Happy Hump Day and Belated To Do Tuesdays

Greetings from semi cool South Texas.  We were blessed with 3 1/2″ of rain  Saturday.   It was wonderful since it has been 3 months since the last rain.  Today we get a real shot of cold air that will stay around until next week, maybe through December – I hope!  Morning walk was a little warmer but once the cold front hits it will be in the 40’s when I do my morning walk.

I have finally fixed my blog site – not sure what happened to it, but it caused me some issues.  Monday I cleaned the house (done for the month) and  we watched the Arizona hearings – quite eye opening event – while I just sat and worked on Sweet Stitches.  Tuesday all problems came back yanking at my pant leg to do something with the pests!  Nothing seemed to go easy, but by the end of the day all were taken care of.  But then up jumped the Devil about 8 PM when the darn internet went belly up again.  This time it was another blown Router!   This had happened in April so we decided to purchase 2 extra Routers in case it happened again.  An hour of discussions with Rise Broadband from 8 PM to 9 PM was a waste because by 9:20 or so  I was changing out the main Router in my network and by 10:00 all was well!  Of course I was totally brain dead and wired!  We have decided that their Network is really blowing out our Routers more than usual so we are having them send one of theirs (free) and see how fast it gets fried!  At least have a back up ready  to go if and when it happens again.  We made it to bed around  11:30 just worn out!  Slept great though!

Today is much quieter as all issues are resolved (of course not Medicare, but Senator Cornyn’s Caseworker called and she is on the move to slap Medicare around – they are all idiots). I wish they would revamp this system like they did the VA.  They need to fire some people who leave their brains elsewhere or just do not have one!

One of the Tuesday problems was with a bolt of Bella Solids Natural from the Fat Quarter Shop (great on-line shop).  When I received the bolt I immediately knew something was wrong.   The selvage had blue in it and the fabric was not a good run of Bella Solids.  Fat Quarter Shop sent me a paid return label and will let me know when they get things checked out and a better run of the Natural Bella Solids comes in.  Great shop to work with.  I am using this color in OMIGOSH.  I have plenty to continue on but will need the new bolt for future projects.

Blue should not be there – the fabric was also very loosely woven – not like a Bella Solid fabric.
The fabric on the left is a Bella Solid Natural that I currently have and the one on the right is the one I received – no way the correct fabric.

Back to quilting!  I had to go back to 2 November to find out what goals I had last identified on To Do Tuesdays!  WOW where did November go? Here they are.

  • Finish appliquéing stems on the bottom 2 corner units for Mary Brown. √ Finished!!!
  • Sweet Stitches October Block.  Just about finished
  • Work on Stonefields remaining Sections – Preparing blocks for applique and piecing blocks. No Progress
  • OMIGOSH Blocks   Added 2 more blocks 
  • Blue and Beige Reproduction Quilt . No Progress
  • There are 3 fee on-line BOMs that I want to do a block a week – these will be called “diversions from boredom” projects   1/3 Progress

Saturday and Sunday I did work on OMIGOSH.  I have 6 (blocks) finished now that measure 9 1/2″ (unfinished).  A block consists of 4 – 5″ (unfinished) blocks.  The little nine patches measure at 2″!  There are 2 of those blocks in each large block.  The 2 Shoo Fly blocks have 4 Square in a Square blocks that measures  2″ along with the HSTs.  I know I must be nuts, but I really like this project!  I am using fat quarters from  Barbara Brackman Reproduction from her fabric lines Richmond Reds, Union Blues, and Ladies’ Album.   I make 2 “blocks” from each color.  Next color up will be an olive green with some flowers.

The blocks are made with 1″, 2″, and 2 1/2″ strips.  You have to like tiny to make this puppy!

I wanted to do a post for Slow Sunday Stitching, but when the Internet and a messed up Blog happened, my plans got upended.  I am just about finished with the last Block of Sweet Stitches!  YEA!  Just one evening’s work and it will be finished!

I believe that I am supposed to fill in the eyes and mouth with heavy embroidery, but have decided I like it the way it is now.  Just some stitches on the Stars and the one cuff and we can call it done!  I have an idea on how I will put this quilt together, but that is for later in the month.

My goals for 30 Nov – 7 Dec will be:

  • Finish Sweet Stitches October Block.
  • Work on Stonefields remaining Sections – Preparing blocks for applique and piecing blocks.
  • OMIGOSH Blocks
  • Blue and Beige Reproduction Quilt
  • There are 2 more free on-line BOMs that I want to do a block a week – these will be called “diversions from boredom” projects

I know that I will not complete the entire list (a little long) but maybe I will be able to do a little each day on some of them,  but setting a goal tends to keep me grounded and on a path to completion of some UFOs!

Have a great week and week-end!

Hugs, Nanette

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26 Replies to “Happy Hump Day and Belated To Do Tuesdays”

    1. Thank you. I am enjoying making them, but it is the type of project that you do not make it at one time – taking a break helps. The Sweet Stitches is the last block of that project, now to decide how to do the setting!


  1. Hi Nanette! Isn’t technology just great when it works . . . and when it doesn’t, holy moly. I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out how to fix a Jetpack update that hosed up everything on my website. Well, just the back end not the visible website, thankfully. Geez! A heck of a time to break when I was participating in a blog hop and hosting a linky party! I feel your router pain but I’m glad you figured it out. {{Hugs}} Thanks so much for linking up this week!! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. That is probably what happened to me on my Blog. Can you believe that the internet problem is their cable and radio …. GRRRRR. I will wait until they come out and check all connections and then put the “bad” router back in play – bet it works now! Double GRRRR Hugs


  2. I just took a tour through your completed quilts, Nanette, they are quite an inspiration! Glad to hear the the Medicare thing is getting sorted, hope it ends in your favor! You do have a long list this week, but two of those are so close to completion, here’s to progress!


    1. Thank you Kathy! I am beginning to like the new Blog look, the internet problem has been identified this morning and it is on their side – Bet the router was not bad, will check it out after they come out and fix THEIR problem. Took 3 days to get them to realize it was their problem. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Linda! I was shocked about the Bella’s. It only took them about an hour to call me back and send a label! I really love Sue Garman’s patterns. This is one I have wanted to do for years. Hugs, stay warm and enjoy winter time. I am sure you are now enjoying your new home!


  3. The photo clearly shows a definite difference in the Bella fabrics!

    Lovin’ the Omigosh blocks, Nanette! I just might have to put a mini project on my to-do list!

    The snowman stitchery is cute!


  4. The good balances out the not so good sometimes and boy you sure have a lot of good going with those beautiful tiny block blocks 🙂 They are so cute and I love the pumpkin man too…enjoy your weekend!


    1. Hi Sharon, hope all is going well. (what a joke huh?). Thank you so much Sharon. Looking forward to some quiet days now. Enjoy your week-end – you know what I do not think we have weekends anymore – just 7 days a week – heck maybe it is just months. LOL


    1. Thank you Ms Lori! They did make it right – sent me the label and it was returned Thursday. They will give me full credit. They are great business people and stand behind their products. Hugs and GET TO SEWING GIRL! We miss you!


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