Stars Around the Garden (SAG)

Well, Happy Monday morning.   I have really been pushing on working on the 14 blocks for SAG.  The Fabrics I selected range from greens through blues through turquoise and lights!  My goal was to use different fabrics for each block.  I THINK I may be running to a problem on that goal!  Each block requires fabric audition to ensure placement of the darks, medium darks, medium lights, and lights (sometimes she through in a zinger which can be difficult to select).  Making a one color using dark, medium and lights would have been easier, but I am enjoying the challenge.  I tend to learn with each quilt I make and those that I will make down the road.

I have completed 6 blocks, and have 2 blocks with “tentative” fabric selections.  I like to select fabrics that “I think” will look good in the evening and then re-check my sanity the next morning!  LOL – anyone else do that?  All blocks are 12 1/2” unfinished.


This block had issues!  I had problems with my fabric selection for the green star and then realized that I needed to redo the flying geese (the blue and green one).  I chose to take the block apart and change the corners around.  I could have made a new block faster, but chose to just rip and redo and it came out better than the original one.  This is why you see where I had seam allowances already sewn.

This was another block that I had to change fabrics.  The zinger I originally selected BOMBED!  I prefer the lighter green swirled.  The pattern called for some of the zinger fabric to be on each corner.  I felt that the dark green would make it look better and it did!


I am enjoying the entire process, but darn if Mr Meniere’s and Mr Fibro didn’t show up today after my walk!  Cool front blowing in along with high winds – killers for M&F together!

Going to make a short run to HEB for groceries and then back to the Studio.  Hopefully I can get 2 more blocks completed in spite of M&F (good acronym for them).

Have a great week and hopefully a quiet Monday!


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24 Replies to “Stars Around the Garden (SAG)”

  1. Your blocks are gorgeous, Nanette! I love how you were able to achieve so much depth and contrast within the limited palette of watery blues and greens. Scrolling down your post through the photos, they reminded me of beautiful mosaic tiles at the bottom of a swimming pool. I hope M&F kept their visits BRIEF so you could get back to your beautiful project!


  2. Good to see you sewing again, hope your unwelcome visitors leave soon. I didn’t use a different fabric in each of my blocks but you like to make things challenging. Happy stitching!


    1. Thank you Susan! The one I re-did looks so much better than the first one. I do not know when I will learn that when I have problems with seams matching that there is another problem!!! LOL Hugs!


  3. Hi Nanette! I think the time you’ve taken to carefully select fabrics and where they are placed has definitely served you well. Your blocks look gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the finished SAG quilt top. It’s going to be a thing to behold. I’m sorry M&F showed up to give you issues today. I believe it’s a huge front but hopefully it will pass quickly. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


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