A New Year and a New Hobby

I decided in late December that I needed something to spark my desire to continue on with quilting or sell it all and do NOTHING or do something really different after such a horrible 15 months of BAD for Clay and I.  Well, I did not sell all my books and fabrics, it was just a bad day!

I have been watching the resurgence of Counted Cross Stitching becoming popular again, so I decided that I would give it a try.   I am glad I did.  I sought the advice from a couple of great cross stitchers and a lady at Herrschners as to the best way to approach this new hobby.  I was provided with a couple of on-line shops to purchase the Aida Cloth or Linen and other supplies, which proved to be extremely useful sites.  They are Stitcher and Everything Cross Stitch.

The first order of business was to order a pre-printed Kitty Cat Kit from Amazon (for beginners).    When I received it I realized that I did not want a pre-printed kit from China and returned it, as the thread and cloth were horrible.  Next step was to find some good books to guide me through the technique.   I looked for books on Amazon and found some great buys on used books.  The 2001 was a big bargain – used for $6.00.  The Readers Digest book was about $16.00.

I placed an order for another book that was recommended to me from Jaydee.  This is a fantastic book if and when I become proficient in Counted Cross Stitch!  Blackbird Designs is a great place for quilting and cross stitch advocates. If not guess Jaydee will get it for Christmas next year!  LOL

Next step was to order samples of different cross stitch cloth to work with and  a couple of little patterns to play with while learning.  I ordered a yard of Aida cloth from Amazon – another big mistake on that one – more China stuff – and it was returned.  That is when I went to the 3 on line places to purchase some better Aida cloth and needles.  I am pleased with this purchase.

I visited one of the other shops and came away with this little project!   I also purchased a Minnie Mouse Kit which will be a great way to learn the craft  – small and easy.  What I did not pay attention to when I ordered it was the fact it came from China.   I threw everything away in this package except for the pattern and the little hoop which you use as a frame when finished! The cloth was like hard paper!

I am blessed to have an extensive collection of DMC embroidery thread that was made in France before another company bought them out, so I did not need to purchase any embroidery thread.

There was another little kit, but that one will be gifted so I do not want to show it.  (Notice DongGuan, China – no thank you!

I purchased this little pattern to practice on.  Great Challenge!

We love the Southwest so this is on my list to make some day!

So now I am ready to play with Counted Cross Stitch in the evenings along with my work on Stars Around the Garden (SAG) Medallion – I am just about half of the way finished with it.  3 Flowers and a 2 stems and then I will do a mirror image of this and will be able to put my quilt together!  Yea!  

If life will just start calming down now 2021 is looking good for me to have a lot of fun with UFOs and Hand work.  I do want to sell my Z44 hand quilter frame, but it would have to be someone local.  I will probably advertise it in the local paper.  It has never been used.  I do not believe they sell it anymore.

Another tip – I read where the gold needles are better to work with so I went shopping for John James gold plated.  Most of the shops do not have the Number 28 Tapestery JJ Gold, but Everything Cross Stitch does have Sizes 22, 24, and 26 so I scooped them up!  Hopefully they are as good as they say they are!

I must get to work now on OMIGOSH goal for the week, so have a great week-end!

Hugs, Nanette

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19 Replies to “A New Year and a New Hobby”

  1. This is so weird, Nanette, because I kind of lost my quilting mojo during the holidays and picked up my cross stitch instead. I found it very soothing during our lockdown and have continued to stitch every day. I’ve also been watching videos on youtube Flosstube and gotten many tips and ordered a few patterns, etc. I know I will get back to my quilting projects but for now, I’m going to keep going with the pleasure that this kind of hand stitching is bringing me. I hope you can find it soothing and a balm for you too.


    1. I am excited again about all my projects now. So I am happy I did it. It is not an expensive hobby at all. Just the fabrics.

      Hang in there and enjoy all. Hugs.


  2. I played around with that after our church women’s group, Relief Society, had a class one night. It is not my thing. I made a couple of ornaments and called it good. =) Judy L. at PatchworkTimes.com also just started XS, and she has posted a lot of things she’s done. You might check it out. Some of it is what you did – buying samples of things. She has reviewed a couple of frames and you might want to read those posts. Or continue on and show me your beautiful XS soon. =) FlossTube is one Judy is watching, too.


  3. I ordered a real good birch frame – it makes into 3 sizes. Found it on Amazon – forgot to talk about that! Oh well. I should have been sewing instead of posting, but I have enjoyed my day! In spite of the you know what’s! LOL. Hugs


  4. I’m so excited and happy for you. I used to do only embroidery but now I love cross stitch because I don’t have to worry about getting my stitches all the correct size! Let me know how you like the smaller count cloths, I have trouble seeing it – lol! Thanks for sharing the links – so much fun to explore new places. 🙂
    We have found that Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell things.


    1. Thank you Linda. I am still trying to get started on the Counted Cross Stitch, hopefully this week.

      I am going to sell my Z44 hand quilting frame. Hopefully I can find someone locally.



  5. I’ve been quilting over 40 years. Did cross stitch in the 80’s-90’s. 2 years ago a friend told me about Flosstube and I took off!!! Another good source for all things cross stitch is 123stitch.com. And also many many shops on Etsy.


  6. It does seem like cross stitch is making a comeback. I remember about 30 years ago, during the last cross stitch craze, my cousin saying, “You’re not a real woman until you do cross stitch”–haha!


  7. Welcome to the world of counted cross stitch and a lot of quilters are stitchers. We go hand in hand. Blackbird is the best for designs and seem to fit with quilters for they are quilters too.


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