To Do Tuesday (on Thursday)10 Dec 2020

I think I need to go back to bed!!!  Another weather change and I am trying to find my brain this morning.  UGH.    Looks like an 80 degrees today and tomorrow it might rain, then back to some steady cold weather.   Getting old is just not for sissy’s!  No excuse, but found out that my Candidia problem is what has been dragging me down – no more CASHEWS!!  I am feeling much better and blood work is coming up.

Well, Sunday through Tuesday and part of Wednesday was given to ordering iPad Mini’s for us.  We thought what the heck since there is no way to go and have fun at the Casino or anywhere else for that matter, so I upgraded my Apple Watch to the 6 and we upgraded phones to the iPhone 12 MAX PRO.  Love all but the mini’s will arrive next week (I guess).

There was not a lot of quilting going on.  I do hope that I find some inspiration to get with the program.  The rest of the month looks like it will be calm with the new exception, I upgraded to the new system for my iMAC – shock this morning on that one…. I will gimp along for awhile as I am tired of sitting at this computer and working on learning new software!  I need to start limiting my time on Blogs!

I wonder if any other quilters are tired of making quilts while we are in the China Virus – China wanted to control us and the certainly have along with some rank Politicians who need to be fired from their elected positions!  Will this madness ever stop?

So here goes my To-Do-Tuesday from last week (goals – LOL)

  • Finish Sweet Stitches October Block.
  • Work on Stonefields remaining Sections – Preparing blocks for applique and piecing blocks.  (This is getting to be a joke!)
  • OMIGOSH Blocks – Finished one complete block – on the way to finish the next
  • Blue and Beige Reproduction Quilt. (This is getting to be a joke Number 2)
  • There are 2 more free on-line BOMs that I want to do a block a week – these will be called “diversions from boredom” projects

OK – Here is what I have to show for a week of being a pretend quilter (think I am sarcastic this morning)


You know – the block is 9 1/2″ unfinished – the 4 individual blocks are 5″ unfinished.  Told you I have no brain – evidently I did not have one the day I took the picture!   – OK back to hybernation for me! 

AND I started on appliquéing the Medallion for Stars Around the Garden.

Let’s try this again for 7 December through 14 December!

  • Work on Stonefields remaining Sections – Preparing blocks for applique and piecing blocks.  (This is getting to be a joke Number 1)
  • OMIGOSH Blocks – Continue on with more blocks
  • Blue and Beige Reproduction Quilt. (This is getting to be a joke Number 2)
  • There are 2 more free on-line BOMs that I want to do a block a week – these will be called “diversions from boredom” projects

OK,  I will now go get an attitude adjustment for the rest of the week – I obtain this by eating as many chocolate Kisses that I can tolerate, drink my coffee, and just look out the window.

Have a great Thursday, Friday, and the week-end.  I wonder if I will reach any goals between now and Tuesday.

Hugs, Nanette

PS – I having issues with the new software with iMAC and WordPress!  

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13 Replies to “To Do Tuesday (on Thursday)10 Dec 2020”

  1. I’m thinking none of the things on the list are inspiring you right now. How about you reward yourself and make something not on the list for the pure joy of it? A cute table runner, an ornament… something just ‘because’! Good luck.

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    1. Thank you Deb, today I am counting blessings, and realizing that it has been a long 11 months of stress and I now just need to relax and do whatever I want to do when the moment hits me. Now when I get to 2021, things will turn around and I will be getting better – more relaxed! Thx for listening to my snarky day! Hugs


  2. Hi Nanette! I have to agree with Deb A – you are not feeling any of the projects on your list. The monthly color challenge is nearly over – if you’ve saved the blocks, you can make any time you want. Melva’s SAL is another fun one – but also one you can sew whenever you want as long as you’ve been saving the blocks. Playing on your iPad sounds like fun to me. I’ve been playing at the online Foxwoods (CT) casino. They have some fun slots and I’ve worked my way up to having 12m points – boy, wouldn’t it be cool if it were real cash?! I miss going to the casino, and out to dinner, and gathering with my family and friends for Christmas Eve. Be kind to yourself – remember where you two were just 11 months ago?!! So much has happened in those 11 months. {{Hugs}} Thanks for linking up this week. Here’s to a better one – clink (coffee). ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thx Rosemary, I was just fed up with the sciatica and skin rash, and feeling just yukky! Think 2021 will be better. I am now going to remember when I have been for 11 months and it is nice to not have to get up and be in a hurry, or do all I had been doing. My attitude on crappy Medicare problem will either work out or not, and gave up on the eye place – took the hit and have not looked back.
      So today I am counting blessings and I have an abundance – just a bad day yesterday. Hugs you always give me a boost! Thx

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  3. Your mini piecing and appliqué are spectacular, Nanette, but I know what it feels like to just need a break from a project to do something else for awhile. I hope you enjoy all your new technology gadgets!


    1. Thank you Rebecca! We all cannot change this year no matter what we experience, I try to not look at the problems encountered this year and we are just now being able to “relax” without stress. I am counting blessings today! Hugs


  4. I love that 9″ block with all the tiny pieces!!! And wow–a new iPhone 12?!! That is so nice. I need to upgrade–I’m still on a 6.


    1. Oh Nancy, we are now the spoiled grey hair kids! Thank you on my blocks. I do love making them. Anyone who has been retired 22 years (March 2021) should not complain about anything….We have been so blessed, but I am human and yesterday was just a bad day! Hugs


  5. Oh Nanette, you were a snarky girl today!🤣 I am not getting very much done on my projects right now either; I have been baking goodies that I don’t need to eat! I am making some progress on the Christmas ornaments for my students, the trees just need to have their stars glued on, and I did see the fabric diamonds after supper tonight, now they need to be turned, the. Pressed and tacked. I have just a few more hats to knit, then the braids to attach. The little quilt blocks are all cut, Saturday is my day to sew them and finish…I hope!


    1. Call me Ms Snarky. I think I just needed to vent and it helps sometime, also I can go back and see where I was when I thought I was having a bad life! LOL.
      You always consider others Kathy and that is a gift. I try to do that most of my days and I admire you for doing all you do for your students. They will NEVER forget you. You are going to be busy. Today is going to be better! I am counting blessings. Hugs

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  6. Hang in there Nanette, your joy will return, along with some cooler weather! It’s cloudy with rain on the way as I read your post. What different processes we go through as quilters. I’ve been wanting badly to get at my Christmas quilt, but Hubby suggested I make Christmas stockings for everyone – “it’s what you like to do, right?” Well, no I’d rather selfishly sew on a quilt – lol! But here I am in the middle of sewing stockings. Oh well. Hope you get your sewjo back. 🙂


  7. Morning Linda! I know that my joy and energy will return soon. I understand 100% on your Stockings versus what you would like to do and it causes us STRESS as we age. I just want to get back to where I was last August 2019 where I had lost weight, felt great, producing projects. Then then our world just fell apart! I THINK I am going through a de-stress process and they said it would take 6 months, but with the Medicare issues, I am just now feeling that I can start to relax – they have to get their mess cleaned up!!!!
    Today is ‘Count Your Blessings Nanette’ day! Hugs and hang in there – cold weather is coming Saturday. No walk today – 90% humidity and in the upper 60’s. More Texas Roller Coaster weather!


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