To-Do Tuesday – 9 February 2021

Good evening.   The cold front has arrived –  I love winter, guess I should have been born in the North Pole!  LOL  I had a long day – 12 hours that included my walk, breakfast, and cutting out blocks for OMIGOSH, and mix in a few interruptions.  It was a great day!  I am now relaxing and ready for my evening show.   This morning It was sweat day for walking – 60 degrees with 93% humidity and tomorrow is going to be in the 40’s and  50’s during the day, and not much warmer for a week, so no sweating during the walk.  Yea.

On to Quilting and last week’s goals:  (Yup – I am a Dreamer)

  • Applique Projects:
        •  SAG Medallion – Continue on with the 2nd half  –   Almost finished
        • Jacobean Holidays – 4 Bloocks remaining – X Next after SAG
        •  Mary Brown – Prepare a block for the month – X  Poor Mary
      • Cross Stitch:   Minnie Mouse project – X – Poor Minnie
      • Longarm Quilting:  2 quilts this month for PHD 2021 – Progress Made
        •  Load Autumn Autumn Jubilee  – X
        • Scarlett’s Baby Quilt – √ 100% Completed!
      • Sewing:  Continue on with OMIGOSH blocks – √  16 Blocks Ready to Sew 
      • Knitting:  Continue on Dish Cloth – X Waiting for the Knitter
      • Hand Quilt :
        • Indian summer – X No Progress
        • Kay’s Wall Hanging Quilt – X No Progress
        • Radiant Feathered Star Wall Hanging – X No Progress

Scarlett’s Baby Quilt.  I decided that I wanted to put all my energies into making a quilt for Julie’s baby this week since her last day at work would be the 14th!  I decided on 9 patches on point.  She wanted Lavendar and Grey so I chose a lavendar with dots, a medium purple, and a dark purple for the quilt and the grey border! This quilt fabric is from my original Patrick Lose Moda Marbles stash from early 2000.   The quality of the Moda fabric has changed so it makes the quilt even more special.   I quilted it Sunday and took it to her on Monday.  She is such a nice young woman.  I thought that she was about 19, but she is 26 years old!  I asked her to let me know when Baby Scarlett arrives in April and send pictures.  I am sure she will.  The quilt measures 48” x 48”.

I have progressed on my SAG Medallion.  I believe I have 3 leaves, all stems and 5 flowers including the Center Flower.  Now that I have finished the baby quilt, I will finish SAG this week in the evenings.   I am just too tired to do anymore this evening!

OMIGOSH!  I am really enjoying making this quilt.  I finished cutting out the last of the 16 remaining blocks.  I have all of the 9 patches, 4 patches, HSTs, and background pieces cut and put in individual plastic bags for 16 blocks  – all I need to do now is sit, sew, iron, and square things up.  This entails up and down work and no straight sitting all day!  Better for the body – not mine, but someone’s.

Goals for 8 February – 15 February:  (Better work faster – the month will be more than half over!  Yikes!!!

  • Complete SAG Medallion
  • Complete OMIGOSH
  • Load Autumn Jubilee on the Longarm for 2012
  • Cross Stitch Minnie – She is tiny!

Remaining February Goals:

  • Knitting:  Continue on Dish Cloth – X Waiting for the Knitter
  • Hand Quilt :
    • Indian summer – X
    • Kay’s Wall Hanging Quilt – X
    • Radiant Feathered Star Wall Hanging – X
  • Review all UFOs

Have a wonderful week and keep on stitching and having fun.

Hugs, Nanette

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14 Replies to “To-Do Tuesday – 9 February 2021”

    1. Well, not sure but am trying! This year I am so committed to getting caught up and happy so far, but would like to be back in my 60’s! Then weather changes would not slow me down! Darn, but am still breathing so no complaints! Hugs


  1. What a pretty baby quilt! I bet future Scarlett’s mom was thrilled. I really love that OMIGOSH project. I know what you mean about up and down work. I thought about getting a mini iron to put next to my sewing machine, but then I realized I wouldn’t get out of the chair at all!
    It is 21 here this morning, and now the forecast is using words like “dangerously cold” for next week. Apparently this will be arctic cold like Texas hasn’t seen in decades – eeeek! Snow too! Makes me so glad we are retired and don’t have to worry about driving to work.


  2. Thank you Linda. I would applique during the day and have that SAG medallion finished long ago, but sitting all day is not my bag (well, OK, the back prevents wanting to do that one!). We are 38 and now it is either sleeting or raining. I look for snow this next 5 days. We will not be out of the 30’s or 40’s until next week sometime. I was getting ready to walk (about 29 wind chill factor) but guess the old lady had better just enjoy catching up on OMIGOSH! Hugs and stay warm – it is scheduled to be 19 this week-end. I had to laugh at one of the weather forecasters here. She tried to downplay it. The seasoned one warned all about how cold it would be – Ahh the youth of today! Hugs


    1. Talk about being late! With the storm, no internet and insurance I did not get to answer all for their time to leave a comment Cheree. I do hope that you faired well during the lovely winter storm. Hugs


    1. Thank you, Julie’s baby comes next month! Hoping she remembers to send me a picture. I did like the purple and grey. Well, a month later I am beginning to start again with my UFOs. Hugs (a little late in thanking you)


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