Slow Sunday Stitching 25 Oct 2020

Happy Sunday all!  I am back to my “off vacation” schedule – Time to get back to earth and back to walking in the heat.  The weather was a little warmer and more humid during my 1.5 mile walk this morning.  It is a two shower day and hoping to be (maybe) the last one for the winter (?) as we are expecting a Norther tomorrow.  Looks like the temperatures will dip into the 40’s at night and 70’s during the day – I can live with it!

I had a much better week – ONE EXCEPTION – OF COURSE – It is called AT&T Directv!  We use the Genie and Whole Home but they have changed the software to where the Genie and the HDDVRs do not work together anymore (or at least with the new software upgrade) so we switched to the mini-Genies instead of the DVRs.  The order was messed up (charged us $300.00 when the upgrade was to be free) and they did not leave us the Genie Remotes (minor things Huh?).  Usual problems with businesses these days.  But after a few days and few calls (?) to them, all is fixed.

I made a lot of progress on my Celebrating Mary Brown this week.  I am hoping to accomplish more today!  I have been adding the stems for the leaves and flowers for each of the corner blocks.  I completed the top left corner and half way finished with the right hand corner of the quilt blocks.



OOPS, I see where I need to re-adjust the stem on the top where the two blocks are sewn together the stem is not flowing like I want it to.  Funny how we do not see things so clearly until we study a picture!!!  Easy fix!  This one will be completed and I will move on to the bottom corners.

I have started working on Sweet Stitches October block, but not much headway.  Hope to have it finished by next HQAL (next Sunday!).

Have a great Sunday stitching!

Hugs, Nanett

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26 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching 25 Oct 2020”

  1. Both projects looking great – Mary is so wonderful, love your appliqué work. Those blue bird wings are heavenly 🙂 GRRRRR on change and not getting the change right the first time but thankfully it is fixed now ~ stay well


  2. Celebrating Mary Brown is such a joyful quilt. So much love and beautiful stitching to be seen. Your Sweet Stitches block is fun; perfect for this time of the year.


  3. Those vines just make everything look amazing, who knew they could do so much for the overall look, which was already beautiful. You have made significant progress this week, so glad that things are settling down for you!


    1. OH Clay told me this morning it was 7 at your house, We are at 74 with 89% humidity – what a difference – this afternoon the Norther get us – it will be in the 40’s at night and 50’s in the day time what a change from the 90’s and 70’s at night! Enjoy stitching! Thank you for the sweet comments! Hugs

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      1. It was 5 when I got up…(there’s a weather station about a half mile away.) THe official temps come from the airport east of town and they never quite agree. 😉 I hand quilted a bunch this am, had to catch up on my 15 minutes/day, and I got half way through the last block. 🙂


  4. When I click the photo to look up close, I can’t see any stitches, and I couldn’t find anywhere the stems didn’t flow well. Your applique is flawless!
    Totally understand about businesses and less than stellar service. We’ve gone through quite a bit of that lately! 😉


    1. The one section at the very top was “wavy” in other words I did not follow my line very well there. Fixed it and it flows better. I have such a critical eye! Especially since I had the cataracts removed last year! Enjoying the mini-genies and genie remotes and that that problem is resolved!

      Dealing with any business these days can be a hair pulling experience for all!

      Hope you have a great week and things begin to get in place! Hug


  5. Your stems and blossoms look great! And yes, I can totally relate — can’t tell you how many times I’ve had blocks laid out ready to sew and they look fine to me, but then I take a picture and discover that one block is upside down. 🙂


    1. It was an easy fix on the stem. But when I put the bottom two together, I got one block set in sidewards and one upside down. It was a little frustrating to say the least. How can one get such big blocks in a position like that? duh. Loving the cold weather. Bet it is windy up where you are – windy here and sprinkling. Hugs


  6. I never tire of seeing your perfectly executed appliqued blocks, Nanette. All lovely. Meanwhile, I hate having to deal with the companies these days especially being put on hold. Life’s too short, LOL


  7. Thank you Jocelyn for the very nice compliment – appreciate it. You know trying to get to a person is really something. I start off by saying Representative, Agent – whatever and punch zero! Then when I get a ‘stupid’ on the other end I hang up and try again until I find someone that really knows their job.


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