To Do Tuesdays – 26 January 2021

Well, what can I say – it is Tuesday again and I have made some progress!  YEA! The weather is nice today but we really need more rain!  Life has settled down for Clay and I, well OK, for me.  He has been working on modifying the new Hustler Fast Track lawn mower and checking out Termites.  Today they are spraying foam into the wall were the nice Termites were making a home.  Looks like it will be another 3 weeks before he will be replacing the entire wall with new siding.  ME?  I am now a full time quilter who needs to do a monthly house cleaning – maybe later in the week or this week-end – the mood has to hit me these days!  (Really not dirty – just needs a monthly dusting)!  My goals for this last week (even with the 3 days lost) are listed below.

Goals for 19-25 January 2021:

    • Applique Projects:  SAG Medallion and Jacobean Holidays – √. Progress on SAG – Jacobean is still in the cue!
    • Cross Stitch:  Start with Minnie Mouse project – √ – No comment!
    • Longarm Quilting:  Load a quilt and quilt it for PHD 2012 goal.   √ – Not Yet – have 5 more days to complete!
    • Sewing:  Continue on with OMIGOSH blocks. √ – 14 Blocks Completed
    • Knitting:  Start on a Dish Cloth – √ Started
    • EXTRA’s:
        •  Jen’s Monthly Color Challenge √
        • Quilting Gails – Stay At Home Round Robin (Weekly) √ 

STATUS of Projects:

SAG is almost half way completed!  One more  Daisey and  26  more leaves to go and it will be finished – it is a mirror image of the first half!

This is the quilt that I will be loading and quilting for Gail’s PHD 2021 challenge.

OMIGOSH is halfway completed!  I have decided to do a total of 30 blocks and there will be 1 to 3 borders (undecided on this) to add.  I have 8 blocks already cut out and ready for sewing, and 8 more blocks to cut up and put in baggies.  Then I will do some serious damage to the next 16 blocks and would love to be finished next week, but don’t hold your breath because I must get a quilt completed by Sunday!

I did start a dish cloth but not a lot of progress yet.

Jen’s 2021 Monthly Color Challenge Blocks.  I am making the 6″ blocks for this year’s challenge (2 each) and catching up with 2020 challenge that I was unable to do. These blocks are simple and very easy and are fun to do between driving myself nuts with OMIGOSH blocks!

Stay At Home Round Robin.  I am working on 2 different Round Robins.  This one will hopefully be a full quilt using all (with some exceptions) of the borders given.  For this week, I am thinking that I am going to change the 2nd border. 

I made this Feathered  Star in or around 2013.  I have studied it to see if I could make a full size quilt with it, but do not believe that it will do the Star justice, so I will do a piano key border and make it a nice wall hanging.

Goals for 26 January – 1 February 2021:

    • Applique Projects:
        •  SAG Medallion – Continue on with the 2nd half
        • Jacobean Holidays – 4 Blocks remaining
    • Cross Stitch:   Minnie Mouse project
    • Longarm Quilting:  Load a quilt and quilt it for PHD 2012 goal.
    • Sewing:  Continue on with OMIGOSH blocks.
    • Knitting:  Continue on Dish Cloth
    • Stay At Home Round Robin (Weekly)
      • Complete Round 2 for Kay’s Quilt (Sashiko Medallion)
      • Feathered Star Wall Hanging
    • Cut 10″ squares for The Arrowhead Block as I need to put the 4′ table away   I can put the fabric back in the stash bin and out of the way!

We all know that it is a pipe dream to have all the above done by next week, but I will be working on my projects full time now so there is hope!  Appears that all unforeseen requirements are out of the way for now.  Have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Nanette

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14 Replies to “To Do Tuesdays – 26 January 2021”

  1. Hi Nanette! Here’s to hoping that all unforeseen obstacles remain that way. You did a nice job on your list last week, although I had to giggle about having 5 days to get your PHD piece quilted. Yes, you do . . . and that’s plenty of time to accomplish that. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. I really, really love that feathered star block! So sorry you can’t make it into a queen quilt! Great job on your goals, and yes, you can get that quilt quilted!


    1. Thank you Brenda. I am working on it now. It may be the one to become a quilt and the other one – just not sure about going forward with other borders or just stop and enjoy it as it is. Hugs


  3. Hi Nanette! Gosh I get so inspired when I read your posts. I’m glad you’ve got some time for sewing this week. Love your Color Challenge blocks. That Feathered Star will make a beautiful wall hanging. I’m not keen on the plus border this week but I’m going to try to make one that’s not too busy – hard to do with pluses!


    1. Thank you Linda. There is going to be more time for sewing as life is getting better! I used to get so much done and hoping to get back to that point. Maybe by the summer we can head up to Choctaw land, but for now I am taking advantage of time at home with no issues.

      I am really trying to see some type of border on my Sashiko (Kay’s Quilt) but the light bulb has not turned on yet! LOL

      Have a wonderful day! Hugs


  4. You are definitely gaining momentum, Nanette! Do you have the quilt loaded yet? I think that is so pretty with those bright colors and rainbow effect. Half done on your medallion is great, you are starting g to gain speed on it I think.


  5. Well, NO! I have 2 things to do today with projects and will load up tomorrow! I am gaining speed and will gain more speed – made a decision on some things – will tell you tomorrow! Love ya


  6. Good progress last week, even with the three days due to the termite treatments. Hopefully you’ve already made good progress on this week’s list. Your feathered star SAHRR is my favorite project this week. Happy stitching.


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