To-Do-Tuesday – 10/27/2020

What a great morning here in South Texas – Winter is here for the week – hope it stays for 6 months.  We had the lowest temperatures (48) about 7 PM last night since April 2020!  This morning it was 38 degrees with the chill factor.  Loved it!  It has been one of the longest streaks of horrible high temperatures and humidity in the last 11 years.  2009 was really bad, but the 100’s only lasted about 3 months!  Glad it is over with I enjoyed my walk with only a turtleneck shirt and slacks!

These were my goals for the week of 19 through 26 October:

  • Enjoy my “at home Vacation”!  DONE!
  • Continue on Sweet Stitches November Block.  In Progress
  • Work on Stonefields – Pipe Dream – hoping to get enthused again
  • Depending on Vacation Mood I can either applique or do some piecing.
    • OMIGOSH – No Progress
    • Blue and Beige Reproduction Quilt- No Progress
    • Begin Applique for Stars Around the Garden.  No Progress
    • Sew Mary Brown corner blocks together and cut bias strips for the vines.  Progress-halfway finished

I have basically had a much better week this last week.  I am on schedule for my goal to finish the stems for Celebrating Mary Brown.  This is the upper right corner blocks.


And here are both top corners finished and ready to go to the “waiting room” for me to finish the rest of the quilt (no end date for that one!).

The stems really do make the block sections don’t they!  I was looking at the Sunflower block.  It is interesting the the flower on the lower right hand side does not have a stem!!!  I just noticed it and checked the pattern.  Guess we are to assume that it is behind the leaf?  I think I will leave well enough alone.  (Me and my critical eye!!!). LOL

My goals for the next week – 27 Oct-2 Nov will be to work on the following.

  • Finish appliquéing stems on the bottom 2 corner units for Mary Brown.
  • Sweet Stitches October Block.
  • Work on Stonefields remaining Sections – Preparing blocks for applique and piecing blocks
  • OMIGOSH Blocks (Maybe?)
  • Blue and Beige Reproduction Quilt (Maybe?)
  • There are 3 fee on-line BOMs that I want to do a block a week – these will be called “diversions from boredom” projects

Well, this is it for my weekly goals and am looking forward to peace and quiet, boredom sewing, and waiting for the Election to be over with and so happy about Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Bennett!  A fellow Cajun!!!!

Have a wonderful week, enjoy the change in weather!

Hugs, Nanette

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14 Replies to “To-Do-Tuesday – 10/27/2020”

  1. When you mentioned the sunflower I looked too, but the curve has the stem pointing at an angle that it would definitely be hiding behind the leaf. A little more contrast would probably have made it really show up, but I can definitely see where the line would go if the leaf wasn’t on top of it! You will love your non boredom quilts! I am just about ready to put the stems on my pumpkins, might get that done during is break if I don’t have too many blogs to read. 😄 Have fun!


    1. I am telling you reading all the blogs can eat up time… LOL. I really think the reason I did not like these blocks is the fabrics I selected. I realized that I should have had better greens for the leaves. Short on greens in reproduction fabrics. Your Row quilt is going to be so pretty! Bet she has a surprise for the setting and that is why she doesn’t want you to put it together yet!

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  2. You made good progress on the Mary Brown blocks, missing stem and all. Good luck with this week’s to do list. As far as the weather goes, I’m with Diann over at Little Penguin Quilts, I’d like to cancel my subscription to winter. We’ve had freezing rain here this week. They had to cancel even the virtual college classes, those with no power can’t log in. It’s early in the year for it to get this bad.


  3. Nanette your progress better than mine this month so go slow and enjoy. We are supposed to enjoy the ride not race to the finish and be there alone. Love ya girl.

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