Slow Sunday Stitching

Good morning and Happy Slow Sunday Stitching!  It is 20 September 2020!  Can you believe that we are 10 days away from 1 October – and 3 months away from 1 January 2020 – A New Year is coming and I am ready for it!  It will be so much better than 2020!

It was a great walk this morning about 64 degrees and low humidity!  I will really be happy when our weather produces morning in the 50’s – even better in the 40’s!  Call me nuts!

I had planned on working on my 3030 quilt over a week ago but I did not receive my Bella Solids for the background fabric and additional 3030 fabrics until Thursday afternoon!   (Why plan I ask myself?).  Gretchen and I will start this project in October.   My plan was to work on Stars Around the Garden (SAG)  during the this time, BUT alas, I had a quilting brain fog incident (ever have one of those?) and forgot to read the pattern directions like a good little quilter before cutting the applique medallion fabric!!  In the end, it was a blessing because the fabric I had selected would not have blended with the other fabrics.   I immediately called my “go to gal for fabrics” Carly whom I have been dealing with since 2003!  I had my fabric within 3 days – Carly beat the Fat Quarter Shop who took a week to get me the Bella Solids (and they are less than 100 miles from me!  All fabrics have been washed and ironed and I am ready to start on SAG TODAY!

Not wanting to start another quilt project while waiting for all that fabric, I spent my time finishing the November Block for Sweet Stitches!  YEA, a finish of something!  I have one more block for Sweet Stitches (October) and the next step will be a decision on how I will put the quilt together.  The BOM was intended to make a block representing each month and then purchase a little stand to hang a new quilt for each month.  I am going to use the fabrics and incorporate them into a quilt. (See picture below)

I have 2 more blocks (yup the same 2) to finish for Mary Brown.  I am hoping to have them completed by the 30th of September and MAYBE have the corners sewn together and the vines appliqued by then also.  I know that it is a positive thing to plan and set goals, but I am apparently having issues meeting my goals.  It must be due to either life’s lovely interruptions with Amazon, Medicare, and Doctor Billing issues, it could NOT be that I am about to turn 76 on Halloween could it be??????  Naw!  That won’t happen, as I am just warming up for 2020 or at least what is left of it!  Just got a late start this year!  I refuse to get old!!!!

I would like all to offer a prayer for Kathy and her husband.  She has been exposed to the Chinese Virus through someone who was not aware that they had been exposed.  Please pray that Kathy and her husband are spared from getting sick.  Kathy hosts our HQAL every 3 weeks and is just so sweet and such a hard worker and they just do not need this.   Pray for her and her husband be protected.


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20 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching”

  1. First – oh my goodness, thank you for update news on Kathy. She is now in my prayers. The November block is wonderful. I am thinking the same with Oct on our heals now. Where does the time go? I am really feeling the crunch to get some holiday projects done. Hate those posting interruptions to quilting but love your go to get something done spirit. 2021 is your year! 76 is the new 56 btw 🙂


    1. Yes – Kathy needs a lot of the prayers. Thx for the Cudo on November block. Yes it is Scorpio time in 2020 running toward me! Yes, I forgot I will be 67 in stead of 76! The problem is I just o not feel old until my buddies come visit me or I eat the wrong food! LOL

      Have a great day! Hugs


  2. Hi,
    I seem to have “brain fog” most of the time…I totally forget about what I’m supposed to be working on or it could be I have toooo many projects going at one time…oh well, it will be there when I’m ready…have a great day!


  3. 76… sounds young to me!😊 don’t worry about what might have gotten done … that’s hard on the mind.😊 with all you have had on your plate this year I’d say you done very well.


  4. I don’t wish to appear rude but you are nuts! =) Give me warm weather any day. Brain fog is everywhere these days. It happens to the best of us. Such pretty stitching. How disturbing to read of your friend and her husband. I hope they both recover quickly with no lasting health issues.


    1. That is OK Kim. Hubby hates the cold. I am a. Native Texan but I love cold weather. I lived in the DC area in the 1999’s and lived the winters. Even the 1996 Blizzard!

      She was exposed to someone who got a positive test. But then there are false positives. We are hoping that could be the case.


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