I want to apologize to Marti who was so sweet to send me these beautiful blue fat quarters.  I do not know what happened to divert my attention to this sweet gesture.  She posted on her Blog that she had ordered some fat quarters for a quilt and was disappointed in the colors with some of the fabric.  I posted that I would gladly purchase them from her!  WELL, look what she sent me as a gift!   They are colors that I am going to try to blend in with my Stars Around the Garden quilt.

I also enjoy sending others fabrics or patterns that I know I will never use so it was very special to received the fabric from another quilter.  I always try to share and pay things forward because through the years things came my way from a stranger just at the right time.  I wish to thank Mari for taking the time and spending the postage money to send me the fabrics.  They are truly beautiful.  It was an oversight on my part that I did not include this thank you when I received them – Can I blame Medicare????


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