To-Do Tuesdays – 2 February 2021

Good Tuesday morning.  The weather is calm and cool today!  The wind has stopped coming in from the North which is a blessing for me!  This Cedar season has been mixed with dust from the Plains blowing in and giving me fits, but I am great today!   Additionally being a Celiac, the diet can be very challenging, to say the least.  I was eating eggs (5 a day) for years, but now I have discovered that I have an intolerance to them.  Within 24 hours of eliminating them in my diet I began to feel 100% better with great energy coming back like I used to have!  This is really a big blessing for me, even if I can only tolerate chicken and potatoes – I am losing weight, sleeping better, and feeling great – so it doesn’t matter about limitations on food!

I have had a very productive week and very thankful for it being that way!  I made decisions that will keep me on track to finish as many of my UFOs and Longarm quilting backlog in the next 5 months.  I would hope that by June I will be working on new quilts!

Goals for 26 January – 1 February 2021:

    • Applique Projects:
        •  SAG Medallion – Continue on with the 2nd half
        • Jacobean Holidays – 4 Blocks remaining  X Waiting…waiting
    • Cross Stitch:   Minnie Mouse project – X  Waiting… waiting
    • Longarm Quilting:  Load a quilt and quilt it for PHD 2012 goal. √ Done
    • Sewing:  Continue on with OMIGOSH blocks. √ Done
    • Knitting:  Continue on Dish Cloth- √ In Progress 
    • Stay At Home Round Robin  (SAHRR) (Weekly). Cancelled
      • Complete Round 2 for Kay’s Quilt (Sashiko Medallion)
      • Feathered Star Wall Hanging
    • Cut 10″ squares for The Arrowhead Block as I need to put the 4′ table away   I can put the fabric back in the stash bin and out of the way!   √  Cancelled

SAG Medallion.  I have started on the 2nd half of the Medallion but after taking this picture, I realized that I had to change one of the leaves on the right hand side since I am using a different fabric for the leaves under the Daisies (little oops).   SAG Medallion and Jacobean Holiday hopefully by the end of February.

Poor Minnie Mouse and Cross Stitch – she is just not getting her just do.  I am hoping to play with the Counted Cross Stitch this coming week since I have made some changes to my projects that will free up a lot of time.

PHD 2021:  I had not quilted in quite awhile, so I had to let my HQ warm up, set up a practice piece, and then worked on the backing, cut the batting, and loaded the quilt on Saturday!  I quilted it on Sunday and did the binding by machine (not my preference, but…it is done!)!  My HQ is not computerized, so I do free motion.  I did a mid-size (small) meandering.  I am calling it Colorful HSTs.

And the backing:

OMIGOSH – I decided to make a total of 30 blocks.  I have 8 ready to sew (completed 4 this week) and have the remaining 8 strips cut out and ready to sew the 9 patches together and Shoo Fly HSTs and they will be put in baggies waiting to be sewn together.  A good goal would be to finish this quilt by the end of February – we shall see.

SAHRR.  I have decided to not continue on with the Round Robin, so I am stopping with the first border and will hand quilt both wall hangings.  I am so happy that I have now completed these UFOs as they have found a home!  They are basted and ready for the quilting hoop!

The backing fabric is Kona Bay for Seattle Bay Fabrics, a fabric line out in the mid or early 2000’s.  Very difficult to find any and if so, it is expensive.  I wish there were more fabrics like it.  It feels like silk and to me it was the perfect fabric for the backing.  My only regret is that I had only purchased 1.5 yards.

The Arrowhead Block:  This project is cancelled!  Another decision – I have too many other quilts that I wish to make or finish this year, PLUS I do not know if I will ever use the Jenny Beyer fabric! 

I am thinking I need some suggestions as what to do with this fabric!

Goals for week of 1 February – 8 February

    • Applique Projects:
        •  SAG Medallion – Continue on with the 2nd half
        • Jacobean Holidays – 4 Blocks remaining
        • Mary Brown – Prepare a block for the month
    • Cross Stitch:   Minnie Mouse project –
    • Longarm Quilting:  Load Autumn Autumn Jubilee for PHD 2021
    • Sewing:  Continue on with OMIGOSH blocks.
    • Knitting:  Continue on Dish Cloth
    • Hand Quilt –
      • Indian summer
      • Kay’s Wall Hanging Quilt
      • Radiant Feathered Star Wall Hanging
    • Baby Quilt for Julie

Included in this weekly goal, yesterday I did my monthly house clean and did all the washing!  DONE √  This will give me the entire week for quilting!

Have a wonderful week and keep on stitching – it is truly calming and rewarding!

Hugs, Nanette

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10 Replies to “To-Do Tuesdays – 2 February 2021”

  1. Goodness! Where to comment first! All such fun projects and you’re getting lots done, too. I LOVE the feathered star (of course I see a snowflake!) and sure, why not stop there? It’ll make a beautiful wall hanging! The OMIGOSH is sooo fun! (Gotta do one of those one of these days!). Good luck on your list!


    1. Thank you Cheree. I am trying to stay on my roll of getting the UFO’s out of here. Today is cutting out the last of the OMIGOSH and I need to cut out a baby quilt – do not know if I will get it done by next week, but it is just 9 patches and squares. Here’s hoping. Hugs have a great day


  2. Hi Nanette! Isn’t the body just something – one day you can eat eggs, and one day you cannot any longer. Gosh, I’m glad you could figure that out. Your Colorful HSTs looks great and don’t you feel fabulous just having it complete?! Great job on the two SAHRR projects – bringing them to the point where you are happy with them is the main thing. Good job on your list and thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I tell you my system is really something! Good ole’ Smith-Harrison line! Thank you on the quilt and it was fun to do it, although I had forgotten to add 6 hours to prepare and quilt it. On the SAHRR it have something other than 2 blocks sitting around. Well, out to the Cedar air – I did not walk yesterday – have to get out there today – Attitude Check needs to be done! LOL – hope things go well on your end. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey the house clean and laundry would be enough in my book! Your Colorful HSTs quilt is gorgeous! Your quilting is fantastic – you are really good at that. Your wall hangings turned out sooooo pretty.


  4. Thank you for all this sweet comments! Makes one feel good when another quilter takes the time to comment. I was surprised that I got that done! Now it is open spaces for quilting – can I send you the Cedar pollen – it is killing me this year. I have 3 different little patterns in my head when I quilt. Just need to oil the brain and get with the program. You know, I was always so happy to finish a quilt top that I forgot that it would take time to prepare it for quilting! This is the part I do not like!

    I am hoping Texas votes to stay on Standard Time and do away with DST! I have never liked it – what about you?

    Hugs – have a good day –


  5. I think the back of Colorful HST’s looks marvelous! I am so happy that you have gotten a quilt off the machine, that will motivate you even more. 🙂 Big change in the design wall too. I think that Jenny Byer fabric might be a good choice for backings, have you considered that?


  6. So much going on!! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better after figuring out the diet trouble. That means more stitching–yay!


  7. The diet challenges don’t sound fun. Very glad you found one of the bad actors and are feeling much better. But avoiding eggs is hard. My sister had to cut them out of her diet completely last year and finding things to eat was really hard. Congrats on all the progress on last week’s to do list. Looking forward to seeing the progress on this week’s list.


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