PHD 2021, The Texas Blizzard, and OMIGOSH

Good morning to all. The first two weeks of February were going so nice and peaceful and s-l-o-w and I was enjoying 2021 –  I was relaxed and enjoying my daily routine and really progressing on my hand work and OMIGOSH!

Then up jumped Mother Nature and GLOBAL WARMING – the 2021 Texas Blizzard with snow, ice, snow and an Electrical Grid that failed due to the idiots who WERE in charge – they have since resigned and Governor Abbot will correct this problem.  My hat is off to our electrical company in Wilson County, (FELPs) because we only lost electricity 4 hours and the bill only went up $100.00.  We normally do not run the heat in the winter unless it gets in the 20’s.  We had to keep the Thermostat at 60 to prevent frozen pipes and we were blessed with no issues.

We faired better than most of our fellow Texans.  We were only without water for over 2 and 1/2 days, no internet for 10 days, used the snow and ice for bathroom breaks, but we had a good supply of Spring Water for drinking as they had to issue a “boil the water” notification for 9 days until SS Water Supply fixed their frozen pipes.

During Snow week (and probably before) I screwed up my back.  I have Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, so I have an appointment with my  Pain Management Doctor for Monday.  To get rid of the pain in my left leg when I walk, I will need a Radio Frequency (RF) treatment.   The RF treatment consists of twilight sleep while they cauterize the nerves from the waist down so I can walk without pain.  The last RF was in 2018, so I am hoping that I do not have to have another MRI but if I do that is OK – I want my life back.  My daily walk has really suffered and now I am hoping to get back to my normal routine soon.

This is a picture on Day 2 of the Snow as the sun was coming up.

This is a picture of the front of our house.  Love those flags flying in the wind.  Speaking of wind.  We have now become another Windy State in America.  We have had more high winds the last 4 months – almost every day between 15-25 MPH.   Very unusual for our area.

We lost both of our North Folk Island Pine trees.  The other tree had been with us since 2010 as we always took it to Sierra Vista Arizona each winter in the RV for our ‘little Christmas’ tree.  It had really grown this past year so it was sad to lose it.  Now it is time to make new memories with some new ones.  Clay has the green thumb in the family – not me!  They see me coming and just die!  LOL

As for my quilting life and time spent reading my favorite Blogs was not doable.  There are blessings that have been happening – we sold Clay’s old FasTrack lawn mower yesterday, the SAFD has finally begun processing the BAMC Claim, and I have finished all I need to do with this job other than to wait for the final EOB’s from SAFD before sending the THIRD 250 page request for reimbursement to BCBS!  I have finished developing the 2 spread sheets which helps keep track of the bills paid and what the reimbursements will be. I consider this a  blessing since I am now finished with being Miss Billing Clerk of 2020 with no pay!  LOL.

Now for my PHD 2021 finish for February!  I made a quilt for Julie who is expecting a baby on 14 April 2021!  So not all was lost as far as that goal.  Just did not get a post done in time.

Status of OMIGOSH – I finished 8 more blocks for OMIGOSH in February!  Yea!  I only have 8 more blocks to make and the quilt will be called DONE!  I made two blocks (consisting of four 9 patch blocks and four ShooFly blocks) from each fat quarter that I had selected from Barbara Brackman’s fabric lines.   It will be great to get this one ready for quilting. Each block is 9 and 1/2″.    The 9 patches are 2 inches along with the Square in a Square for the ShooFly blocks.

UPDATE – UPDATE!  Thanks to Sharon Kwilter’s comment on pointing out a little SnS block that was placed incorrectly, it is now correct!  Thank you Sharon.



I have started to continue working on SAG Medallion , Indian summer, and Counted Cross Stitch in the evenings,  but they are not ready for pictures.  I lost a lot of quilting time the last 3 weeks.

Some of the days have been so difficult in the last 18 months.  I subscribe to  God Tube Today which gives me promise that things will get better when we have those dark days!  Today this one was so perfect for me!

I was raised win the Methodist Church with the King James Bible and this is the verse from that Bible.  “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”.  After all we have been through, peace and rest has arrived within me.  I pray that it stays this way.  Clay and I are so blessed to have each other – when one is down the other is there to help.

I have missed all my To Do Tuesday Goals, but did meet the PHD 2021 goal early on in the month of February.  Now to work harder to catch up in March!

Hugs, Nanette

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32 Replies to “PHD 2021, The Texas Blizzard, and OMIGOSH”

  1. Oh my, you have had a rough time the last couple of months. Your quilts are beautiful. Lets hope everything settles down and you can enjoy some pain free peace and quiet. Sending you big hugs.

