What a week!

Just a note to say that I enjoyed the snow but ready for it to be over with.  It is. We list water for 50 hours and electricity fir only 4 hours. We were blessed.

We have no Internet until Wednesday and no sewing here. Not in the mood. See all next week.

Hugs Nanette

on my phone

10 Replies to “What a week!”

  1. We were without power for 40 hours. Needless to say the house got cold! 41 was the lowest. We did keep water though and was able to cook etc. thanks to remodel 7 years ago. Put in a gas cooktop. We have a mess in the yard with downed branches. Already on the list with our tree guy. We were supposed to be away this past week. Very happy we had canceled after looking at the future forecast.


  2. I was going to text you and make sure all was well, and here’s your post. How’s the dish cloth coming along? When it was cold here, all I wanted to do is knit, but got some sewing in anyway. You’ll see it when the internet is back up! Hang in!


  3. Thanks for the update! Thought about y’all down there in Texas. Several years back a rough ice storm went through Ga, no power for a week, but we made out okay for we have the wood stove for heat and cooking. Can’t imagine what it would be like without heat or water for that long.


  4. Glad to hear that you have survived pretty well. I guess if you have a little water stored, or can get some, then it’s better to have the heat and light. =)


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