Slow Sunday Stitching

Greetings from South Texas!  The weather is great – 30’s at night and 50-60 during the day – My kind of weather!

This week was not the best, but I did complete the last block for Sweet Stitches!  YEA!!  Now I will start thinking about the setting.  Each block was designed as a  stand alone block and fabric was provided to do that with the kit.  I will have to study the fabrics, and decide how I want to incorporate it into the setting.  Should be fun.

I have worked on OMIGOSH (as time and energy permitted) and yesterday I started on more blocks.  I would really like to get moving on this one,  just need to focus more.

While watching President Trump’s rally in Georgia last evening I started working on the applique on Stars Around the Garden Medallion.  I appliqued 2 leaves and was about to start on 2 more, until I realized that I had placed them in the wrong area.   I finally remembered that I had taken a picture of where to place these specific leaves as a reference point.   I corrected my error very carefully as I applique less than 1/8″ between stitches – very tiny stitches.

My plan was to place the 4 leaves with a  golden brown background, mixed with  green and yellow, by the Daisies.  But no, I put them close to the center flower – DUH!    The complete Medallion design is a mirror image of what you see in the picture. I even had  separated the 8 leaves in a small plastic bag which was marked, but not good enough to tweak my memory about the picture.   Taking a picture is a great way to be able to refer back to but one must remember they took a picture!  LOL

Well, this is all I have to show so far for this week.  It is a relief to have Sweet Stitches completed so I can work on my Stars Around the Garden Medallion.  It is not a difficult project, just time consuming doing all the leaves (think are over 50).

Have a great week and I will be glad when the election is over with along with the Chinese Virus.  The vaccine would help reduce the spread of it.

My energy level is getting somewhat better so hopefully I can become more productive with my quilting projects.  I believe that the events of this year has left me with a run down immune system that I am dealing with while I try to get back to where I was in August 2019!

Hugs, Nanette

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17 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching”

  1. Your stitching is immaculate, Nanette. Yes tiny means tidy as my Mom used to say. Love both these projects. And thanks for the tip to take a photo. Believe it or not, I’m just learning to use my phone to do just that when I see something online or in a magazine that I want to note. I’m used to writing it down, not any more!


    1. Thank you so much. I used to have all phone numbers memorized. Then came speed dialing. Now with the iPhone I just tell Siri to call someone. I m believe that the younger generation will never use their brains to its capacity. Hugs


  2. I remember Gretchen talking about all those leaves, looks like a nice way to spend the afternoon or evening though. 😄 It’s exciting that you have finished the blocks for sweet stitches, looking forward to seeing that one as a flimsy. I am hoping to get to my machine this week! Today my tasks are Christmas related, the tree is in, now for the lights and decorations.


  3. There are a lot of leaves, but they are nice and big and all the same size. I hope that I get enthused soon. We have been working on updating my Apple Watch and iPhones. Maybe tomorrow I will hopefully be in the sewing mood! Going to applique tonight! Hugs


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