Moving Right Along in 2021!

Yesterday Kathy and I scheduled a Face Time visit and sew along.  She worked on embroidery and I worked on my hand quilting project!  It was so neat to be able to visit with another quilter face to face while we worked on individual projects.  I am open to anyone else who is interested in doing a Face Time QAL.

I am playing with some pre-printed blocks to practice my hand quilting.  I finished the inner circle while visiting with Kathy!

I purchased 12 of these blocks (2 different patterns) and thought I would sew them together and hand quilt, but appears I forgot that I needed to sew them together before I started quilting – Hum must have been a Senior Moment when I loaded this one block in my lap frame!   Shame on me!  But no worries I have plenty left over – maybe I will make 2 different quilts!  Who knows what I will do with them!

OMIGOSH is still waiting and I am going to have a quiet day for sewing and plan on getting them started.  I would love to have the next 4 days to finish the 12 blocks so I can work on another UFO for a change of pace!

Closing out 2020 –  The Medicare problem has now been resolved and the package is in the hands of Clays Secondary Insurance.  As soon as they finish I have the 3rd package going to our Tertiary Insurance and hopefully by the end of April we should have recouped the majority of that $$$.

Starting 2021 – We started off the year with a great positive bang by paying off the Navigator.  We paid it off in 3 years interest free!  YEA.  Then the fun started – you know how it goes – Fast Trac lawn mower motor went belly up!  We thought – OK – we can handle that.  So the first week of January was to order a new one.  On to week 2 of January 2021 another issue.   Tuesday Clay checked into a problem with a spot on the siding (outside) of the Music Room – BINGO – TERMITES!  The good thing is that it can be fixed – but not for free or low cost!  NOPE  – this is how to drain your savings!  Next Thursday our Exterminator will come and treat the house (they feel it is isolated) and Studio.     This will mean we get to try out the Best Western in our little town of 1200 people next week for one night!  Guess I can consider that it will be a mini vacation!   I certainly hope that there is not a 3rd week of surprises!  I remain positive as this is just life and I can handle it better than what we went through last year.

On a few words of how exercise can really help in our mind set for each day!  As all know, I walk each morning for 30 minutes and can do 1.5 miles in that time.  Some days are harder (I am 76)  but I still do my exercise and have done this my entire life!  I downloaded an App in October 2017 that allows me to track my steps (this was before I purchased an Apple Watch).  Here is my tally of steps since that month in 2017!

Using the Watch and this Pedometer keeps me challenged and motivates me to continue each day to meet my goals.

Have a great week-end – Holiday Week-End!

Hugs, Nanette

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