To-Do Tuesday – 12 Jan 2021

Greetings from a wonderful winter time in South Texas.  I have lost an entire week as far as my projects go.  BUT, I am finished with Medicare, the package was delivered to the Secondary Insurance yesterday (by hand) and hopefully will be processed within a month.  Then on to the Tertiary Insurance and it will take them 2 months.  Hey – may have some $$ by the end of April 2021 over a year later!

Here were my goals for this last week

To-Do’s from 4 January to 11 January:

  • Complete 12 blocks for OMIGOSH.  The only accomplishment here is that all pieces for the blocks are ready for sewing. NOT DONE

  • Continue working on SAG Medallion.  I have been working on leaves and progressing working on the applique in the evening!  I have added 4 more leaves on the bottom right and would like to finish this half by Thursday..

  • Load my a quilt  in the Longarm and get it quilted this month! Not Done 

I had good excuses that caused the wipe out of fun with quilting – Medicare, purchasing a new Lawn Mower,  Doctor Appointment, more Medicare, and 2 days spent preparing the Part B packages for the Secondary and Tertiary Insurances.

Life is still good, and I only had 2 unhappy days this week.  So I did achieve staying Happy the rest of the week!  Today is a day to just go slow, enjoy the winter time, and sew blocks!

Have a great week!  Maybe next week there will be some new little goals.

Hugs, Nanette

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13 Replies to “To-Do Tuesday – 12 Jan 2021”

  1. Hi Nanette! I think getting the Medicare paperwork handled on your end is a HUGE accomplishment and supersedes everything else you had on your list. Gosh, it sure would be nice to get that behind you. That reminds me – we canceled in March, 2020 a cruise we were supposed to go on last June. Still no sign of the monies we paid. I’m guessing we’ll have to wait at least a year. Thank heavens we had insurance. Thanks so much for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Oh I hope that you get your money back – those cruises are expensive so I hope they do the right thing. Does the insurance provide a refund? I do not do cruises as I would be in the bed all the time with Menieres and Sea Sick! LOL.
      I seem to do well with you To Do schedule, although for some reason there is always something that causes me to have to stop and do other things. I yearn for the days before Sep 2019! Hugs – it will come!

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    1. Thank you – Clay found termites yesterday in the Music Room area (outside). Exterminator coming to give an estimate and looks like one day next week they will treat the house and Studio! This is a small organization that has been doing our house quarterly and I enjoy dealing with them rather than a big company. They may cost a little more, but the peace of mind dealing with someone you now is worth it! Have a blessed rest of the week. So far, my routine is going to be just a little messed up. But I took the cover off the machine – maybe I will be sewing by noon!!! Hugs


    1. I work very hard to think positive things and it has been working, I was a bad girl and had some nachos Monday – they were so good, but food really is not good for me! During my 38 years of working, they always told me when I felt bad, that I should put on my best suit (before the sloppy clothes that people wear to work) fix my hair and makeup and go forward! Works like a. charm in retirement. Still have the same routine.

      I now have all the leaves done for half of the Medallion, 3 flowers and 4 stems and I will be halfway finished!

      I just love all of your quilts – so neat! Especially the Snow one! Hugs


  2. Hi Nanette! I think you accomplished a lot. Medicare time = large chunks of time – ugh! I envy you having all your pieces ready and in baggies – how smart! I’m going to try to remember to do that.
    Keep on keeping on! 🙂


    1. I usually do not cut that many blocks to do ahead of time, but I decided that it would be neat to have them ready. This way, I can make a block and will be up and down as I am working on them. Goal is to just not sit all day – we were forced to do that so much last year and I am trying to break that bad habit and get back to my routine. Maybe I will lose the 5 pounds that sitting gave me! LOL. Have a great day


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