Slow Sunday Stitching and SAG

Great Sunday Morning!  We are having very nice weather and I guess it is considered “Fall” for South Texas.  My morning walk is cooler but still not cold enough for me!

I have made a little progress on one of the 2 blocks that I need to finish for Mary Brown.  It is the 2nd Basket corner block!  Maybe I will become inspired and finish the last flower tonight!

I have finished 14 blocks so far Mary Brown.  Once I complete the remaining 2 blocks, I will then sew them together and be able to add the vines.  

I am also working on SAG.   I have completed 8 blocks of the 14 blocks.  There will be an center applique medallion that will be completed later.  Here is my progress so far.  

I just found out that WordPress has now made their beta the default and I am totally lost and now feel like those on Blogger did when they updated.  I do not want to spend the time trying to figure it out.   Although I have figured out how to get my pictures into the post. I could yell and scream, but it just means that I won’t be doing anymore posts until I take a day and adjust to this mess. I want to quilt not learn new software!!!!! I am capable of doing it, I just do not want to take the time now. And to think that I pay for this Blog!!!! UGH


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27 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching and SAG”

  1. Oh, I feel your pain with the technology interruptions, Nanette! It’s lovely when these things are working and allowing us to connect with one another across space and time, but I LOATHE every moment that is lost to troubleshooting technical difficulties! Your appliqué block is looking lovely.


  2. I was so angry I forgot to sign my name on the first published one and add the links. OH I COULD SCREAM! Today was to be a sewing day and here it is 2PM and I have not stitched a thing. Between this and Medicare, BAMC, and other 9 months of HELL I think I have had it!


  3. Your appliqué is always done so neatly… I’m a real admirer. True that modern tech is a blessing and a curse… only when they change on me ,I have to wait until my daughter can explain it to me!


  4. I love your star blocks! I made a teal-based quilt for my nephew and had enough scraps to make another charity quilt. I’m now on to my third, using more of the scraps. Perhaps I see a fourth teal quilt in the near future!


  5. And I thought Blogger was the only one making us bloggers’ lives difficult. I too feel your pain! How beautiful your blue star blocks are. I love the nuance of the fabrics in each block. Your Mary Brown applique is lovely. I cannot wait to see all the blocks gathered together. I feel this is going to be a beauty!


    1. Hi Kim – been a hard couple of weeks with Meniere’s so I am late in responding. Thank you for the nice comment on my Stars. I have now finished all 14 blocks and will be doing a post today. Mary Brown is a 62 block quilt! We are doing 1 block a month. I am really behind because I wanted to do the corners and the year did not support me doing anymore. But it will be a beauty when and if I do then entire quilt. Hugs


  6. Love the basket block, Nanette! 🙂

    Today was my first day using the new Wordeditor. I don’t want to learn a new way to write posts, either, and spent considerable time on what should have been a quick and easy post! Boohoooooo! I did manage to get my photos posted, but not the way that I want them (perhaps because I am not upgraded to a paying customer).


      1. Hope you did not have problems with WordPress. They are still keeping the choice for Classic. I will learn the new one but maybe in December.

        Mary Brown is 62 blocks as I showed you yesterday – I may still have a chance to finish it in 4 years! Hugs

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  7. I will send you an e-mail on how to use the Classic Editor still! It took me a while to sort it out, but now I know two ways. Your Mary Brown blocks are always great, and I do like the SAG blocks and color, too.


    1. I went to a new iMAC in January. I love it. We have all other Apple products and I have 1 Dell laptop but not connected to internet because it only has 7 on it. It also has a lot of my quilting software so it is used as a stand alone – all alone no internet! LOL. Hugs


  8. These teal blocks are gorgeous. I too am feeling the blogging pain. Mine switched over about 2 weeks ago. Susan and I had a small exchange on it. I eventually went with the new editor process and am getting the hang of it slowly. It’s actually not to bad. Don’t give up the ship yet 🙂


    1. I love to fussy cut or use certain fabric for vases in my quilts. I learned in 2010 that I had to have more movement in my quilts (this was when I was doing a lot of show quilts). I am glad that I did learn that! Hugs


  9. Hi Nanette! There is a plugin (free) called Classic Editor that you can activate and it will allow you to write posts in the old style. You’ll have to do it from the Admin side (not the WordPress side) but I think you’ll figure that out and be more comfortable with it. Then, when you have the time, you can disable the Classic plugin and try to learn the new Block-style editor. It isn’t too bad once you get used to it. My problem is that I have oodles of draft posts that don’t work in the new editor. Annoying! I feel your pain. Let me know if I can help in any way. ~smile~ Roseanne (Oh, and your blocks are looking great! Thanks for linking up this week.)


    1. Well, now I just select the Classic and things are the same when I go in to the WP Admin which is how I always did it before. just have to be careful if I go into an old post and click on the Classic or else it takes me to the Block – which is what happened a couple of weeks ago.


  10. Your SAG blocks look great, love the various shades of teal. Very pretty. Good luck with figuring out blogger. Feedly (my blog tracking tool) is acting up this morning by not showing recent posts. It seems we’ve always got something new to learn or figure out.


    1. Thank you so much Kathy – sorry for the late response bad Menieres after the darn test.
      I loved making those blocks. I guess it keeps our minds sharper, but could they spoon feed us rather than just dump the entire change at one time? Hugs


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