8 more blocks and then sew the top together!  

I FINALLY finished my center Medallion for Stars Around the Garden but will not be working on sewing the blocks around it until later in the month.  I need to decide how I want to do the borders.

Goals for 8 through 15 March.

  • Jacobean Holidays – 4 Bloocks remaining √ 1 down 3 large blocks to go!
  • OMIGOSH – I want this finished by next Tuesday!!!
  • Continue on with continual problems with BAMC Insurance issues.  Hopefully today will be only a few hours to develop a new spreadsheet to track invoices and I can sew on OMIGOSH.

It is difficult to see the last of February and the first of March go by so quickly.  Now we will lose an hour this week-end and I have always hated DST.  BUT our Texas Legislatures are working on putting an amendment to the Constitution to NOT participate in DST, just like Arizona.  Also, they are going to try to get an amendment for Casino’s in Texas – Two very smart moves at this time.

I am wishing all a great week – I am hoping that mine brings me more time to sew and relax again.  Happy Stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

From yesterday and today!   For me he does give me sleep, unless I eat a late supper with a baked potato or any sweets at supper!  LOL – Cannot blame him on that one!

And I need this one for today!

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10 Replies to “To-Do Tuesday – On Wednesday!”

  1. Hi Nanette! April 1st will be here in a blink – just three weeks from tomorrow. I think things are looking up/hopeful for everyone. Spring weather helps a whole lot, don’t you think? Even way up here in the north, we’ve had temperatures in the 60s. I have my window open and can hear the birdies singing – it makes me feel like joining them. I look forward to hearing your update in early April saying you are pain-free. Prayers for you. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Hi Nanette..such great projects all of them and there is no deadline as such except basically those we impose on ourselves. Enjoy the stitching journey as it were. I do hope you get on top of that pain and your treatment coming up will be successful. The back is a hard thing to ignore if in pain that’s for sure. I can’t eat sugar in the evening either…affects my sleep. If I haven’t already said so, I love your header.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Jocelyn! Enjoying all of your posts! And you are correct our own personal stress – right! LOL. Pain treatment 1 April..3 weeks away. thank you on the header. I think it is the sugar.

      I am still deep into trying to get the stupid secondary insurance to do their work correctly so I can then forward it to our 3rd insurance. I wonder if I will ever finish this mess.

      I am so ready to get back to my quilting – looks like another day tomorrow on insurance.

      You take care and really enjoy your happenings in Canada!


  3. Hi Nanette! I don’t like the time changes, either! I wish the state would simply choose one or the other and stick with it all year! In my part of the world, we have not reached the 60’s yet, but it is coming! I can hardly wait!

    Love your projects! 🙂


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