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    1. Thank you Deb. Things just have to slow down for us. It has been a straight 6 years of stress. Loss of two sons, surgeries and all that happened in 2020. I figured my back was going because I have been so tired. But have to go forward. Hugs.


  2. Wow, only an extra $100, you must be thrilled with that after hearing about some of those bills! The quilts are beautiful, what color will the next Omigosh blocks be? Hope the treatment so,vex your leg pain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I was happy!!!! Thank you Kathy. We are going to lose on BAMC. They are reproductions from Ladies in Red and one other Barbara Brackman line. I have tried to do my walking but it just hurts too bad. I am praying that I have not ruptured another disc. At 76 I do not need a heavy duty surgery. Hugs.

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  3. It was interesting to read about your blizzard experiences – it will certainly be a memory won’t it. I was raised in the Methodist church on the KJ Bible too! We don’t attend any right now, but I have so many good memories of our little small town church. Love your baby quilt – such pretty colors – and your OMIGOSH is just stunning. Take care and get that pain fixed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah Memories are made of this! The churches have changed so very much. They are so different from our time in growing up. I miss Communion – need to find a church that does Traditional Services. thx on the quilt and check out the update on my post – I fixed the mistake! Hugs – Enjoy the day! I will be sewing on OMIGOSH and not trying to walk on the bum leg!


  4. The snow is beautiful,even on the little pine.. sad though that the weather was too cold for it. Love that baby quilt 😍 it’s great to have a God that wants to carry our burdens. I still use the KJ for a Bible ,there are times when studying I might go see what another version reads but I still like how the KJ Bible reads. Praying that you will get relief for that leg pain.🙏🏻

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    1. Thank you Deb we sure do miss them. You know, we give so many things to God, then we just take the burden back! I understand the KJ Version – that is because we grew up with that Bible and learned how to interpret it. Mother was open to The New Bible in the 1970’s, but not me. The leg pain is better, but not going to try to do my walk today — Thx for the prayers. Hugs

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  5. Beautiful baby quilt and your OMIGOSH is looking stunning — it will be another of your masterpieces, I predict! I’m glad you fared well during the snow storm. My sister is in the midst of moving from Chicago to Austin and her friends are blaming her for “bringing the Chicago snow to Texas!” I hope your RF treatment is successful for relieving your pain. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

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    1. Thank you Rebecca! I hope it goes together well. After I finish the next 8 blocks to sew I will get it on the wall for placement, close my eyes, and put it together!
      I do hope she likes Austin. It has changed and so Liberal that the majority of Texans are shocked. But life changes as we grow older and we are just so happy that we live where we do on the 5 acres away from the world of changes. I just hope that my Doctor does not want a new MRI- that means more time before he can do the treatment. Hugs


    1. Hi Mary! I am glad that you did not have too many things go wrong. Well, if I can get the RF treatment next week (dreaming) then I will be happy. Trying to hire a House Cleaner – I think I am reaching the point where I need that again. Happy for Texans. Hugs


  6. Glad you survived the terrible ice and snow storm. I thought of you and wondered how your were fairing. Glad to read there is something to relieve your pain with this condition. All your projects are looking great ~ love the baby quilt 🙂

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  7. It was an interesting week I will say that! LOL. I am hanging in there! I really love your Halloween Cross Stitch. I am hoping to start on CCS as I only have 4 flowers to do to finish SAG Medallion – trying to get it done by tonight! Thx on the compliments. Hope all is well with you. Hugs


  8. Yes you are certainly an award winning billing clerk in my book considering the thousands of pages you managed which to me is mind boggling.
    I can’t even think of government and how they manage things cause it raises my blood pressure I’m sure or just plain depresses me.
    I am amazed at your snow photos; looks like here and to think of how far north of you we are. You got such lovely blocks finished; beauties all.
    Thank goodness we have this wonderful hobby to see us through. I hope your appointments go well.


  9. Hi Nanette! I am so glad to see a post from you. I was wondering how you survived the cold snap. Gosh, it certainly wasn’t an easy situation to live through but I’m sure glad to hear that the severity was lessened for the two of you. {{Hugs}} Good luck with your appointments. Here’s to new good things heading your way. 2021 is still your year! ~smile~ Roseanne


  10. The baby quilt is adorable. I love the design elements you chose to include color placements. Glad to hear you fared well. My sister in Sherman didn’t do too bad but my SIL in San Antonio faced more hardship. That was sure on heckuva storm! Sad about your pine trees but glad there’s a green thumb nearby to help the next one(s). Thank you for the God Tube Today link. I’ll bet you’re not the only one needing some comfort and reassurance.


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