Happy New Year and PHD 2021

So far so good for 2021!  Slept great!  Weather is wonderful (cold)! And I am working on developing my Quilting Goals for the year!  First Goal – NO NEGATIVES – only Positive Thoughts!  No looking back at where we have been – only forward and asking God to protect us from negative thoughts that so often creep into our minds!!!

On to Quilting:  I have more than enough projects that are anywhere from  2%, to 90% finished that have been laying around since December 2019!  I started making my ‘goal’ list for the year yesterday and quickly became overwhelmed! LOL.  So I am going to do what Linda  is doing – Breaking my leftovers down to “techniques”.

This year I am joining Gail in PHD 2021!  (PHD=Projects Half Done) (I call them Piled High and Deeper) that need to be quilted on the Longarm!  Gail provided a neat chart for tracking!  This Section is for Quilts to Be Quilted in 2021!  I have 30 quilts that have been patiently been hanging around since 2004 and ended in 2019!

There are approximately 4 that I will send out for special quilting, but the remaining are for me to quilt.  I have scheduled 12 quilts to have completed by the end of the year.  I will attempt to do 2 a month, but no promises as I will be working on other projects during this time also.  (I am very computer literate, but not on Numbers (iMAC) yet – So I sent the chart to myself in an email, took a picture and here it is.

Have a wonderful New Years Day and the remaining 364 days of 2021 – Now on to my list of PHD’s to complete in 2021.

Hugs, Nanette

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29 Replies to “Happy New Year and PHD 2021”

    1. I basically lost an entire year on quilting – Hubby had health issues which were very stressful. BUT that is all gone now and I am ready to move on! I hated to give up sewing time to do all the work that is involved in developing lists and goals, but in the long run it keeps us focused!


    1. I just need to find a good long arm quilter who won’t mess them up. They are my ‘show’ quilts that I did not get to show. Feathered Star and 3 others that are striking! But that is a cheating thought! LOL. Hugs


    1. Thank you Sherrie – Quilting Gail made up the chart. It was funny I did not want to sit and learn how to convert or do another one so I ended up taking a picture of it – I can just update the chart each month! Easy and lazy! Hugs!


  1. You have a great list, Nanette, are your starting at the top, or drawing a number to make it a surprise? I got more white fabric today, so am going to finish sashing Sisters and the first border. I have some very bright fabric here that I am going to audition for the outer border, I’ll send yo7 a photo if I get that far today!


      1. I have a date with Jack the Ripper…I sewed a column with a 2 1/2 strip instead of a 3 1/2! Today was hand quilting day, so I just left it be. Can’t believe I did that…oh well, tomorrow after church. I’ll get you a schedule so we can choose a FaceTime.


        1. Well, I had a date with paperwork yesterday (put me behind about 2 hours). Then I started sewing the strips for OMG and BOOM – not enough – New plan only cut the 1” strips needed for the 9 Patch then cut them for the Shoo fly – that keeps the brain going in the right direction! LOL. Jack and I used to be friends, I decided he wasn’t the best friend, so I slowed down (well, OK my brain did). Yes get me a schedule. I am just about ready for the Cross Stitch – got one book and another one the way – appears that they are realizing that we need more cross stitch books since they a pushing the craft! Hugs

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    1. Thank you – I just got tired of hearing all negative – so I chose to not listen anymore! Only positive! I just keep making the tops! It is now time to either finish or sell them! I am going to finish them! (we shall see). Hugs


  2. Wow, that is a *lot* of tops! As Laura said, they were just waiting for the right moment to be finished. Good plan, and I can’t wait to see the finished quilts. Happy 2021!


    1. That is what happens when you enjoy the making of a quilt top! LOL. I am going to try very hard to get them all out of here, done and find a place to store them as my LARGE quilt rack is already full. I just do not want to part with my quilts. Greedy I guess. Hugs


  3. Hi Nanette! OH, so great that you are joining Gail. We did the PHD two years ago and it was SO VERY HELPFUL. We have no UFOs to speak of now, and that year of focus helped me to keep up on any potential issues. Happy New Year to you and Clay. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I really need to do this – there is no more room for quilt tops – there are some that have to be sent out and some to be hand quilted – maybe – but I need to get them done! I am not sure on the hexes – maybe later in the year! Hugs and I love all your finishes for this year! You did wonderful!

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  4. Wow – I had no idea you had so many waiting to be finished. Sounds like you’ve got a great plan Nanette – here’s to a great year and much success in getting it all done 🙂


    1. Some how the gremlins made all those tops and just let them hang. Darn! LOL. Thank you Sharon – getting things purchased through Amazon and ready to play awhile with Cross Stitch – counted and pre-printed.


    1. Thank you Frederique! I am really trying to get some unfinished projects done this year. I am looking forward to next week. This week has really taken me away from working on me weekly goals. Guess I get another chance next week! LOL. hugs


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