Celebrating Mary Brown Update

Well…..still summer here in South Texas. Maybe next month!

Today I sewed the 4 corner blocks together for Mary Brown. I had to square each individual block to 10 1/2”, then make sure all blocks were in the correct place.

Tomorrow I will cut the bias strips for the Vines. They will not take long to applique.

I did not get this done without a Nanette “goof up”! First I somehow sewed the sunflower on the left corner upside down. I corrected that one easy enough ONLY to realize I had the Sunflower and Pineapple on the bottom corners REVERSED. That was a big 😡.

But all is fixed and I am pleased with where I am on this project.

I am enjoying my “de-stressing” Vacation and am getting back to normal. I hope that everyone is stitching up a storm.

Have a great day!

Hugs, Nanette

19 Replies to “Celebrating Mary Brown Update”

    1. Thank you Gretchen! I was looking at it this morning on the Design wall thinking, it may take more time to do the hand work, but boy when we reach a certain point and see some sort of finish it encourages us to go forward. Hugs


    1. Thank you RL, I purchased the background fabric in 2016 and it is the same fabric that Corliss Searcy used in the quilt. I usually select my own fabrics, but this one seemed to call for that. Found enough of the fabric in Buda Texas and grabbed it up. Took awhile to use it but there are over 60 blocks to make. I think I will use the left over fabric for the back.
      Hope move is moving along – take care! Hugs


  1. Morning Ms Lori – this is the 2nd day of no side effects! YEA. OH NO! I did make the stupid boo boo’s. I just could not figure out how I did that, probably when I was trying to contact Directv and sew…. Think that could have happened? Thanks for the nice cudo’s. I will do the vines and they will be put over my quilt rack in the house until I have more blocks made. Hugs


  2. The blocks look so lovely all together. Nice work, and nice progress. I’m afraid my “Mary Brown” is languishing in a closet. The sunflowers look particularly nice.


    1. Thank you Robin. I tell you I am surprised that I am probably running OK with the deadlines. I should have had more done, but 2020 was not that good for quilting! Have a great day and thank you for the nice comments.


  3. It’s beautiful already and more vines and blocks will only increase that! I had an apt. With Jack this morning too, he has been quite popular as of late, 😉. I finished my tree row this morning and another of Melva’s blocks, but now I need to go practice. I have Hadyn and Elgar this weekend.


  4. Thank you Sharon. There are about 56 more blocks left – large reproduction quilt. I will set up in November to do a block a month on it. We are all doing that one… those who are hanging in.


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