Stars Around the Garden (SAG) Has Begun!

Greetings – I am soooo happy!  I feel like my life has returned.  Yesterday I completed preparing the Medallion for Stars Around The Garden (SAG)  I am ready to start the applique process for this puppy!  Today I started on making blocks for SAG.  There are 14 total.  I completed the first 2 blocks today!  I am so proud of them.  This is going to be a beautiful quilt and so different from the pictures on the pattern.

Here are the fabrics that I have chosen to use.  AND here are the first 2 blocks of SAG!

I wish I did not have to go for my annual check up tomorrow, but at least the appointment is early and maybe I will be able to get one block completed tomorrow afternoon.

It has felt so wonderful to spend my day in the Studio making these blocks!  LIfe is back for Clay and I – peaceful and problems just waiting for solutions and I am no longer going to be concerned about Medicare or a Doctor’s office to do what is correct!  I AM QUILTING IN SPITE OF THEM!!!



14 thoughts on “Stars Around the Garden (SAG) Has Begun!

  1. Those are beautiful blocks! I’m happy you are quilting in spite of distractions. I long to get into my new sewing space but I know it will be awhile before that happens. Hope you have a good report from the doctor. And thank you for the reminder to pray for Kathy!


    • Thank you! Doc was good and Mammogram is done for another year!

      I bet you really miss your sewing room.

      If the go 2 weeks without getting sick they will be fine.
      Thx for the prayers. She is a hard working Lady. Hugs


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