To-Do-Tuesday – An On-Time Post!

Greetings from South Texas – weather report – pick one and that is it!  Crazy!

This is a short post to show that I have met a goal!  YEA for me!  I finished Autumn Jubilee!   I decided to use the Hoffman fabric that I had in the Stars for the border.  I thought about piano keys, but felt that this quilt needed some green!  So here she is!

I am glad that I made the quilt, I did change the leaves to go all in one direction.  I think the border makes the quilt.

I am not sure what is next on my list, so I will have to do an update tomorrow after I decide which direction I will be going.

I am still praying for my President Donald John Trump.  He is my President and always will be and will be successful at the Supreme Court in turning this election around.  I have now become a Never Biden forever and will NEVER BE A DEMOCRAT!

I hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Clay and I will just enjoy the day as we are currently are doing these days with no stress since we have no family to celebrate with.  But thank God we have each other!  He is my go to Guy who keeps me grounded and supports me when my Anxiety goes sky high!

Hugs, Nanette

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26 Replies to “To-Do-Tuesday – An On-Time Post!”

  1. Hi Nanette! Autumn Jubilee turned out fabulous and I have to agree with you about the border. It pulls out that color in the stars and it really frames it nicely. Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thanks for linking up this week and good luck with next week’s goals. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you Rosanne. The border will probably not be the 5″ finished – I plan on cutting some down after it is quilted. Well, Maybe! LOL. Happy Thanksgiving to you. We are doing great and enjoying peace and tranquility! Hugs

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  2. I like your border as well. I’m not sure how the leaves were set originally but I like them this way. I can’t stand Biden either but what else can we do but pray for our country? Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Well Cheree, the leaves were to look like the were tumbling, but I thought that they were too close together and large to do that look. BIDEN? HARRIS? He will be gone within 24 hours of being sworn in – the new leader of the free world is going to be the most vicious and dumbest woman in the world. We are in for a horrible 2 years (until we take back the House and increase the Senate to 60. Then watch out 2024. This will be the last of the Democrats if the SCOTUS does not overturn the election. I would love an all 50 state hand recount and audit – then see who won and it won’t be the Democrats. Taxes will go up, masks will be mandatory, the Vaccine will be mandatory, ANTIFA will become the police. Heck – we will be China! OOPS I am being a not nice person – but you know what? If the Democrats can say ugly untruthful things, so can I. It is not over until the Fat Lady Sings and she is just warming up! LOL

      Have a blessed Thanksgiving and continue to pray for President Donald John Trump!


  3. I love this quilt! Yes that border just makes it – you chose well. I love the leaves turned one direction too.
    I feel exactly the same about our President Trump.
    Have a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving.


    1. Thank you Linda! I guess I decided to do the easy thing for the border since this is not a special quilt, but one that helps ease into the challenging section of quilting again! I am still praying for President Trump. You enjoy that new home and your family for Thanksgiving. Looks like we will have a winter after all. Forecast will be nice for the rest of the week and cold for next week! This was the first time I walked in 7 months that I did not have to shower! I hope that the weather stables out.

      Hugs and enjoy the first Thanksgiving in new home! Hugs


  4. Great finished top, Nanette! Happy Thanksgiving! I’m glad there are 2 of you for Thanksgiving. Alone would be tough. We’ll be three around our table this year.


  5. You have another beauty there, Nanette. Perfect fabrics and colours together. Wish you visit my sewing room and give me a hand with just that part of the quilting process. Hope you and Clay are enjoying your Thanksgiving which sounds just like what our Christmas will be.

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